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Good afternoon everyone. Just in case you're unaware, Tennessee's new coach pulled a scholarship offer and SDS is absolutely disgusted by it. For more information, there's another 10 "articles" about it.
I don't think offense will be the issue...
They do indeed have a shelf life and they also made a commitment. They are also part of a team. Since 2000 Clemson has had 84 NFL draft picks. Tennessee has had 82, so if you are talented, you will still get scouted. Society is in a sad state when this kind of disloyalty is celebrated and justified.
Good. 1 good year out of 4 at Minnesota and a similar record at Western Michigan. Fleck being considered a top coach is the result of his good salesmanship and gimmicks.
To me it's indicative of today's youth. They are selfish and don't think about the team. They aren't loyal to anything and run when things get too tough.
Glad to hear this, Fleck's high rating by some is a result of his phenomenal salesmanship, I think. When you look at his record, you see one good year (out of 4) at Minnesota and a similar story at Western Michigan.
It is a sign of maturity to remain loyal and face adversity head on. His peers should take note. Darnell will be stronger for it.
Yes, me too. I'd go Bob Stoops, Bill O'Brien, or Gus first. Then look elsewhere.
If he did come back to Tennessee, we'd know he hasn't changed: running out on a program (this time Ole Miss) after a year. Not gonna happen, but just sayin.
Is he "proven" though? I'm not sure. He had one really good year at Western Michigan and one really good year at Minnesota (out of 4!) To me this guy is great at selling a program. There's a lot to be said for passion; however, is he ready the UT job?
Not sure about him about being a home run - the jury is still out with his record at Minnesota. 17: 5-7 18: 7-6 19: 11-2 20: 3-4 This in the very weak Big Ten West. Also, he had one really good year at Western Michigan and was 8-5 most years there. He's great at selling his program, no doubt, and is passionate and can get the fans pumped. But is he good enough for this massive rebuild? I'm not sure. Malzahn's record in the hardest division in the hardest conference: 13: 12-2 14: 8-5 15: 7-6 16: 8-5 17: 10-4 18: 8-5 19: 9-4 Compare that to Tennessee. Malzahn is proven, can recruit, and would at worst stabilize Tennessee. At best he'd challenge Bama from the East. How many coaches can say they've beaten Saban multiple times?
It doesn't really matter regarding the slogan - that's frivolous. However, he's had one good year at Minnesota out of 4 - hardly earthshaking stuff. So again, I'd much rather have some one more proven. The comparison with Butch is still good, I think, because people get pumped by the man's enthusiasm. Does this mean he's tactical ly ready for this massive rebuild? I'm not sure.
I really think we need someone who has been (or is) a power 5 head coach. Enough with hiring the "up and coming" coordinators, UT! Alabama's DC didn't work, how bout Clemson's OC!?
Fleck is gimmicky like Butch: "row the boat, brick by brick." I've seen his teams play and was not overly impressed.
I'm gonna sound like the old ass man that I am here, but this is the most millennial thing in the world. Running away when adversity hits because, after all, it's all about them. Also, "heartfelt" messages (via social media) that again, is all about them, and are completely disingenuous. No love lost.
Thanks buddy. I'll be happy when the latter prediction is correct. After the AD's press conference though, I think they'll be hiring someone very soon.
That's right. Tennessee needs to pay this time. They've ended up paying through the nose because they took the cheap route so many times. Gus Malzahn, please.
This points to a quick football coach hire. Also, it's good that UT realize they need to splash some cash. Hopefully they do the same for the new ball coach and bring in a big name to stop the talent exodus.
Yes, I couldn't believe that he picked Georgia straight out of high school.
Lol, thanks. It's one of those cases: of you don't laugh you'll cry...
Your right. I highly doubt Pruitt has a case. Tennessee spent money to ensure that they could fire Pruitt with cause.
I disagree with the "average" assessment but get where you're coming from. I see it differently because he was Auburn's coach during Alabama's greatest ever period (now), in the greatest division that college football has ever seen: LSU and A&M in the top 10 most years and even the teams from MS exhibited amazing periods. And, as you mentioned, he did show some success against Alabama: again, Alabama is currently under its greatest period with the greatest coach college has ever known. How many other coaches can say they beat Saban? As for his offense, yes, it is gimmicky, but it had shown success as well and with the right personnel can be unstoppable. Lastly, he can recruit at a high level and I think he'd relish the chance to dominate the East. Tennessee could do a lot worse right now.