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@LegHumperU Mullen has only been at UF for three seasons, you're comparing four drafts to three drafts. In reality, during the Mullen era Georgia has only had 3 more players drafted than UF, and interestingly enough, the year with the most UGA players drafted was 2021, the draft immediately after they lost to UF. It doesn't really support the UGA argument re: Kirby Smart much that he can "develop talent" when UGA is unable to win with those players. If anything it supports the theory I see posted here from most Gator fans, that Smart is an excellent recruiter but seems to do less with more.
I agree with you on the Bama game, it was a moral victory to play them as well as we did. But when you consider the promising outlook this season had and you compare it to what happened over the last three games, almost a full month of losses, I feel like you can't help but question the coaching staff and team as a whole. I have serious doubts about a coach who does not prepare for a New Years Six bowl game like it is the playoffs. I get that there is going to be a dropoff in excitement and some lack of enthusiasm within the program, but he is getting paid a lot of money to get these kids ready and what it looks like to me, and perhaps a lot of others, is that he made sure his kids played so he could take a bowl game bonus and then half-assed the preparation knowing he wanted to give his second stringers experience and knowing he would be shorthanded. I can even somewhat excuse the horrible performance against Oklahoma if Mullen was willing to own up to it, but his comments postgame were horrific to me. Sure, overall we know it wasn't as competitive because the Gators were missing a combined 8 starters on offense and defense at least, but let the rest of the world blame the loss on those opt-outs. As a head coach you should carry that loss and not give excuses. Calling our players "practice squad guys" is not a good look either, even if it's true. Every single player should be playing to the Gator standard. LSU played UCF a couple years back with virtually no starters and still beat them. It can be done and if it doesn't happen I don't like seeing the finger pointing. Overall I think he is a good coach, although I don't think he will ever win the big one. But, given all of the above happened in just the last few weeks, I am surprised anyone would want him. That was more or less my point.
I am a Mullen fan, albeit a skeptical one, but honestly after the performance the team put up the last 3 games...who in the NFL would hire him? I know I wouldn't.
It's a punter? The top punter in the country is only a 3-star... This guy is the 7th ranked punter in this recruiting class.
You talk a lot of trash on this site for a fan of a team that hasn't won a bowl game since the 2017 season and just lost to an unranked South Carolina at home. You should save your trash talk until after you play LSU.
@UGADAWG78 I honestly thought the talent disparity would be too big for UF from the get-go, UGA has like 15 5-stars compared to Uf's 0 (not including the ineligible Cox). UF got outcoached in that game, but I gotta say, I still think Mullen generally gets more done with less than Kirby Smart (although Mullen has to start getting better at recruiting). The fact of the matter is that you're getting all worked up about how much better UGA is when even with all those mistakes they still only won by a score and when it's all said and done, UGA will likely end up with about the same record/number of losses. I would be incredibly surprised to see anyone in the east take the SEC championship over LSU or Bama.