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True, but if I recall correctly, a lot of those replacements were still starters earlier in the season.
You're talking about a series over a decade ago and the year UF won the national title. Not really a fair comparison to today's landscape. However they should have played out the series even though the result would have been the same.
What 2 for 1? What was suggested was a 2 and neutral, meaning UCF loses millions and season ticket holders lose a home game. Florida loses revenue from the loss of ticket sales in a smaller stadium and UCF loses revenue by having to rent out the Citrus Bowl. SEC revenue is $660 million while AAC is around $80 million, so you can see why they won't take that deal if one is actually offered.
Those are still P5 teams. They won't go on the road to a G5 stadium with a small visitor allotment. The UF offer to UCF was for 2 and neutral, not on campus at Spectrum Stadium.
How were they not a legitimate playoff team? They were able to hang 32 on the Tigers with a backup QB who threw for less than 100 yards, and kept it to a one score game that came down to the final minutes when that same backup QB turned over the ball. No one else put up that many on you last season with the exception of the fluke Texas A&M game. Ya'll had a depleted defense and they had a depleted offense, which makes it even in my book. It wasn't their day at the Fiesta Bowl, but that doesn't make them illegitimate.
Then you've already condemned every G5 school for simply not being in a P5 conference. They have to play in their conference, so there are only so many slots left to even try and schedule P5 teams. You will seldom see P5 scheduling very good G5 teams, so trying to get top tier opponents is tough to do while on a winning streak. UCF has been scheduling 2 P5 opponents per year, but hurricanes cancelled the games scheduled against GA Tech and UNC in back to back seasons. You can't say they aren't trying to schedule up.
That's really the biggest stumbling block. The stadium can, and will, expand to 65,000 seats which is the same size as the Citrus Bowl. Perennial top 25 teams simply won't play in a stadium where the visitor allotment is less than 20,000. If UCF took a 2 for neutral like was floated, they would lose out on millions of dollars of an already lean revenue stream compared to P5 payouts. So I get why it's hard to schedule up.
So you're saying Alabama playing the likes of Duke, NM State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas, and WCU should never be considered for a playoff spot? Y'all got beat by Wyoming, and will be playing SEMO, Troy, Vandy, and Kentucky. Every team has some cupcake games or low tier P5 each season, so don't act like it's two top 25 teams every week in the SEC.
I would really like to see something like that, but the problem is that conferences are not just football. Kentucky's football team is not on the same level as their basketball team as far as dominance. If teams are getting called up to a P5 conference for one sport, it will have to include all other sports otherwise it would just be chaos.
"Gator athletics would lose money by playing an out of conference game at UCF" And UCF would lose money by playing a "home" game at the Citrus Bowl. It would be great to see them play each other, but it doesn't make financial sense for anyone.
I guess Auburn was able to get motivated to win a nothing bowl against a 6-6 dud.
If UCF played a legit SEC schedule they would also get legit SEC revenue share. Right now they pull in about 1/10th of the money that even Vandy gets, plus they don’t have access to 5 star recruits. They would not have lost their entire coaching staff from last year to Nebraska if they had tens of millions more to pay the salaries. If UCF moves to the SEC, or any power conference, they would probably need a few years to adjust before they challenged the top teams. But they have done so much with so little that you can’t discount their drive to build a championship program.
UCF tried to get into the Big 12 but the conference decided not to expand. Last year they beat Maryland and Auburn, and had the Georgia Tech game cancelled by a hurricane. This year they beat up Pitt and had the UNC game cancelled because of another hurricane. Texas was on their schedule for 2023 but dropped UCF to play Alabama. Next year they have Stanford and Pitt. 2020 they have UNC and GT. The AD is definitely trying to schedule up, but the stadium is too small at 45,000 for the top tier P5 to accept a home and home. A home and neutral has a 50/50 revenue split which punishes UCF financially when they are already getting around 1/10th the revenue that even Vandy gets. Less money means the coaches get poached like Frost and staff from last year.
Oklahoma let Texas Tech put up 46, Kansas 40, OSU 47, West Virginia 56, and a loss to Texas with 48. The only games UCF gave up huge points was 40 to Temple and 41 to Memphis in the AAC Championship. Why is OU able to fall behind like that for half the season plus a loss and still get in but UCF gets raked over the coals?
Actually, looking at Alabama's schedule this year it looks like you'll be travelling to Citadel and traveled to LA-Lafayette. Is that correct? UCF's stadium has almost as many seats as those two combined. If you'll travel there then why not to Orlando?
On that we can agree. They need to drop the insistence on home and homes until they consistently beat the big boys in their house. UCF's stadium is still too small at 45,000 seats, although it has the capability of expanding to 65,000.
A top 25 team is a top 25 team, regardless of the perceived "power" of a conference. The AAC has the same number of ranked teams as the ACC, Big 12, and Pac-12. You're bias is ridiculous when you call a ranked team a cupcake because they don't play in a conference that has a longer history and much deeper pockets.
Then drop the game against Arkansas State, LA-Lafayette, or Citadel and put UCF in.
They had Texas on the schedule, and then they were dropped so Texas could play Alabama. It isn't like they are not trying to play big schools.
Last season UCF played 11 straight weeks without a bye, beating top 25 teams in USF, Memphis, and Navy as well as giving them their first home loss in 17 games. The AAC, formerly the Big East, currently has 3 undefeated top 25 teams again. UCF won their division and conference, something Alabama didn't do. If this was the NFL, Alabama would've been a wild card at best. Beating on teams like Mercer, Fresno State, Citadel, etc. is not exactly a tough schedule.
Cincy and USF are both undefeated and in the top 25. Texas was on their schedule but they dropped UCF to play Alabama.
Even this website won't let me pick my team and instead only have a few of the powerhouse teams to choose from for my profile.
I was at the game. There were about 30,000 fans in the stadium after kickoff. We just like to tailgate a little longer is all. It's tough to bring in a crowd when most of the state is at home watching UF, FSU or UM.