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Your political ignorance is disgraceful. You are a microcosm of the Democratic Party. This article speaks truthfully to the demise of sports reporters. Kudos SDS.
“led the Indianapolis Colts to two super bowl Wins” Please do your homework before publishing. Just saying.
ESPN has become politically aligned with the progressive left...millions of subscribers have tuned them out...layoffs are cost saving measures because of their political ignorance.
If UT is so irrelevant....why do you constantly troll their stories? Could it be that you are as moronic as your username??
Sports Illustrated owes you no explanation !! #38Unanswered #TeezIs aTease
Precious coming from a Gawga fan! #HowLongSinceUGAbeatUT
One question CowChip....why do you continue to be a mediocre opining wanna be UT fan? #DisappearWithPigsken
Priceless that a bammer would throw shade on a SEC school concerning drug possession! Hey PIGLIPS... When do you get your recruiting car? #ProbationChampsTide
Not referring to you #17...earlier moronic post by PIGSKEN
Priceless...A Bammer opining about UT cheating! Ha ha ha ha ha ha #ProbationTide
CowChip...what did you say? All we heard was....blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and blah.
Mr. Weldon.... Do it the right way...and you won't have a snitch. #ProbationNationalChamps
PigLips obviously loves UT athletics...a great Bama troll who is knowledgeable concerning legal issues...It's no secret that the Tide is one the most corrupt programs in the SEC...So it is totally ironic that a bammer would deliver a subpoena to someone... Remember this: Fulmer only revealed the the discretions not create them. #ProbationChamps
Yep! 3*....Really gotta be embarrassing that these 3* have beaten the dawgs the last 2 years. Enjoy! #2YearsInaRow
Awesome...only fitting that one of the most corrupt schools (bama) in SEC history would have a subpoena waiting! Must be very familiar with the system. #ProbationU
I agree ....Saban best coach in the country, but he also has the nastiest mouth in the country.
Wow! With your college football recruiting IQ.... Not sure why your not at ESPN or have your own radio show. #PigskenIdiot
And you trolls criticize the writers of SDS...Geeez! #CantFixStupid
Mr. CowChip...please do 99% of the Vol fan base a huge favor ....and you fall on a sword. Your endless diatribe and grammatical slobber of UT coaches and players is really tiresome. No coach at any position from any era will satisfy your simplistic football academia. You are a wanna be fan that lives a miserable empty life that only finds inner joy in criticizing the efforts of others while your own life is a complete failure. Your welcome!
If Crist is as deplorable as many of you have written....Why do you continue to read his work? It's becoming very obvious by your divisive remarks that John is not the only one butt-hurt! By the way... Pretty sure most of you would have a different opinion of Mr. Mixson if this had happened to your daughter. "To whom much is given... Much is required."
Forgiveness is not the issue, The woman her family, Etc. can and should forgive him. But that does not eliminate the consequences of his actions. Let's be transparent here...Mixon did not serve a suspension... he was redshirted. That in itself cast enough doubt on his punishment. Elite athletes have and will continue to have special privileges that the avg student does not possess. When this happens, there is a simple Biblical principal that should be applied..."To whom much is given, much is required" Not much has been required of Joe Mixon for what he did. And for those criticizing John Crist for his opinion....what are you doing different with your.....Opinion? #Rationalization4Wrongs
You failed .....especially with your Moronic username. #ProbationChampsUofA
This just gets better and better!
Bamatime...please tell us you are not an adult male...You are losing your mind over fun adolescent posts about Lane Kiffin and Bama football .... Do yourself a favor and draw a line in the sand. #BamatimeHasNoLife
Serious moment here: Tennessee went through a similar situation when Cutcliff left under same circumstances to Ole Miss...Like Bama has Sark, UT had Randy Sanders they won 98 NC...Bama will be fine.