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I guess that would have saved Auburn some cash. Didn’t they just pay Gus and his assistants over $26 million combined to hit the road??
The most logical way to expand the playoff would be to make it 6 teams, and give #1 and #2 a bye. There’s always 1 or 2 teams that are deserving, but get left out at 5 like A&M last year. If you go beyond that, to the 7th or 8th ranked teams, they typically have 2 losses and will end up losing by 40 anyway.
How did he decline to participate in the combine...when there was no combine?? You're sounding dumber with every post you make.
Chase will go before Smith ONLY because of his size. Smitty walked home with about every award a receiver could take home last year, including the Heisman, while Chase was sitting at the house. I guess if a receiver had a combined 15 catches for 444 yards and 5 TDs against my team the last 2 years, I'd b**** about him too. Oh, and if he's too slow, why was he constantly smoking the corndog's best DBs?? They couldn't cover him. HAHAHA!!!
Mac has a lot of doubters around the country. One reason is because of the success of guys like Mahomes and Jackson in the NFL, and Mac doesn't fit that profile. Another reason is Bama fatigue. Some of your takes are understandable, then some are laughable. In the NFL, it usually comes down to the right fit. Shanahan's offense in SF is designed to have a quarterback who stays in the pocket, goes through progressions, and throws on-time, accurate balls. Those are Mac's strengths to a T. He had the highest NCAA completion percentage and QBR of all time, against an all-SEC schedule, ND, and Ohio State. Most of the season was without Waddle, who will be a top 10 pick. Now, speaking on Fields and Lance: They could both wind up having incredible careers, but there are question marks with them too. You say that Bama QBs are busts, but the same could be said about Ohio State QBs. Fields is one that will have to go to the right system just like Mac. Fields is a lot better athlete than Mac and can make plays on the move, but isn't as good in the pocket, doesn't efficiently go through his progressions, and isn't as accurate. Lance can run and sling it around, but he's coming from the FCS level, who went against FCS competition, and a team that has won 8 out of the last 9 FCS Championships. So, I don't think he was hurting for talent around him. Having said all that, it'll be interesting to see who has success at the next level. I think Wilson will have the hardest road since he's going to the Jets. Lawrence will have some success in Jacksonville if he can be patient and if they can get a few weapons around him. Mac, Fields, and Lance will be successful if they get in the right system that maximizes their talents.
He might as well come to the realization that the transfer portal is going to be crammed full every year. I like the idea of getting one "free pass" transfer, where you can change schools and play right away. That way, if you think you made the wrong decision coming out of high school, you get another opportunity. Any transfers after that, you sit a year.
Keep reloading, Coach Oats!! Now I'd like to see him get in the weight room and be up to 230-240 lbs by next season.
I think he fits in perfectly with Shanahan's offense in San Fran. People knock on his athleticism, yet when you turn on the tape, he's always making the correct read, stepping up or moving within the pocket, or escaping for a 1st down. Having the highest QBR and a 77% completion percentage against a schedule with 11 SEC teams, Notre Dame, and Ohio State speaks for itself.
I think either of the top 4 SEC teams (Bama, Arkansas, LSU, and Tennessee) are capable of making a run to the Final 4. Either could bow out the first weekend too. That’s the beauty of March Madness.
I understand that there are some great, established backs around the Conference, but how in the world is Bama down at #7 if we're talking about RB rooms as a whole?? When you have Brian Robinson, Trey Sanders, Keilan Robinson coming back after opting out last year, Jase McClellan, Roydell Williams, and 5* freshman Camar Wheaton coming in...there aren't many RB rooms in the entire country with that talent and depth.