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Texas is just the big bully in Big 12. It has a god send to get out of that conference
Best coach? I assume you are joking right? I loved Coach O too, but Pinkel's shadow is still around
Arkansas before game: We cant win because of the refs. Mizzou gets a stupid ref call and still wins. No one needs or respects excuses, Coach. Its Good game and move on.
Jefferson looked good. He has 3 more years and I am sure he will improve alot..Same to be said for Bazelak.
So nothing will take back the absolute butt kicking we got, but the refs were horrible. Missing the Mizzou timeout and not flagging the late hit. It was a late hit, but not worthy of Mullens reaction. Expecally going after players and not appealing directly to the refs. We need to hold these coaches accountable. A fine is definitely in order.
Great game guys. Keep it up next week in Florida. I really like what I am seeing. Drink is no joke.
Enjoy your victory boys. You earned it. Keep looking foward. Last thing we want to domis drop the ball agianst Vandy
After last year, I am excited to see some life this year.
Meet success like a gentleman; Disaster like a man..Winston Churchill. It was an amazing game and I am very proud of my Tigers, but we still have alot of football ahead. I know my blood boils everytime I read that we don't belong in the SEC, but liets show some class.
Good luck coach. You will do great.
Keeping an open mind. Maybe he will get the job done being an offense guy.
Coach Odam was an inspirational leader and gave his heart and soul to the school he loved, as a player and a coach. He will be missed, but I am excited about the future of Mizzou and the goals that every Mizzou fan shares.