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Cha ching! I have seen this movie before. Ridiculously handsome, immaculately groomed, tell tale mannerisms and gestures, and not just religious in a private way, the way the Good Book actually recommends, but ostentatiously public displays of a certain kind of religiosity that is centered on flaunting sexual purity. No, there is nothing wrong with it. What is wrong, for him, unfortunately, is that he has to live and work in a world where it is exactly contrary to the contrived persona of a hyper-masculine man who has to operate in a profession that is the ultimate expression of American masculinity (football). And from what I've read, he's a mama's boy through and through and it would break her heart in two to know the truth. And so he is practically forced to keep up this charade or his whole life and psychological self would unravel. I feel sorry for him.