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This is huge. Will put Tennessee closer to where we should be, quicker.
Was very proud of Guarantano last year. For a guy who was brought in to be a running QB, he stood up in the pocket and made big time plays when asked too. Even more impressive when you consider Tennessee's (lack of) QB protection: he'd stand there knowing he was gonna get hit, but still got his pass off. He's gonna have a great year this year.
Yeah Geaux Long, you are just wrong, Georgia has excellent academics. They just have a football program that sucks historically.
The bulldog is an unhealthy dog breed: essentially it is retarded. For selfish reasons humans have bred a dog - which relies on smell - with a scrunched up, smashed in face, making it impossible for it to breath or smell properly. Added to this, its legs have been bent making it prone to back and hip problems - it can barely walk. When I look at Georgia's mascot I feel sorry for it. It looks like it's in pain.
Games will have no kickers apparently: you must go for 2 and each team starts automatically at the 25.
Try it again one more time. C'mon you got this! "You are" = _________ ! ! !
My goodness that stadium is a joke. Can't believe we let these cheating Yankees into the SEC.
Year 1: We're the next big thing, join us! Year 2: We're the next big thing, join us! Year 3: .... Starts to lose its luster after a while. Empty promises. No success. Typical perennial losers. More evidence. Truth is powerful.
Tim. Keep "trying" to take the next step. You will fail like you always do. Typical Georgia.
Not comparing your "suck-cess" to the Vols. The Vols have been underachieving, yes; however, we are starting again with a new coach and will soon overtake the retard breed Bulldogs. The fact remains though that Georgia provides recruits with nothing but promises because you are perennial losers. Those promises are becoming stale. Recruits are starting to bail. #1980
Year 1: We're the next big thing, join us! Year 2: We're the next big thing, join us! Year 3: .... Starts to lose its luster after a while. Empty promises. No success. Typical perennial losers.
Makes space for someone else at a different position. Tennessee is pretty stacked at TE: Wood-Anderson, Blakely, Pope, Bumphus, Fant, Brown, Warren, Lowe... I wish him well. Like others have said, he's a great kid, just not an SEC caliber TE.
1980 big guy, nineteen eighty! Tennessee has a better chance of winning a national championship before Georgia.
Hahahahahaha! Everyone is so scared of the retard bulldogs... In no way do they always fail miserably. In no way are they perennial duds. Yeah, yeah, Tennessee is down right now, but at least when we're on top, we actually win things and dominate. Georgia always flops.
Lol, feel like they may be confusing Eli with Ethan??? Maybe they're so desperate to get us back for stealing Gibbs and Chaney??? Regardless, this is great news for Tennessee.
Reminds me of your Mom, struggling to sing it, with it in her mouth.
Because they're all leaving because of Kirby's "touching."
Unlike Alabama, Georgia will struggle to keep all the 4 and 5 stars they recruited. No one wants to sit around and wait for 2 years to play for a perpetual loser.
At least he didn't have some fat, bald dude with styrofoam spikes on, barking and spitting in his face. The typical welcome from the SEC's weakest fans.
Are you asking for your Mom? He said she can't pay with her gums anymore.
More conference titles, more national championships, greater win record, and a winning record over Georgia. Tennessee is far superior, despite what the hubris of Georgia fans currently declare; this after (once again) failing when the going got tough! We welcome the chase.
Yes, the Jones era will clearly be remembered by its under-development of talent. I said it when Jones was hired: they should have "insisted" that he get rid of some of his Cincinnati crew: they had a mindset that wasn't appropriate for the SEC.
Welcome to the glorious failure, young man. The team who never fails to stumble when the going gets tough. 1980 LOL.
I agree, Misery should never have been admitted into the SEC. Too small and northern.
Was thinking the same. Would much rather have DB help right now.
Honestly, unless he changes position, not sure why h'd transfer: he'll never be a QB in the NFL anyway. Perhaps a position change at Alabama would be in his best interest?
With this current run from Bama, mouth cancer rates are on the rise...