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Are you guys still paying McIlwain and Muschamp?
The only way I'm comfortable with throwing away 19 million is to hire Leach. And why does everyone think he's ready to leave WSU? It's a lot of money and makes me a little sick when I see organizations like FSU toss it away, the money can be much more well spent on student athletes.
I'm probably in the minority but I want Muschamp to stay. What other people fail to think about is who else would we hire? He recruits well and seems to be a good guy and good face for the program (something that is underrated). However, I think the O Coordinator McClendon has to go. He's been given two seasons and nothing has materialized. Our losses can be attributed to our offense stalling, we dink and dunk, and he's had the weapons to do more.
Good god, had to scroll all the way to the Kentucky pick to see a "bold" prediction. These articles are always click bait.
I'm all for punishing fans for acting like idiots and making the university look bad (I'm sure we're not the only SEC school to act stupid so let's not throw too many stones). I didnt miss a game for 4 years in that student section and didnt throw a thing, it's not that hard. With all of that being said, a criminal record is overkill, student or not. If there was malicious intent that's different, but a stupid decision shouldn't derail a 20 year old kid.
Says the guy that still isn't over losing to South Carolina...
Funny how UF fans are quick to forget how mediocre they've been. Had 2 good coaches in Spurrier and Urban, what have they done without them? Might as well be the Notre Dame of the SEC, notoriously overrated because of their "history".
Awesome! So glad you approve, was hanging on pins and needles to hear your response!
Glad the real UGA fans are seeing how obnoxious this guy is.
Dude you just dont get it do you. Everyone is only trolling YOU. Dont you realize how miserable you are?
Fromm would have to be more than a game manager to do that.
I would also like to know what he lied about. Some of you guys really like throwing out strong accusations on the internet about 18 and 19 year old kids.
LOL. We're 5-5 against you guys over the last 10 years you friggin idiot.
He realizes he needs to get out of Athens before it turns into the next Knoxville.
Funny remembering you dawgs yipping about all your great recruiting....stars don't mean anything unless you can develop them.
Can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but I don't think there's anything wrong with what he said. I'm sure it wasn't his decision to bring it up, the press asked him.
As someone who was in the military, can you remove the USMC from your name? Not really showing any qualities with the way you're acting...show some pride and dignity....
You're definitely taking the cake for worst fan on this site. Can't wait for another UGA loss to watch you eat more crow you baby.
Has anyone even seen the 'damage'. Can we honestly believe they were 'destoryed'. Be honest with yourself, if it truly was that bad there would be photos posted all over social media.
Who you calling boy? You're the one that acts like a boy on these message boards talking trash hiding behind your keyboard weeping over a bush that will grow back.
This is hilarious, every team has at least one troll on this site (including SC) but UGA takes the cake. Hope they enjoy eating crow.
Same, would have been happy to have him at SC, he's a class act (unlike Mullen). Unfortunately we live in the era of the 'Saban Effect'. If you don't go undefeated and win a championship every year you're a failure as a coach. Cracks me up listening to UGA fans thinking they're the next Bama, they have a great program dont get me wrong but when was their last natty?
To be honest, I'm a little disappointed we won't get to see Justin Fields take down UGA in the CFP now. Who knows though, maybe OSU will choke one away too and the bowl gods will be kind and throw these two teams together so we can have the Georgia fans see what they could have had.
I live in the season, not the past. Ivy league teams used to be pretty good....
If it's any consolation, no one is making these videos for highlights against Vandy.
I would say every true Georgia fan believes in their team. You sound like a spoiled brat. Forever to thee!