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Tidefan8x5, The Sword of Damocles exists at every school, as well as every position of power. It’s a mischaracterization of the reading to insinuate Dionysius’ kingdom was facing some sort of known, impending doom.
I said it in 2017 and I’ll say it again now - why not give Coach Hayden Fox a chance??
I was sitting at my desk taking a sip of water when I began reading your comment. Out through my nose went the water! Kudos to your wit, sir!
That’s the equivalent of a bibliography full of Wikipedia entries. Also, based on your comment from earlier this week — aren’t we now supposed to be in the midst of a civil war???
I’ve bled orange since I’ve been old enough to walk, but can we please pump the brakes here a bit?? I’m all for the SEC being the stronger half, but let’s wait until UT can prove their “emergence” against the conference leaders before we come to this conclusion.
“Communism”, you keep using that word although it’s clear you don’t understand its meaning.
Captain Quantrill — hear, hear. Cheers to the Missouri River being the longest in the world. I can geek out over geography and college football alike. I believe it was in William Least Heat-Moon’s (a great American writer and Missourian) book “River-Horse” the colossal mistake by Lewis and Clark to name the river south of St. Louis the “Mississippi”. They arbitrarily gave credit to the entirety of the watershed to the Mississippi. Had they chosen the Missouri, America would lay claim to the longer river in the world. A great opportunity missed. As for your fellow Mizzou Tigers denigrating the Tennessee River for its relative shorter length, this is something I cannot get behind. Every river has its intrinsic worth.
True. I was surprised to see that Vandy halftime score. Very impressive. I would’ve watched under normal circumstances. I wagering Vandy would struggle because it seems they were hit harder by opt outs than anyone else. Either way, respect to Vandy for tonight.
Good luck to USC the rest of the way. I have no idea what to expect the rest of the way. I will only wager a bet that: 1. Alabama will be good 2. Vandy will be bad 3. All other 12 teams will be up and down
I don’t know, man. I know Kentucky has been the dark horse bet of the off-season, but this game clearly showed that Auburn, even if rebuilding, is still a much better program top to bottom than Kentucky. Not hating on Kentucky by the way. Auburn, even when down-ish, is still a program to be respected.
I wish Kentucky success this year, for sure. Just not when they come to Knoxville this fall.
Perhaps. All bets are off this year, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Kentucky has won 2 times against Tennessee in the last 35 years... a 5.7% win rate. To put another way, UK has won twice since Regan’s first term.
Heh heh, seems like some people’s dire predictions of faltering NFL viewership aren’t true. I wonder what else they could be wrong about...
Yeah, but did Kathy Ireland connect on the follow-on PAT??
Mehhh, I think they’ll be alright. You on the other hand...
Wow. Nice doublespeak there! So “no one was killed” AND you recognize nearly 60 were killed. Orwellian, to say the least.
True. I shouldn’t have bit. But I have learned YepItsStillMe (formerly EffTheLeft, I’m guessing??) is an outright racist and needs to have his account shutoff.
As for your final statement in your first paragraph do you honestly know a single registered voter in this country who is “on the fence”?
I know under trump we’re living in a post-truth America where one can just spout words and claim them as “truth”, however, the rest of the world hasn’t followed suit — yet. So I invite you to check your facts. The day the embassy opened nearly 60 Palestinians were killed. That was ONE day. Again, totally unnecessary. Best to keep our politics out of the holiest city in the world especially when is rests 6,000 miles from our shores.
So much BS to unpack here LH61, it’s hard to find purchase to begin. I’ll start with the Jerusalem embassy bit. As an American, why should I take pride in my president moving an embassy of ours from city X to city Y? Especially if I know this move will cost lives and enflame tensions? What does our country stand to gain? Why would this be a selling point for a re-election bid?
Wow, you seem like a very, very fragile person.
Someone not reading the article? Typical of our time.