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So let me give you a little different perspective from an UGA fan. You guys have a good team with chance to be a great team. I see alot of battles between our teams for years to come. However, I don't get why Mullen has to trash talk UGA so much. He spends alot of time worrying about us in comparison to Smart who has nothing but good things to say about the Gators when we play. But to each his own. I'm old school and the only thing you say about your opponent is good game. Anyway I see big things for your team in the future. Go Dawgs!
He says he doesn't know who you and you should go root for someone else. Sorry.
Great game. Agree totally on the big plays. Always a dog fight with you guys.
No more soft zones that far out please. My old heart can't take it! Great game Dawgs!
Well of course we do. I think it is fairly obvious we aren't playing championship football. We are too predictable, Jake Fromm is a game manager (and I happen to love the guy as a player), and our coaching staff is too conservative.
I think it does bother Kirby. He frequently comments about "the kids" ignoring the noise but I think it does bother him. He loves those guys and I think his thick skin hasn't grown enough. Of course, we UGA fans can be a fickle bunch.
A loss is still a loss. As others said, win the rest of our games and we will be in. Nothing else matters.
Good post. In complete agreement about the choking part. Obviously I've felt it many times since I'm a fan of UGA and all Atlanta teams. I live in the heart of Gator country and all my Florida buds are like you. Classy fans.
Good ....feel free to carry that chip on your shoulder as long as you like Kirby.
I was referring to SCAR. My point is we we were cruising up until then and there plenty of folks that thought we would cruise to the NC game again. Feel free to look to look at pre-season forums to validate my point.
I was pretty clear on the part where you stated we got some breaks so yea...I read it. We won the game based on being the better team this week. Sorry this is a SDS article so open to anyone discussing it.
You sound exactly like your coach. Boo-hoo. We beat you fair and square. Suck it up and beat us man to man and I will congratulate your win. If you can.
Coley (Smart) definitely earned some cred tonight. Hope it continues.
Basing your opinion on a few UGA trolls and heresay about a board are pretty lame reasons. Most UGA fans understand we are far from elite status. As far as the board well still just a rumor.
He did make the right choice. Maybe Kirby will find a real OC and Justin will come home. I can dream!
Agreed. Hopefully Kirby fixes that before the natives get too restless!
No some of us never thought it was. And may never be. Florida looks like it is close to being back. I think we had our best chance with Chubb and Michel.
Classy response and I don't get the vitriol towards him. He wanted to play and will likely play on Sundays too. I think we mishandled him. I get we need to give the starting QB every chance to win, but he should have played the LSU for at least a quarter. Clearly Fromm wasn't getting it done so why not. I think Kirby is still learning some hard lessons. Hope he has the humility to see that.
No we are just feeling sorry for ourselves, although our coaching staff seems to be stuck in 1st gear at times. I suspect its the same for you guys during BB season for a loss.
Great game by both teams. Gators look like they are back to form.
And written by a Gator fan...totally unbiased, I'm sure.