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Leach will never run as much as most, but he did run more and was effective when our O-Line was improved near the end of the season. But the pundits who don't keep us with MSU had him "figuring out that this is the SEC and he must run more." Many pundits can only keep up with two or three SEC teams on any given year...
I was surprised at how your O-Line looked against MSU. Our defense was really depleted at that point, too.
I read that we were able to keep Arnett because of the extension and buyout that he signed late last year. Hopefully he'll be around for a bit. The right DC calling the right plays at the right time is invaluable against todays offenses.
He did run a bit more very late in the year. Seems like there was hesitancy as for most of the year the O=Line was pretty bad.
Reckon what happened to the RB from Ruston? Haven't seen any news today.
No. He'll leave if the grass is greener based on past history, IMO.
Maybe the best way to measure a coach relative to his peers is wins/$$. That'd make an interesting analysis...
Will is low as is Bazelak and Seals - three to watch.
Honestly still putting Bo Nix ahead of other warm bodies? He does still have talent, but he has earned a spot much lower on the list. Maybe Harsin can get him coached up??
Maybe the news of the recruting issue sprad internally causing some of the issues??
I think he's telling some that he's not interested.
You might have the O to contend, but I've got to see more on D to think that you separate from the pack. I think we'll be about as good as y'all as we'll have more talent on D. I'll add that I respect that both of our HC's have helped some of our fans mellow the bad behavior a bit...
Freeze may be letting the furor die down for another season. He is quoted as saying that he isn't thrilled about his daughter(s??) being exposed to what he'll get when he runs on to the field in a SEC stadium.
We have 3 All SEC Freshman, but Will Rogers wasn't one of them. They are Forbes, Walley, and Cross.
I agree that they should have had two or three more losses this year if it hadn't been for the refs. But UA woudn't be in the playoffs if they had Nix at QB, either, IMO. Malzahn wasn't known for developing QB's, but there are more issues with Nix than coaching. He runs very well and would be a great option QB. But he seems easily rattled (i.e. loses his cool easily) and he doesn't seem to want to stay in the pocket at all, even when their O-line got a bit more respectable.
I don't think that AU is THAT far away if they can get a good QB to transfer in. That and their O-line sure needs to be coached up.
Grantham wasn't bad for his year at MSU, but I like Arnett much better. Both attack, but Arnett seemed to render much more mayhem.
Kinda illustrates the predicament the better P-5 teams have. Here and in MSU's game with Tulsa, both AAC conference teams looked well coached and overall executed well, though I did miss a bit of this one flipping back to the AU game. Bottom line, the much better athletes were finally woke up and started playing in this one.
I commented several times during the game that the refs needed to stop the ongoing with a flag or two on both sides. It appeared that they could easily have gained control. Of course we need to address it inhouse, too.
Looks like the Beamer hire and retaining Bobo were done with saving $$ in mind. But it makes zero sense to make these moves when the O is the problem in the first case.
Yeah, I doubut many AU fans would say that at present Nix is better than half the conference.
Nix sorta looks like he'd be better off running most of the time similar to Nick Fitzgerald when he was at MSU if he's gonna take off anyway.
Umm, Leach recruited Will Rogers while at WSU, so me thinks him getting pushed aside with no competition ain't happening.
I expect getting fired always hurts. Everything is relative, and they were rich already. Still, they got a nice landing cushion.
I'll preface this by stating that I do not have an axe to grind with anything AU, but I do not understand the politics there. When Bobby Lowder disappeared, I thought that it might get better. If I were a great coach, I wouldn't touch this job with the proverbial 10 ft pole until things changed. I still don't understand the Chizik hire or what we don't know about how that unraveled.
They'll catch Hades for appearances if they do. And at least one NCAA investigator will move to campus.