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Who's paying his buyout with revenues down this year? Only way a coach is getting fired this year is if it's for misconduct.
Lol, I went to USC and live in Charlotte. Wouldnt call either a concrete jungle compared to other cities I've lived in. Both are great southern cities, a lot to offer but still give you your space. Columbia does have a knack for making people feel at home there. Never went until I was 18 and fell in love, left Ohio and never looked back.
Lol, wow what a liar. You work with the CDC and could get any Joe Schmo off the street in for a tour? The fact that you can spread this BS on the internet is scarier than covid to me.
No idea where you're pulling an 8% from, 4% is CDC data. Please help by not spreading false info. What you have to realize about the CDC's data too is that the overall number of cases is unknown, the actual death rate is estimated to be much lower than 4% since the we only know who has had it if they've been tested. The data could also be skewed because hospitals were incentivized to code deaths as covid related to receive federal funding.
Not trying to argue with you, would genuinely be interested to hear where you're getting the info on people getting covid twice. From what I've heard it was an issue with the rapid tests and they weren't contagious at that point. I think this has been the most frustrating part of all of this, is the uncertainty of information. Like Kevin I've gone through a range of reactions to this, starting with being very careful since my wife has asthma, but now not being as concerned. But we also don't live close to any older family members.
Shaw will forever have the hearts of South Carolina fans, excited to have him on the staff this year. Let's not forget to mention, those 200 yards and 3 TDs against Missouri came in less than a half, he had a stomach virus and was vomiting before the game AKA the Shawshank Redemption game.
Don't take the comments on here as representation of the fan base. I'm always optimistic, as most of my fellow fans are. Take a look at how Willy B rocks even when we're in the middle of a losing season. Cocks fans love their team.
Well done, they've clearly been planning for the return for a while, as they should have. Campus is the best place for these young men right now.
Very happy to have Hayden in the Carolina family, class act and proud of him speaking out so others can learn. Fantastic timing to have a mental health awareness month. I'm an Army vet and one of the things that scares me most during the pandemic is all of our veterans who are stuck at home alone dealing with depression and PTSD. Praying for all of them and anyone else who suffers from mental health.
Jimbo always in the top 10 recruiting, doesnt mean everything.....
Pruitt has done a great job, but I'll be shocked if all these players stay. With the coronavirus, kids haven't been able to have in person visits or even visit campus recently. It will be interesting to see once things open up how many decommitments there are. Not knocking Tennessee, I think a lot of programs will have decommitments.
Logical, smart decision. Gets the students back on campus while still mitigating risk.
I called it, but I call for it every weekend. I'm the unreasonably optimistic fan. But why else watch the games if you dont give your team a shot!?
We need goals to work for, it's not productive to just say "stay inside until further notice".
So it's a good choice to continue to decimate our economy and not allow healthy individuals to live their lives? What about the rise in depression/suicide we're bound to see, or the increased poverty gap? There are no "good" choices here, but the goal must be to get back to normalcy.
Greg can be committed to whatever he wants, USC has to be able and willing to play too.
Exactly, and it won't just be football programs. The smaller sports programs like soccer or even baseball in some schools don't bring in a profit, they rely on football revenue. Some schools, like University of Cincinnati, have already started cutting some of these programs. For the sake of student athletes, I hope that something is done to support their respective programs.
Where did he say it only applies to the Gamecocks? He was just noting it's a difficult scenario.
I don't think Joe should take leadership advice from the guy who said he wouldn't play for the team that drafted him. That will always be Eli's legacy to me.
Like it or not, we have to open things back up prior to a vaccine, that timeline will destroy the global economy. My money is on fast tracking an antibody test and scaling it as quickly as possible, we may have built a significant herd immunity by mid-summer and need to know if we have or not. Let those with the antibodies get back to work.
Came here to say this. Edwards will be a steal for some team due to his injury just before the combine.
Please god let there be a football season, I cant handle an extended talking season.
Michigan is a great example, should be above UF and UGA.
Why isn't Notre Dame on this list? Certainly they were more overrated than UGA. Always ranked pre-season, never show anything for it.
3 weeks ago I would have agreed with you about Muschamp. Given the current world events and pending economic fallout (which will undoubtedly affect universities and the NCAA revenue), I'm inclined to believe a $13 million buyout is too large.
Good point, I was focusing too much on football, revised SC would be Connor Shaw, George Rogers, A'Ja Wilson, Michael Roth (Ray Tanner instead if doing coaches too).