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The Pitt boss will have you guys rolling soon enough. great game!
Nice finish...Gonna be a tough sledding season.
He needs the game reps???? Its a long season.
I usually stay off these boards (waste of time) but gotta tell you this one really stings. About as much as the numbers 28 and 3.
The part that isn't really that hard to grasp is that most UGA fans didn't really care all that much until his lawyer threw our school under the bus. I agree that Pruitt is pulling out all the stops and that's cool, but leave UGA of of it or I will defend it every time. And if you are honest, you would do the same.
I'll speak slower this time Dartha. I could care less if he plays. Let him play but leave UGA out of it.
Could care less if he plays but I think its BS that the environment is suddenly toxic when he gets homesick. Just more spoiled, entitled behavior taught by his money-grubbing parents. Learn how to sit in a chair for goodness sake.
Calm down little lady...You are going to give yourself apoplexy.
Fantastic response Kirby Smart...fantastic! I think some of these rubes actually believe that.
I said tops in SEC, not won outright. Look again. You know I can't post it here or my post will sit in moderation. If you guys are cool with it, so be it. I'm not and I will continue to bring it up.
Oh sorry I research before "I" speak. Tops in SEC Fulmer Cup standing twice in last 4 years. I would say that's an issue.
Spot on. I've been worried that he would double down and not change from Coley. Glad he is pulling out the stops and trying new things. For God's sake fix the arrest rate though.
Well I didn't expect to see the hatred and anger that's for sure. I occasionally go to ALdotcom to have a conversation but those days are over I suppose. Yea I've seen plenty of Dawg boards, but don't think it reaches the level of hatred I see over there. The way I see it Cochran wants a change. Kirby is willing to give a friend a shot. Nothing more.
Visit the bama boards. They are whipped up in a frenzy over there. Kinda sad actually. Def in need of some perspective on life.