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Overall opponent record: LSU 16-8 Notre Dame 16-9 Clemson 13-10 Penn State 13-10 Alabama 12-12 Georgia 11-11 Kentucky 11-12 Ohio St 10-14 Oklahoma 9-14 West Virginia 8-11 UCF 5-14
Remember when Heisman and Fitzgerald were mentioned in the same sentence?
Weird is right, but Kentucky will be back in its rightful place near the bottom soon.
How sad is your program when your fans rush the field to celebrate a win over the #14 team?
Arkansas might want to focus more on the product rather than the packaging.
Neither Kiffin or FAU are SEC, so why does SDS' love affair with hi continue?
Kevin Sumlin is a joke. He was and is an affirmative action hire.
Last time these two skirmished, two Hurricanes were left unconscious.
I want to see a "reverse Woody Hayes", and someone punch that miserable SOB.
SDS' relationship with Kiffin goes WAY past a bromance or man-crush.
Vanderbilt. Where the packaging is more important than the product.
Who knew? Apparently James Comey headed this "investigation."
If he is"likely to miss entire season", would not that, by logic, include the season opener?