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It takes ZERO intelligence to be a so called sports expert, or even a little ESPN wannabe, not sure what you'll are so excited about at this point
Hooraa for you, go work for Disney with the rest of the dumbass experts, then fanboy
If Dabo wasn't such a idiot he would lean on the fact there the defending champs rather than trying to compare teams and games like the average idiot fan.
People still watch game day? For why I have no idea
Danielson has a super annoying personality always trying to guess the next play and always trying to guess what the penalty will be and he's always wrong. Big 10 network needs to hire him, it's where he belongs.
I'm just glad this rivalry finally become somebody once again, it seemed to get a bit dull prior to last year, a little
Who could blame him, it's a "sports talk radio show" lol
That and it's two teams from the southeastern US and they hate us, which I enjoy
This rivalry needed a spark anyways so all is well and now we know Gainesville is scared and chalked full of idiots and we're not, haha
Wow, and the biggest moron award of the season goes to^^^^^ Backing out of games is such a pussy move, just because it's a non conference game doesn't give you a right to back out of a contract no matter who it is and no matter what fla idiot thinks it's just fine
LSU doesn't back out of playing anybody, that must be a east coast thing like when Virginia tech backed out of playing us a few years ago. At least reading people trying to defend cry baby actions is comical material, I guess it's all we have now