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No brainer. Wooden had a true dynasty. My hunch is that there aren't many pro of college coaches who can compare to his run.
If my Dogs get over their recent funk, we should make it to Omaha. Notre Dame is better than usual, but if we get a pulse back...
Don't think that anybody from UM's D will make UA's roster, but maybe he'll prove me wrong. Don't know if he's moving to greener pastures or what. Anybody??
Still a bit of a head-scratcher as to why Kiffin didn't retain the previous DC, as he did seem to have them playing to potential. Things can change quickly, but UM hasn't had a lot of top talent on the defensive side of the ball very recently. Everybody talks about how well UM played against UA, but I think that Kiffin circled that game, so to speak, and Saban - well not so much. On another point, the narrative has been that Kiffin will out perform Leach. We'll see. If MSU has upgraded the safeties this year, Leach may have his best D ever.
Umm, Leach was an OC in the SEC a few years back and did pretty well.
I think Michigan lost their second best recruit, also. Coincidence?? Could be a million reasons, who knows...
I was hoping more for a QB who never met a man that he didn't like!
Pullman, WA is more of an outlier in size to some of the cities in the PAC-12 than Starkville is to the SEC's locales and it is quite remote from much of the conference, being in the eastern part of the state. I don't think most folks in SEC territory realize what an uphill battle that WSU has for many recruits. Not dissing that area, but it's just remote. I think to go along with what you posted that look at where TT and WSU were relatively speaking on a before Leach and after Leach basis. I think Leach was hire at MSU not only because he has done quite well relatively speaking at TT and WSU, but also because he will help MSU get rid of the label of not historically having a really good passing game. I can already see some very hopeful signs...
I've wondered if the computer input includes the second year improvement that Leach experienced at TTU and WSU. They'd sort of be remiss not to, but as with any simulation, it's all in the assumptions...
Rumor has it this is a coverup. Major NCAA hammer to drop after they were caught using illegal worms.
Leach will never run as much as most, but he did run more and was effective when our O-Line was improved near the end of the season. But the pundits who don't keep us with MSU had him "figuring out that this is the SEC and he must run more." Many pundits can only keep up with two or three SEC teams on any given year...
I was surprised at how your O-Line looked against MSU. Our defense was really depleted at that point, too.
I read that we were able to keep Arnett because of the extension and buyout that he signed late last year. Hopefully he'll be around for a bit. The right DC calling the right plays at the right time is invaluable against todays offenses.
He did run a bit more very late in the year. Seems like there was hesitancy as for most of the year the O=Line was pretty bad.
Reckon what happened to the RB from Ruston? Haven't seen any news today.
No. He'll leave if the grass is greener based on past history, IMO.
Maybe the best way to measure a coach relative to his peers is wins/$$. That'd make an interesting analysis...
Will is low as is Bazelak and Seals - three to watch.
Honestly still putting Bo Nix ahead of other warm bodies? He does still have talent, but he has earned a spot much lower on the list. Maybe Harsin can get him coached up??
Maybe the news of the recruting issue sprad internally causing some of the issues??
I think he's telling some that he's not interested.
You might have the O to contend, but I've got to see more on D to think that you separate from the pack. I think we'll be about as good as y'all as we'll have more talent on D. I'll add that I respect that both of our HC's have helped some of our fans mellow the bad behavior a bit...
Freeze may be letting the furor die down for another season. He is quoted as saying that he isn't thrilled about his daughter(s??) being exposed to what he'll get when he runs on to the field in a SEC stadium.
We have 3 All SEC Freshman, but Will Rogers wasn't one of them. They are Forbes, Walley, and Cross.
I agree that they should have had two or three more losses this year if it hadn't been for the refs. But UA woudn't be in the playoffs if they had Nix at QB, either, IMO. Malzahn wasn't known for developing QB's, but there are more issues with Nix than coaching. He runs very well and would be a great option QB. But he seems easily rattled (i.e. loses his cool easily) and he doesn't seem to want to stay in the pocket at all, even when their O-line got a bit more respectable.
I don't think that AU is THAT far away if they can get a good QB to transfer in. That and their O-line sure needs to be coached up.
Grantham wasn't bad for his year at MSU, but I like Arnett much better. Both attack, but Arnett seemed to render much more mayhem.