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You nailed it. My only complaint is not letting Fields throw a bit more. The LSU game comes to mind. What did he have to lose, IMHO.
Well deserved! Although I hate the numbers 2 and 26 as much as I hate 28 and 3.
Are you REALLY trying to make the case that your loss was better than our win?
Great game Dawgs! Thank you God for not borning me in Florida!
I don't disagree with this. I think his biggest issue is his loyalty to Fromm. Fromm followed him from Alabama and I think Smart tried to reward him to his own detriment. Fields was one and done at UGA if he didn't start. If you go back and listen to his Dad, Justin wasn't staying more than a year if he didn't start at some point. Smart should have put him in the 2nd half of the LSU game. So here we are. The good thing is we will always recruit well so he will have multiple chances. Just sorry that it didn't happen for Chubb and Michel.
Always nice to hear their stories. Seems like a great kid.
Well I think we are talking about 2 different things. I am referring to the player not the coach. He messed up, was penalized and it contributed to his team losing the game. Some folks said he should be kicked off the team immediately. Seems a bit excessive to me. That's all. Mullen is a different story. I much prefer Smart calling out Pickens for his dumb mistake then how Mullen handled it. But then I prefer Smart's methods for everything.
Agreed..it was dumb and cost his team. But too much is being made out of it.
Good luck young man...DGD! It does my heart good to see all the Dawg well wishers!
Naw...I don't post here to much since its generally a fool's errand so you must have me confused with someone else. I don't view any high school kid as a savior of anything. I don't really keep up with other teams so not really worried about the comparison. Maybe he will be like Nix but who knows. I'm generally just a lurker but Nash usually sticks to the facts unlike you and many others so I felt like I had to say something. Just hate to see it, but it is what it is. Right?...
Nash...I have come to expect better from you. You normally stay above the name calling and trolling and stick to the facts. Its a shame that you are mirroring the pettiness of others.
I would go easy on the parade. Our level of competition has dropped considerably the past 2 games. No offense intended to those teams. Just stating facts.
Best of luck to the young man. He's had a couple of tough years. But what I don't understand is why now? Seems like he would be better served sticking out the season and then transferring. Well good luck D'Wan!
That's a nice sentiment, but you know as well as I do that all the things I said have been stated on this site. It just gets old.