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Its ridiculous leaving out Bama on this list.
Talk is cheap. But UGA found a way to beat a VERY good team today.
Big game this week against Missouri. That's all that matters for the Dawgs.
Couldn't agree more. Both comments are on point.
Yes UGA has some work to do, but don't downplay the fact that Auburn came to play. Their newness with Freeze was evident, but they were ballin! Great game War Eagle!
Good game Gamecocks. My Dawgs are definitely off, but trust Kirby to fix it.
I have no idea why Bobo actually took the job. There's no way he will ever get support from a large portion of the fan base. These comments prove that.
It was garbage and the fact that Meyer approved the content makes me sorry I watched it.
So glad my Buckeye in-laws aren't a bunch of knucklehead whiners. They took the loss as part of the season and congratulated me on my Dawgs win. Not a word about the Legal Hit. Here's to my in-laws. Cheers!
Maybe kicking an athlete off the team for speeding is a bit drastic, BUT we do have a problem and Coach Smart is in the best position to fix it. He needs to find a way to get their attention.
This needs to stop. Kirby and the UGA admin need a swift, harsh and effective response to this string of incidents like this. Past time to send some folks walking.
No doubt but my Dawgs have a few. So here's the issue. I tuned into the Women's Finals for the first time. Was really excited to see LSU in the Finals. They played lights out, but that one particular player ruined it with her antics. Was a real shame the efforts by her team were overshadowed. Anyway congrats on the win.
Good for him. UGA isn't defined by one player....good or bad.
Knucklehead. Lost himself some serious cash most likely.
The walk on stuff is a bit stale, but its the media touting it not him. Dude just answers the questions he is asked. Besides I would be pretty proud of it if it was me. Ainge seems a bit jelly.