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I agree, if WMS can get a serious upgrade, then we can justify keeping games there but until then its easily the worst stadium in the SEC and add to that that we cant host recruits there is really tough
completely agree, War Memorial was much better back in the day, but Razorback Stadium has improved so much and WMS has not anything but sit there and now it just does not make sense to play there anymore
how do I like this comment bc hogcall in right, it does not benefit the program but greedy people in central and south Arkansas want to keep it there.
Doc hurry and get done with Auburn, cause Arkansas has gone into cardiac arrest, and is desperate for some form of life!!!!
As an Arkansas fan, I am totally embarrassed by this performance. The WRs can't get open, the defense can't stop the run and the kicker can't make a 20 yard kick from the middle of the field. If we play like this the rest of the season we will win 2 more games and that's it. For the rest of the season CBB is coaching for his job. For a team that prides themselves in being more physical than their opponents, they just got beat in the trenches by a big 12 team! That's embarrassing CBB!!
Rivals has him as the #8 CB, #11 in state of Texas and #92 in the Nation.
No Chevin Callaway? Rivals has him as the #92 prospect deciding between Arkansas, Ole miss and Texas.
Now that we all see that he wasn't going to be academically eligible can everyone stop criticizing CBB for not offering the kid? Look, I hope the guy has success, but the coaches saw that they couldn't get him so they decided to spend their scholarship on a player that would qualify.
This is great!! We needed to lock this guy in for a couple more years with a raise.
I absolutely love watching this guy, has me laughing with every new installment. Please do this again next year. Also I appreciate him being both a classy winner and today and classy loser... much respect for you Mr Johnson.
Really? The comeback player of the year is Rawleigh Williams III. From having a career threatening neck injury to SEC leading rusher!! Come on now
NO CHANGES!!!!!!! I will personally drive up to Fayetteville and pack Robb Smith's bags for you if you won't!! HE HAS GOT TO GO! BEING HISTORICLY BAD ON DEFENSE EARNS GETTING FIRED!!!!
Like that was the reason we lost... two interceptions and a turnover on downs in the red zone is not winning football, we have to improve our red zone offense, in addition to completely fixing our defense, there were WRs running wide open all day. Credit Mizzouri they played their hearts out on senior day, but Arkansas made mistakes after mistakes in this game.
As an SEC/Arkansas fan, I completely agree.
I'm curious, to all you Florida fans out there, since y'all play both LSU and FSU every year would you rather have Fisher at FSU or at LSU? Just wondering
No it is a problem, but I have heard a lot crap about Arkansas letting this kid slip through their fingers which is just not true. Talent wasn't the reason Arkansas didn't offer him a scholarship, he wasn't offered because the Arkansas coaching staff saw a character problem that they didn't want to become a distraction to the team. All college kids make mistakes to some extent though.
If you are asking why Arkansas didn't recruit this kid, you are looking at the reason. Coach B has a saying that "you recruit your own problems," example.
Since you asked, Arkansas finished third in the West just last year.
I absolutely love our offensive performance! It time for a new DC! Those are my reactions.
I want Dave Aranda, since Coach O lost his job today Dave will be looking for one too. I just wonder if he will accept the offer?
Yep, he lost job when they couldn't get the one yard.
Well our pass protection has allowed the most QB pressures in of the FBS (literally we rank 128 out of 128 FBS teams in allowed QB pressures). He can't be too comfortable back there if opposing defenders are breathing down his throat all the time. If we get our OL fixed he will improve that accuracy.
I say this with much respect for Chad Kelly, but I'm glad Shea Patterson didn't play against Arkansas
So let me get this straight, Washington wants to be a playoff team and play Bama... they play a team that Bama played... and they got beat... by a team that Bama beat by 49... still want Bama?
This is a kid that needs to grow up. It is obvious that he thinks the world revolves around him and what he can do. No one player-no matter how good-is more important than the team as a whole. As someone who has played varsity athletics, you NEVER quit on your teammates/brothers.
Dang, torn ACL... feel bad for him, his pro career just took a big hit with this injury, hope he has a speedy recovery, as for OM, don't burn the redshirt on Shea, the season is over as far as y'all are concerned so save him for next year.
LSU vs Alabama boring... Chris YOU are the one that out of your mind! That was a hard fought defensive struggle that kept people on the edge of their seats the whole game. For people like me who like to watch real football and not all this gimmick stuff that's popular now days, that was the most exciting game of the year so far.