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As long as UT and Bama stays a permanent rival, I don't have a problem with this. Hey West, would you be interested in Vandy or UK? (Kidding)
This. So many UGA were quick to remind me of UT's place in the SEC the past few years it will be nice to see the tables turned. Richt is a good coach and will be successful where ever he lands. Best of luck to him.
I would argue that WR is at the top of the priority list. Losing Howard and Pearson takes away a lot of outside speed.
To be completely honest, I only read articles with Tennessee. With that said I will say that I agree with most of what you said. However, I will have to respectfully disagree with the statement that the 2015 class will have a smaller impact than the 2014 class. While the latter had some amazing players that will develop into great players and some into Sunday players, the '15 class is loaded with needed players. Tuttle, McKenzie, Butcher, Kamara will all see substantial playing time and (of course this is speculation on my part) but are upgrades to current roster. Just my two cents.
Tennessee's Titans. It is intentional.
Absolutely cannot wait until July 1, 2015. ADIDAS would probably make a team wear their urban camo crap like that did in the NCAA tourney last year
I feel as if Iowa is a much more favorable matchup than WVU.
6-6- / 7-5 is about where I thought Tennessee would be this year.
I still think that people need to pump the brakes on Dobbs. He does look great compared to other East QBs this year but that doesn't mean much when you examine the group.
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bold In the end that is all they are: predictions. Missouri has a great defense but Maty Mauk has struggled this year. Missouri has to get the ground game going (and should especially with the loss of AJ Johnson) to stay in this game. Missouri also catches a break with Brian Randolph having to miss the first half after the targeting call in the second half of the UT/UK game. Tennessee has been a completely different team with Dobbs at QB. While they are still leaps and bounds leading the SEC in sacks allowed Dobbs doesn't stand in the pocket when the O line crumbles (which it will). I watched as he expertly dodged from pressure from an Alabama team that has just as good of a defense. The difference is Mizz has had a chance to gameplan for Dobbs. Even still with a slew of very talented skill position players MIzz's defense will have to come with it's A game...which I am sure it will. 31-10 is bold and I do see UT scoring at least 27 but I don't see Tennessee being able to stop Mizz from doing the same. I am ready for a great game.
Ethan must still be hurt about that smack down his Wildcats took last weekend.
LOL. Do me a favor and Google Derrek Barnett. I pity Maty.
No love for Derrek Barnett. Good. Let him surprise Mizz fans.
I agree. The game where Hunter tore his ACL was one of the games I was referencing. People where cheering and laughing as a 20 year old kid was laying on the ground in pain. But that is neither here nor there. I think the biggest take away from this letter, be it true or embellished, is that fans feel safe. There will always be some competitive banter and trash talking at games but safety should never be compromised. It isn't fair to fans to go to opponents' venues or to come into Neyland and feel like they are not safe. This takes the fun out of the game and makes entire fanbases look like trash.
I, as a Tennessee fan, have also had some pretty terrible experiences in Athens. However, nothing compares to my two trips to Gainesville. With that said, I feel that fans of visiting teams almost always will receive some sort of negative attention. I am not saying that it is right... I am saying that SEC fans are crazy as usually very inebriated. Of all SEC stadiums I have been to, LSU was the most hospitable. However, nothing will compare to the welcome we received by Oregon fans in 2013. Maybe it was the fact they knew it was going to be a cakewalk for them or maybe it was a shared hatred of Lane Kiffin but I doubt I will ever see that sort of welcoming atmosphere at an away game again.
As much as I love the bowl conversation (since UT hasn't been in one in a few years), I have to say that playing in Memphis would be a let down. Give me MCB over having to play in the Liberty.
Let's not get the big head here, friend. As much as I loved that win on Saturday, I doubt it is the straw that pushes him to retire. OBC is a great coach and deserves respect (even though he hasn't always shown it back to opponents). If anything he has just had enough of the criticism. I can't imagine the scrutiny these guys go through on a day-to-day basis.
Vols losing to LSU in 2010 because of too many men on the field hurt pretty bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjb3bHsY75I
Hell of a game. Not often I can come to a website post game and be in a good mood. USC fans - on the bright side you have one hell of a player in Pharoah Cooper. That guy is next level good.
UT and USC are a major SEC East rival? Hmm. That is news to me.
Did you or your sister-wife come up with that one?
Mark Richt has lost control of Jameis Winston.
Please elaborate on any violence demonstrated towards Lane Kiffin. My mother worries that I am dead if I don't send a text or give her a call every few days - care to do a write-up for it? Continue to write your articles but please keep biased and unfounded opinions to yourself.
Whoa. Worley with 37 carries for -64 yards. Get your crap together O-Line.
The look on the bulldogs face in the first almost made me spit coffee everywhere.