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They wouldn't have to change the school colors, as one is already gold.
Considering that we're so young and extremely short handed, there's plenty here to build on. Those that have stayed have bought in. Plenty of underlassmen getting reps and several look really good. And Arnett is the real deal. If we had experienced CB's for this one...
Funny, the analysis of our games almost always focuses on Leach and the offense, like a moth to a flame. To me, focusing on our defense has been the highlight of the year, though the offense did look worlds better last week. I expect Arnett to pressure Corral similar to what we did at UGA, given the status of our secondary (don't ask). UM will know it's coming, so we'll see how it plays out.
It looked like the O can work in the SEC when the O line is effective. The pundits can rest their argument about needing to run the ball for a week. The defense looks like our Joe Lee Dunn D at its best, but with a bit less talent and experience. The future is looking brighter again.
Arnett has the D playing harder than I've seen in a whil. I think that the future of the D looks pretty bright with more experienced players at some spots as the defense becomes second instint.
In the FWIW category, I often think of of when Bear Bryant had his first training camp at Texas A&M (before my time, but I think that I'm right) when I think of our current situation. The comparison is replacing a more lax attitude with much more discipline. Guess that big of a culture shift makes some waves.
If AU's O-line is as bad as it has been, Arkansas wins. And we still don't know how good Nix is, but at this point it's not looking great. Arkansas played much better than we did last week, but they don't seem to be in the "middle of the pack" in the SEC just yet, but much closer.
By far our best road uni combo. Just wish we still had the interlocking MSU in the helmets- much better.
When we played Leach against UK in '98, we rushed one and dropped everyone else into coverage. Turnovers cooked our goose last night.
After three years,reckon why there's not more discussion regarding potential replacements??
This is not intended as a prediction or or overstatement, but WSU is one of, if not the hardest place to recruit in the PAC-12. Texas Tech isn't the easiest place to recruit, either. WSU is in better shape than when he arrived, but their current recruiting class average of stars is in 11th in the PAC-12, 0.1 point per player above the cellar, with a national ranking of 60.
Except he did recruit pretty well. If we continue to get good results, I'm interested to see how much that impacts recruiting going forward.
This analysis could've been made before the season. Remember all of the articles and comments that had KJ in the middle of the pack of SEC QB's this year??
I think it's great pub. After all, KJ's been talked about as a first rounder before this year. I get it, we need to stay level headed and all, but he's for real. You can clean up mistakes, but you can't expect to many NCAA quarterback to make the throws he made last week.
Most all of the press has been about our offense, but I thought that our defense looked pretty good. Hopefully they can play even more aggressively as they get the new scheme down.
Of course Plumlee can run, but I think that it spoke volumes that his Luke pulled him on the last drive and it looks like Corral will stay ahead of him for now.
I miss our Halloween game. That atmosphere felt more like a rivalry, and we had some wild games. We're pretty evenly matched and the HC's, while different, are pretty evenly matched now, too.
Some say our talent doesn't fit. I agree that TE's in the slot probably isn't the long term solution, but otherwise, we might have better fits than some think. I think this year boils down to our O-Line and if the D plays aggressively.
That's the conventional wisdon and I get it. But it would be nice to see this D playing like the JLD variety. For me, it's really hard to say how talented they are even with all of the new players, as they seemed to think and then try to make the play last year.
It's going to feel weird. Wonder how many games COVID-19 will decide??
UA had their best throwing QB in history. Our opponents were stacking the box.
Posr Egg Bowl comment, I found it earlier in the Clarion Ledger again, Jan 3 edition. I posted the link below, but apparently the consors have to approve that.
KJ should be the starter. Don't know if Leach has ever really utilized A DT QB, but I thought Shrader was better that other SEC Freshman last year that get way more buzz. He had implied that he'd follow Moorehead, so hiring Leach must've intrigued him.
The only way that I see a big jump in year 1 is if the D really plays more aggressively and effectively, proving that they left much on the field last year. A possibility...
Look at what MSU was doing in the Croom era and contrast it to after Mullen arrived - he's a pretty good offensive mind.