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Calm down little lady...You are going to give yourself apoplexy.
Fantastic response Kirby Smart...fantastic! I think some of these rubes actually believe that.
I said tops in SEC, not won outright. Look again. You know I can't post it here or my post will sit in moderation. If you guys are cool with it, so be it. I'm not and I will continue to bring it up.
Oh sorry I research before "I" speak. Tops in SEC Fulmer Cup standing twice in last 4 years. I would say that's an issue.
Spot on. I've been worried that he would double down and not change from Coley. Glad he is pulling out the stops and trying new things. For God's sake fix the arrest rate though.
Well I didn't expect to see the hatred and anger that's for sure. I occasionally go to ALdotcom to have a conversation but those days are over I suppose. Yea I've seen plenty of Dawg boards, but don't think it reaches the level of hatred I see over there. The way I see it Cochran wants a change. Kirby is willing to give a friend a shot. Nothing more.
Visit the bama boards. They are whipped up in a frenzy over there. Kinda sad actually. Def in need of some perspective on life.
Yea, you are right. No one in the history of anything built something the way they were taught. Particularly when the person that taught them was so successful at it.
I was surprised at the addition of Mullen. From all accounts UF fans (I live in the heart of gatorville) are pretty happy with Mullen. They would be disappointed in another loss but don't see them talking buyout.
Big kudos to the Gators for the FR and LEO practice!
You are right...My deepest apologies to Uga!
I think you guys should be excited..Good class and you have a good coach. Believe me, I know what its like to buy into the hype for your teams (UGA and the Falcons), but hey that's why we are fans right?
Nice class, but the thing that has me most excited is that Kirby recognized that he needed to do something about the offense. Definitely going to be some growing pains but think we at least stay in the conversation.
No heat on Smart. If anything, he cooled it off from last year. He saw the issues and is attempting to address them.
Agreed. Bennett is a sure bet as they come to transfer. Mathis hard to say. I really, really liked his spring game. I think all of them have de-committed at some point. Not that I blame them. These guys want to play and get their shot. I'm just glad to see Kirby being proactive.
No sorry I misread the article about him. Didn't play past high school.
Yea he is. He was named as PP Director of the Year. He is partially credited for our #1 class a few years ago. Former player too.
Nice article. Kinda hard not to like Trask after reading this. Sounds like a good dude.
From ESPN on Aug 5, 2019 No. 3 Georgia "Do more" is the motto in Athens these days as the Bulldogs are trying to get over the hump from really good to great. Standing in the way, of course, is Alabama. The offense is well-positioned, with quarterback Jake Fromm, running back D'Andre Swift and offensive tackle Andrew Thomas all returning. It's the defense, which must replace cornerback Deandre Baker and linebacker D'Andre Walker, that raises some questions. -- Scarborough
True but at least we can mix it up a bit....hopefully keep everyone a little more honest.