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Couldn't agree more. Miami honestly has a better brand, say what you will about recent play.
I could see that. I thought about WVU to ACC initially as well, but didn't the ACC reject them when the Big East folded for academic standards lol?
It would make more sense, but I doubt the Pac12 allows them to do that.
Those were the first 2 I thought of as well. I'd imagine Big12 picks and chooses maybe a couple, but they're sitting at 12 once all the moves happen I think, can't imagine them taking more than 4. Feel like the ACC has to make a move, SEC and Big10 schedules make Clempson's even more laughable now.
I don't think Rattler will be terrible, I don't understand where that storyline is coming from (I'm not pointing this directly at you, a lot of people have said it). His numbers before getting benched were still good, and he was benched for a top QB, not being benched and crossing your fingers the guy behind him could play.
I've heard that they would tier the teams and no team would have all 3 from "tier 1"
Ha, fair point Afan. I probably shouldn't have used the word rival either, as I wouldn't consider UK and Carolina a rivalry, but they fit together with the ACC rivals at end of year and you can't split up the cocktail party.
No offense Tiger, but the Carolina fan base has little to no interest in playing Mizz every year
My guess if it goes 1 permanent rival: Bama/Auburn Florida/Georgia Ole Miss/Miss St Tennessee/Vandy LSU/Texas A&M Missouri/Arkansas Texas/Oklahoma Carolina/Kentucky
He was, I think he's just referencing you were the finalists with us, and he's from Jax.
Honestly not trying to troll here, I don't follow the Gator program closely and am genuinely curious - Carolina received a verbal from a top LB prospect out of Jax today, whose other finalist was UF. Seems on the Gator 247 boards they're losing their minds on Napiers ability to recruit, is it really NIL or is something else up, or is it all just overblown?
Considering UGA didn't get an official visit and his finalists seem to be us, Stanford, OSU, and bama, I'm not too worried about Kirby here.
Even losing Enagbare I think run d improves. We have some young talent that needed to develop and our LB group was thin last year, should have more depth. Not saying we're stuffing everyone, but I'd expect the YPC to drop.
All you doubters probably didn't think we'd hit the 3.5 over last year, well I hit that too!
I'm already locked in on the 5.5 over, go cocks!
Hottest game I ever went to was against UGA in early September 2008. Agreed GatorPhil, will be brutal for both teams.
Lol, you guys are morons using word play on a bad website message board. Go ahead and schlob on each others' knobs Just because Georgia can't develop a QB...
We'll see how much Dabo and Jimbo are alike. Both shot to the too with generational QBs, but look slightly above average without them.
Fair point, but Holtz and Spurrier were also in the twilight of their careers with us and running out of gas in a fast changing landscape.
Wow Bill, very insightful. So if Beamer beating teams by the skin of his teeth doesn't impress you, what about Muschamp losing to those teams does impress you?
I would think Carolina's would be fairly straight forward with UGA, UF, and toss up between UK and UT. But then the issue is UGA doesn't play AU and UT wouldn't play Bama. Something will have to give no matter the outcome. But the current model is a bit dumb with the 1 permanent crossover. Why is ours A&M? And why did they force a 'rivalry' with us and Mizz because we both play in Columbias? Let's at least get something that makes a bit of sense.
You're an idiot. Why shouldn't he have that kind of confidence? There are plenty of former 3 stars in the NFL, to include 2 stars: JJ Watt, Josh Allen edge rusher (QB was almost a 2 star), Mahomes was a 3 star, Dak Prescott was a 3 star...I'm sure there's plenty more I don't know about.
I'm excited about this one. Any O Lineman that Pittman and Arkansas are after I'll be high on.
He wants to play baseball as well. Not sure how Stanford came into the picture other than that he's nationally recruited. My bet would be against Stanford to stay somewhere closer to home.