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Playing to the crowd gets eyeballs...
Stoops is a good coach, but don't be surprised if there is a reevaluation of sorts once the divisions are gone. If they had played a West Division schedule for the past few years...
The SEC-only playoff probably came from a brainstorming session. Only thing that will come of it is pressuring the rest of P5 to expand the playoffs.
You get an 18 year old thinking about six figures per year as opposed to little or nothing...
The WR that you're thinking of is from UGA. The other CB that we 'don't have' is the kid from UA that they mentioned was quite good and would have started in the NC game.
They got the top two and the bottom two right, in my opinion. The rest of it is a real horse race.
Finebaum rarely has anything nice to say about MSU. Back when we beat UA 4 out of 5 in the '90's and he was writing for the Birmingham PH and hosting a talk show on WJOX... Well, that was a long time ago, but I don't recall anythng nice that he said.
And we need a PG. Aw hades, money doesn't matter anymore. NIL!!
When the UK 10 win season standard meets the possibility of UA and AU transferring to the East...
There was a rumor about Kiffin as a replacement, though I haven't thought much about it.
I don't necessarily think that it was the two opt outs as much as the other seven that couldn't play. At least we played...
Proof of anything that you said about Harsin of Leach??
Devin Nunes is looking for a good VP and you have demonstrated the necessary qualifications! You really should call him and apply right away!!
Fact - it happened. Better reread if you think that I counted Harsin as a Saban assistant.
When you don't have a qb, you can burn up a defense.
Defense has improved, but I attribute much of today to AU qb play. And it's a coin flip that Nix would've been any better. I bet Harsin is scouring the tansfer portal now.
Didn't say it impacted the game nor that I cared. Tank not getting down was the ballgame.
Deserved or not, this will be a winter where Saban starts to hear a bit more from the doubters if he doesn’t win the SECG. UA is a bit off on both sides of the ball, another loss would be the second this year to a former assistant, and the West now looks stronger from top to bottom.
Even more think his system won't work in the SEC.
Yep. This would probably be another Bo Nix article if he hadn't gotten hurt.
I read it's because UM wanted him to move to corner.