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Well, it's certainly better compared to where we COULD be. But, as usual and ongoing, 3rd-tier SEC.
Lane was fired in the NFL, screwed TN, fired by USC, and fired by Saban. He has worse credentials than the last head coach at Arkansas.
HDN was the last strategically successful coach at my alma mater. Of course you pick his brain.
Chad Morris is a joke where organizations instantly improve (Clemson, SMU) by him leaving. He should help out my Razorbacks by resigning.
I woke this morning and Chad Morris was still the Head Coach at Arkansas. Demoralizing.
Chad Morris is an embarrassment, the epitome of how far out program has fallen. He's never beaten a P5 team and the Razorbacks regressed. If he's on the plane back to Fayetteville? We've accepted this as our SEC position: doormat.
The best thing that can happen for my Hogs is for Chad Morris to get DRILLED on national television and further exposed for the fraud he is. Then, we regroup from his ongoing, failed, "leadership."
The best thing that can happen for my Razorbacks is to get DRILLED and Chad Morris doesn't ride the plane "home." Well, he's still based in Texas so he'll just hop Southwest. Crappy coach.
I have no idea what actually occurred but if your Head Coach and, presumed, leader can't look you in the face and shake your hand? He knows something wasn't on the up-and-up.
In no manner are my Razorbacks a consistent ten win team, especially working with Chad Morris, who has never beaten a P5 school.
My Razorbacks are wicked horrid, worse than at any point during our previous six head coaches, and Chad Morris is an embarrassment. Losing at home to our prior starting QB would define irony and -- I hope -- a ticket out of town for Red Bull Wonder Coach.
Chad Morris is grotesquely horrific. This game? This game is just a standard, patented, manage to lose to A&M contest where they -- as always -- tried to give us the victory and we spit the bit. Of course, considering leadership, I'm not certain we ever realized there was an opportunity to win. It's not as if Morris has ever defeated a P5 school, let alone an SEC opponent playing in their home state. If Morris doesn't get relieved ON THE FIELD moments after (losing) our final game this season? It only shows the ongoing eradication of Arkansas as a competent NCAA football program.
Chad Morris -- and whomever hired him at Arkansas -- is an embarrassment. Right or wrong, when places markedly improve upon your exit? As a pattern? "Ugh."
Starkel should "respond" by never being put in such an unprepared place by a Head Coach ever again. Chad Morris is an embarrassment. That he maintains his position today shows that the football program of my university has fallen to less than embers. It's DEAD.
Chad Morris is bad. It is a testament to how far my alma mater has fallen that he remains the Head Coach today. Frank Broyles would have fired him on the field.
CCM is wicked bad. It's an honor to be banned by places like Hogville for having been right about that from jump. Jesus, if CCM is still leading my alma mater by the time this is posted? He's been there too long.
REALITY: when you become aware that someone is the wrong guy, it's never too late to kick them to the curb. Chad Morris is the highest level of Gerry Faust poser at the college level. His Clemson "tie" is having left just before anything worked and his NCAA leadership record is that of losing games at SMU against B-grade competition. I don't blame him for taking the job -- $20 is $20 -- but he's drowning and embarrassing. No SEC wins in two years? Fire him on the field.
Without question, the Foucha hit was: 1. Late. 2. Low. 3. Penalized. There's no way to know intent.
This is -- far and away -- the most rational assessment of our glaring weakness I've seen this year. Kudos.