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Nice article. Kinda hard not to like Trask after reading this. Sounds like a good dude.
From ESPN on Aug 5, 2019 No. 3 Georgia "Do more" is the motto in Athens these days as the Bulldogs are trying to get over the hump from really good to great. Standing in the way, of course, is Alabama. The offense is well-positioned, with quarterback Jake Fromm, running back D'Andre Swift and offensive tackle Andrew Thomas all returning. It's the defense, which must replace cornerback Deandre Baker and linebacker D'Andre Walker, that raises some questions. -- Scarborough
True but at least we can mix it up a bit....hopefully keep everyone a little more honest.
Whats wrong 78? You don't subscribe to the bryanchip poll? Shame on you! How can you possibly know who's the best?
He is a good player. Very versatile player. You got a good one. It just stings to lose him.
I don't see where you are getting much optimism from UGA fans. Most are acting like their dog died. We will be what we generally are. Average to good.
He's right...Florida Gators are GUARANTEED to win the East! Start the hype machine!
My my...my fellow Dawg fans are sensitive today.
Good deal for them. I'm sure Kirby has some quality folks to already in mind. Sounds like he is shuffling his staff around.
Congrats Gators. Nice to see NFL caliber players play in their Bowl game.
I spent 2 weeks riding my bike around Louisiana. Some of the nicest, most patient folks I ever met in my life. But don't try to out drink em!
Amen. It's a testament to Smart's prowess as a recruiter that he was able to get Justin in the first place. Unless they planned to change the offense wholesale to fit Justin (ain't happening), he was in the wrong place. We've made strides under KS, but we ain't Ohio St....yet.
Uh...no. From his lawyer: "Irrefutable documentation that has nothing to do with racism was presented to the NCAA in support of OSU’s request that Justin Fields be given a waiver," Mars said. "That information wasn’t critical of -- and didn’t reflect poorly on -- the UGA culture, the UGA administration or staff, any particular student, or the student body. And it certainly didn’t reflect poorly on Justin or any member of his family. However, that documentation did provide support for the issuance of a waiver under the NCAA’s rules."
Losing Fields is not the problem. Its a symptom of Kirby's dogmatic view. I think he is a excellent recruiter and good coach. Too many silly mistakes on and off the field. I get the us against the world approach but we all have to learn when to change our approach when things aren't working.
Yes...every single Dawgs fan is in complete lockstep on every single detail concerning the Dawgs.
Congrats Vols. Looks like you guys are making your way back.
Do you really have to say that stupid phrase?