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Wow, very nuanced late 90s pop reference. I'm guessing we're roughly the same age.
To my knowledge MLB isn't using the "bubble" technique -- hence the recent outbreaks (e.g. Miami Marlins). The NBA, on the other hand, is enforcing the "bubble" approach, and because of this has yet to have any outbreaks -- not even onies, twosies. I do understand, however, this is an ever-changing situation and all I've said could be proven incorrect by lunchtime today.
UGADawg78, I want to apologize on behalf of my fellow Tennesseans. We are not all as daft as these two (BlackandGold and AllVols24/7). There are in fact some of us who still believe in science and sound medical advice from clinical professionals. You're right -- we're not living in fear, but neither are we to ignore the current realities either.
Out of curiosity, what ethical missteps did Mr. Sessions make?
The Office re-runs are getting old, I need my College Gameday. I'm no fan of the Big 10 but when any part of college football is cut -- I bleed a little too. I do understand their decision given the current situation, however. Stay well, all.
Efftheleft is in FULL-BLOWN meltdown mode!! Heh, heh — this is so great!
Heh heh, I knew you’d be here too — what a great day!
Haha, your Confederate flag panties are in a such twist you came to a Cam Newton article to comment on your precious little culture war. Heh, I love seeing people like you absolutely melting down over these issues! It’s so great!
Ahh, yes — the same could be said of segregation in the south during the 1950s/60s. “The people voted for these Jim Crow politicians so all others stay out of our internal affairs.” It didn’t make it right then, did it??
Shouldn’t this be in Wade-Giles and not Pinyin??! 我的天呀!
I’m closing in on 40, I came of football watching age during the late 80s and early 90s. It was an era when coaches carried themselves in a different manner, from the way they dressed to the way they handled themselves at pressers. Always the consummate professionals. It seemed they were much more genuine, not contracted into all these ubiquitous sponsorships. I miss the sport jacket and tie days. I will always fondly remember the days of Johnny Majors, Pat Dye, Gene Stallings, and the likes. It will never be the same without these men.
Hands down, my favorite UT sports figure - and will always be. He will be missed, tremendously.
Georgia and Florida fans have simply become intolerable on this site, just so incredibly relentless. Chirping non-stop, ad nauseum. All other 12 SEC teams’ commenters are largely reasonable. What is it with these two fan bases as of late??
Not sure why. I wish they would stop it. A few weeks ago they published an article on the Titans and tagged it with an orange UT tile. Zero relation. Many UT fans, like me, don’t care about the Titans. In fact, I actively root against them.
Bill, understood. Yes, Kentucky has made a huge leap over the past few years not only on field, but also with recruiting. Good luck (outside of your visit to Knoxville) this year.
BillBrocius, you say "I hope this doesn’t turn into one of those rivalries where no matter how good or bad the opponent is, one coach always seems to be able to beat the other." C'mon, I've been on this earth since Reagan's first term and Kentucky's beat UT two times. Hasn't that ship already set sail??
Easy choice. Hands down best goes to Ole Miss in the powder blue helmets. Not only best in SEC, but perhaps in all of CFA.
Kudos, Borat! You're finally getting a hold of those "NOT!" jokes.
I hope so! They're my childhood team and it's been a rough for a very, very long time.
I wish absolutely nothing but the best of luck to him.
Jeeez. I watched the Kentucky game the other day and was thankful it wasn’t my team coming down to the wire for the win, I know it’s hard on the heart. Fast forward to tonight....
Ahh! There you are. “Tennessee is the gift that keeps on giving” ehh?? Heh heh. Priceless.