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Clarification: The RBs together = Collins, not individually. However, if RG3 stays healthy and Whaley is as advertised, we may get the running combo we had expected from JWill and AC last year. Time will tell
I don't think we lost as much as you think. Sprinkle = Henry. Maybe even better A. Allen > or at least = B. Allen Walker, Whaley, & Williams = Collins All the receivers are back. Most of the defense is back. We vastly upgraded our DBs coach. The only think I'm worried about is the O-Line, and I've heard some things which I will not repeat here, that make me wonder if we're not in better hands there than we were last year. We're a dark horse in the West this year unless we pull a Toledo.
well, we don't have to try very hard to begin with :)
In the past, there's always been one or two names where I've felt uneasy that they were among our "Best 10". Now there are names left off that I feel should be on, but I don't know who deserves to be removed in their place. That's a good feeling.
oh I don't think it's just Arkansas. Any time there's a "best of" for anybody, other teams pile on. It's just people having pride in their own program. Nothing wrong with that.
Why are Missouri fans allowed to post here. I thought this was an SEC board.
I still haven't figured out how Missouri fans get to post on this board. Aren't they Big 12?
The No Fun League just found it's VP of Sticking Sticks. Bet you're one of those HV posters who only comes out when we lose. PRJ, is that you?
Probably a little of both, actually. Kind of like people who call Cam a cheater but love Brady.
Or he could just be a genuinely humble person.
Decon, you didn't read the article did you? He's talking about the author calling UM boring. And Missery is boring. Mad respect to Coach P, but y'all's program? lol.
Y'all keep sleeping on Arkansas. Austin is better than his record breaking, all SEC, older bro, and the guys behind him might be better still.
Hope y'all find out the hard way :p Seriously though, he's supposed to be even better. Hoping he gets the full Enos benefit from game one. As sick as Dak has been, and as good as Mullen is with QBs, I'm legitimately afraid of whoever starts for MSU next year even though I have no idea who that might be.
The offense has improved drastically since Bama. D might have taken a step back though. Certainly hasn't improved.
This comment makes me wish sds had a 'like' feature...
Actually, it's a muff. Not a funble.
Well there's only one H-A-W-G in the nation. And we have a better chance of making it than either of y'all. Considering what we've been through recently... just let that sink in for a bit.
I agree with Moo State here. But I do take issue with the article questioning whether it was a lateral or not. And I take issue with the author calling it a blind heave. He was clearly looking back, and threw it pretty close to Collins given the circumstances.
Probably means big home games. That's giving him the benefit of the doubt at least.
If you're judging Arkansas by Stuttgart, then you're either a troll or a fool. And if you're hunting ducks anywhere else in Arkansas, then you're both.
Learn to cook yourself, and couch it in terms of taking some of the load off of her shoulders. That's what I did. Turns out I'm pretty good at it and enjoy it. If she questions your motivation, coyly imply that you're doing it so she'll have more energy for... other activities.
And oranges are sweeter than grapefruits, better for you than grapes, and easier to eat than pomegranates. You' comparing them against the weaknesses of other programs, not 1 to 1. They're not playing any where near as well as MSU, not coached as well as Arky and not recruiting as well as the Barners. So that kind of turns your argument on its head. Not to mention that the East matters way more to them. Florida is obviously back and UT can't compete head to head as an institution. So they missed that window. Georgia isn't going anywhere. Neither is Mizzou, even if they're not doing great this year. And Kentucky, of all places, is surging. So good luck UT. If it helps, we feel your pain.
Now now, let's not logic and evidence interfere with a good narrative!
I like MSU, but dang you guys have shorter memories than Mizzou fans.