Tennessee sucks, auburn sucks, LSU sucks, and UGA isn’t the next Alabama so get over it.

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(Homer Simpson voice) Mmmmmmm, peach clobber.
Agreed. Minkah was ridiculously talented. I hope Battle is a mirror image but that’s hardly the way it ever works out. He’ll have a great career with Bama. He and Hellams should hold down those safety spots in the future.
Say, dang it. Is there not an edit button for us? Come on SDS!!!!!
I saw Mizzoui when talking about college fooseball.
still AM wins. 11. South Carolina. Plz get it done. I picked you.
My picks 1B. L, 2Mizzou loss (now I’m regretting that pick.... well sorta. Both teams can air it out. 3MSU W over Iowa big. , 4Auburn beats Purdue easily, 1A. Bama smacks Oklahoma. 6.LSU still destroys UCF, they still have so much more talent on D and it’s against a non power 5 freshman QB making his second start. Derp. Wake Forest even came back on Memphis. Last time I checked LSU is mean.....and bigger. 7. 8. Florida laughs at Michigan’s Jim Harbarrowrowrow. Wins by a FG. JK. Maybe be. Though, Florida fans would still laugh at him even if they’ll win by 1. As should the rest of us... Even Solomon wants to comeback home. Roll Tide, man. Come to Bama! 9 Kentucky is is often compared to the dynasty of Alabama. (Mainly because of dominant recruiting) Alabama just beat Penn St in basketball (hey we both suck Penn St!) but Kentucky won’t beat them on the field. 10. Texas AM vs. N.C. State. Dang I love those N.C. State helmets, don’t you?
No one cares? What a lie. UGA thought they had Sanders and Dean and were trying to rub it Bama fans faces. Bama once again has the no.1 class and more than likely will once again be champs. Should check out our next years class too. It’s already stack and sitting at #1. Bama is also the most stack school in the country at LB. Wilson coming back, Moses, Jennings comming back, Anoma, Justin Eyaobi, Lau, Benton, and soon, To’oto’, which should be a 5 Star himself. On and don’t forget Terrell Lewis who should be the best LB in the SEC next year. So stacked the number 4 overall player and 5 star Ben Davis has played but 5 snaps on defense in 3 years.
Just get over it UGA fans. Y’all said UGA was getting Sanders and Evan. You didn’t. I knew you weren’t. Bama is still the best SEC and you’re not on our level yet. I’m really not trying to be mean most my friends are UGA fans here in Savannah. Lots of teams get good recruiting classes. You have to win NC’s to be on our level. And IGa might do that but it won’t be next year. With the talent coming in and all those projected juniors that were suppose to go to the NFL for Bama are coming back and we’ll be even better next year. UGA fans are bigger than crybabies! Act like it!
Yeah ok, UGA fans. Now act like you don’t want him. Act like he would’ve been your 5th string RB even though plenty of UGA fans said he was better than Cook and Zues. Yeah, whatever makes you sleep st night. Roll Tide and you were never a real player.
You’re one of the better posters on here, Kirby. Saban has won what? 5 NC’s and 11 straight 10 win seasons and has one it once. Also ND did not have a harder schedule than Bama. Some will say “ well Nick Saban gets the best players.” Well who the hell cares, that’s one of the biggest if not the biggest thing about college football coaching.
I’m not trying to start crap or be mean but Fromm has not proven himself more than Tua. Fromm looked mediocre in the second half of both the NC and SECCG. Tua lead Alabama from behind 13 in the NC game in his first start and won the biggest game of his career in his first start. Skip to this year and Jalen Hurts outplayed Jake in the fourth quarter. Tua was a Heisman finalist and many believe he should’ve won it. I did not see Jake’s name up there. Tua will be a higher draft pick obviously than Jake. Jake has looked wonderful at times and then at times, well, LSU...... Lots of folks say Tua could go to any school and win them a bunch of games. I don’t think the same could be said about Fromm. I think he’s a 4 year starter or gets beat by Fields eventually. The kid is a good college football QB. Not great.
Highly doubtful. Alabama has one of the best recruiting classes I’ve ever seen. Even if they didn’t get one more commitment it’s still a top 2 class. And they’re still strongly in the mix for 3-4 more 5 star players and some are considered leans. Bama will be fine. Durkin has no where near the power at Alabama as he did in Maryland if any power here.
There’s some truth in what he’s saying. Brian Kelly told the kid to get back up in that death trap after the kid told people he was scared and it was shaking yet DJ Durkin is the only one of the two that are getting “beat down” by the media. I think what both did, or didn’t do, to prevent these deaths are terrible don’t get me wrong. But Brian Kelly did somehow get a pass. Was it because the kid wasn’t a football player? Was it because the Catholic Church is the most corrupt business ever? Who knows why?
Pretty sure Mack Wilson said he was staying for his senior season.
Dang you’re gonna be extremely sad with Bama still having a shot at around 5 more 5 stars. And if George Pickens flips, oh snap you might try to O.D. on candy!
Nick Saban has won 100% of his games against Oklahoma lead Heisman winners? So you’re saying there’s a chance.....
It’s a nasty class. Majority of top talent staying in state. LSU has some nasty WR’s. They’ll make Joe Burrows look great next year.
For real. Any one of ‘em were great.
Don’t quote me, boy. I ain’t said sh$$. - easy E. Nap time, kid.
Dang, Bamatime. It’s obvious he’s 12...... Beat the sh** outta him. Hahahaha
Well I do live in Savannah, Ga so you might have a point.
Just the way it’s suppose to be. lol
Uhhhhh..... auburn has as many 5 stars than Alabama currently and are only relevant every 4 years.... but it’s Alabama that you think is cheating? Lol. Also, I know you’re obviously a child but don’t make like 50 accounts and basically post the same thing over and over.
You really do make the team you root for look badly. We have some good auburn fans here and it’s gonna be great watching them turn on you.