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“Tar Heels’ matchup against in-state rival Clemson“ ....among the many reasons why I need a new website for college football news.
After a one time match up? That's rich. Well in that case, Holy Cross "owns" Georgia. D@man! 0 for 3 versus the Fighting Crusaders!
All this deflection is so confusing. The commenter wants to look good for the "BCS voters". What decade is he living in??
Spend a few fall Saturdays as a Vol fan in Knoxville, then get back to me on your “disappointing” season.
Jeez, 5-7 would be stellar, I don’t see UT reaching that mark this year.
True. I’m reminded of the 2005 the “oh my god, the sky is falling” awful season. Tennessee.... railroaded Kentucky, in Lexington. Tennessee is a bad program now. Real bad right now — but we’ll never be Kentucky bad. At least there’s that.
I’m not in my mid 30s, close to my mid-life crisis buy a muscle car phase. I’ve seen 5 presidents in my lifetime. Kentucky has been UT.... twice.
Heh, “we know who we are”. I don’t think that you do lol.
No need to worry, once the pain exceeds an 8 or 9 we just become numb. So this 10 — I don’t even feel.
Heh heh, yes — it’s shameful. No two ways about it. However, no matter how bad we get we’re never the gift that gives to Kentucky lol.
Also, as of 2018 has the lowest number of active NFL players on a roster of ANY SEC school. This is fun.
Lol! “Irrelevant” in football, says the Kentucky fan. This is great! I’m 38, in my lifetime Kentucky is: 6-70 (70!!) against UT and Florida Has 0 conference championships Has 0 divisional championships Has 0 national championships Shall I go on...?
This is getting out of hand. A 13 year old using the word “commitment”?!
“Original”?? How do you use that word and not include UT and Bama?? It’s 118 years old.
Although taking licks from Alabama for quite a while now is no fun, I'd never want to see an end to the Third Saturday in October. I've been a Vol fan since the late 80s and have lived through some great streaks, but also spent many years under Alabama's heel. Despite the recent history, you'd be hard pressed to find a Vol fan who would want to put an end to this annual series.
Heh heh, I love so much that you responded to my post.
"This is undoubtedly a long shot, but here (sic) me out." lol...
It might be of little consolation to Florida fans, but that goal line stand was absolutely legendary. Great game to both sides.
god, I knew American Dad (LSUSMC) would be here with his ubiquitous political comment. He can't resist, ever.