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I don't think that AU is the most difficult game that you have left.
Making no predictions for here at all, but UA played hard and really didn't play "dumb" football. Saban was worried about aTm's D-line. Point is, I don't know if more motivation will change them much next week. aTm just spotted a relative weakness in UA's O-line and exploited it. That and aTm's O-line won most of their battles.
I've gotta say that aTm played hard last week, too. Just sayin'.
I cannot fathom having Nix for a QB and the offense not featuring a ton of runs for him. If the offensive line can provide any pocket, Finley looks to be a much better passer.
Freeze does have a lot of issues. He can coach, but I certainly wouldn't want him as my coach!
That'll work out great with the French Quarter and all not that far away.
He looks like the same coach that he was in Oxford. He can recruit, but otherwise 2019 appears to be the lightning in a bottle kind of thing.
Our D made me feel alot better after seeing what they did to NC St's running game. A repeat of that and I'd feel pretty good.
Sheesh! Culturally, Hugh Freeze would be pretty funny in SoCal.
ESPN's FPI has Memphis as a bigger challenge than LSU, FWIW. Also, doesn't Golic Jr.'s voice sound a lot like HErbstreit's? It was eeery in that respect.
Which is another way of saying that familiar poll names sometimes get more votes. Poll inertia, until reality sets in, like with LSU.
Just like most of the rest of the conspiracy theories.
I'm thinking the D is an easier fix than the O-line.
I was impressed with LT's athleticism. Their QB is pretty good, too.
Unless Malzahn's offense is all to blame, Harsin should use the Nick Fitzgerald playbook that we ran for a few years. Nix can run. But he sure gets a lot of happy ink here, doesn't he?
Our biggest problem on offense last year was the shoddy O-line play. Thinking that will be a good bit better this year.
I never bet on MSU, but if the line was 4.5 wins, I would.
Or, as with any offense, have a decent O-line. The "Leach never runs" for last year was because we didn't have that.
If it was about him learning his lesson - look up his last Egg Bowl coaching job...
The decimated secondary is what killed us in that game.
If you're only talking about football, maybe. But I doubt it. Think of the travel expenses and class schedule disruption for the other sports!
He deserves to be there now, even if it’s one year. But, as you know, we ain’t interesting unless there’s a fight to blame on us or something. But it works out ok, as attention doesn’t equal success in many of these cases. SDS had Leach rated much higher that Kiffin, but Kiffin gets the ink. And they have had Bo Nix as the Heisman for three years, and I’d wager that Will Rogers has a much better year. But remember, we’uns ain’t interesting enough for the ink stained sort…
MSU has improved since expansion started. With the new transfer ability, who knows?
Emerson should lead a very much improved secondary with those returning from injuries and with newcomers. The CB's seem set.