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You make a really good point. I'm not there yet, but can see it coming for some.
Who? For the record if anyone cares what fans think, I am firmly in the "Coach know what he is doing" camp. I also gave up criticizing players that leave early when Hershel left. So yea.
Best of luck to GP and all the DGDs. You made our dreams come true, now go make yours come true!
Don't disparage these kids for wanting more playing time. Thank them and trust that Kirby will find a suitable replacement.
I think we can trust that Kirby has a plan.
Been a fan since my Dad first took me to a game in the 60's. Can't describe how happy I am my beloved Dawgs are champions today. Just wish my Dad was here to see it. Bye bye 41!
Thank you for your service. I was at Wichita Falls, Tx training to serve my country. Great game by Bama!
I think most UGA fans would agree your QB and WR are on another level. Our best players were hurt and just getting back to form, but they haven't proven themselves to be at Bama's level.
We are watching our team play for the championship. How is Florida doing tonight?
I wish you would find something else to do with your time. You are an embarrassment to our fanbase.
Nothing personal, Bamalife, but my year would would be complete if JT came in the 2nd half and beat you guys. :)
Smart fans won't write off Bama. Personally, I think they are more dangerous than ever. This is perfectly set up for Saban.
Nope...still not taking in the poison punch. Going to be a war no doubt.
Don't even try to give us that rat poison. Saban will have them ready.
man...stop the game before we lose more players!
Classy comments from Hawg fans. Used to was stationed at LRAFB back in the day so a closet Hawgs fan. Love me some Coach Sam too! Good luck the rest of the year.