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Funny coming from a fan base that ran out Richt and is losing patience with Smart...
Lol, you seem to be triggered Ozark. Glad you got a good feel for Rocker by 'meeting him at a camp'. Idk what it says about him that he left in the middle of the night and didn't show up to a meeting the next morning...
What's funny is all these retread coaches running to a team that got beat by the team they're running from...
Best of luck, I'm sure these guys will all be looking for a job in a couple years after they got 0-6 against bama and UGA and the fans start calling for heads again...just dont try to come back to Carolina, that bridge is burned.
Yeah, to be expected. But I haven't seen him commit to Auburn yet. Let's let the Shaw brothers work on him and Beamer give it his best shot, I wont give up on it. Choo Choo
Hope he enjoys it and is happy with the decision. On a separate note, it always surprises me how quickly some players make decisions once in the transfer portal. How did he land on Purdue? I believe he's from TN originally.
Did not realize that. If that's the case that's their decision, but makes the loyalty speak a little less believable...
I thought the same, wouldve been a different story if he didnt just sign a new 2 year deal.
Good matchup, looking forward to it. Hopefully 2025 is enough time for Coach Beamer to get us back in national television shape.
Will be interested to hear more about this hire. Just goes to show we got double whammied with Muschamp and then Bobo. Bobo never had any interest in sticking around and I'm sure he'll try to poach Gunner. Fortunately it's Auburn so I'm not concerned.
Agreed, idk why people think 5 stars are going to start dropping in after Muschamp left us in a dumpster fire. Give it time, depth and quality character are probably what Beamer is chasing right now.
Shaw was a 3 star, so was Harris. I can't completely discount the star rankings, but there is no doubt that some players gain a star because a school like Alabama becomes interested. It's not a science.
Because our starter Kevin Harris averaged 6.2 yards a carry this year. Beginning of season it was expected Harris and Fenwick would split time, but Harris was so dominant. I think Fenwick saw himself losing more carries with Marshawn Lloyd coming back healthy for next year as well.
Agreed. CBs only hurt because we're thin there, but Beamer bringing in some from JuCo to fill in.
This is honestly a good and fair analysis. I think the heartburn with a lot of Carolina fans, including myself, is that while he didnt blow the doors off last year he did play well enough as a true freshman with little help that it gave us hope for what he could develop into. The lack of being able to see if he was actually given the chance to develop, which he could have been given at practice, is what raises the questions on what happened. It's more of a feeling of "did we miss something" than a feeling of "he's the guy".
6. Hilinski, Tyquan Johnson, Makius Scott (Georgia Tech), Jammie Robinson, John Dixon (Penn St), Shilo Sanders (Jackson State)
Are you seriously mocking a moment that promoted suicide awareness and was a tribute to a young man who took his own life?
This one hurts, great kid and great family. Don't understand why he was never given a shot, we all saw enough of him last year to know he was better than Hill....makes me nervous for keeping Bobo on, too hard headed.
To clarify, I dont mean Hilinski did something off the field, I think there was a soured relationship with Bobo.
I would pay good money to know what happened with Hilinski. We saw enough of him as a freshman to know he should've gotten a chance this season with the dumpster fire that was our passing game. Everyone knows something had to have happened off the field, but it hasn't been leaked yet.
Ding ding ding. That's what sunk Muschamp, his coordinators. The ones at SC were always good dudes, but also were always his friends and never produced.
Remember when Mullen set an example by running to the middle of the field just before half time a few weeks ago? Maybe, just maybe, his attitude rubs off on his players...
Good to hear this. Personally I'm a fan of the hire, and I'm hoping he can get us back to some great games against UGA, they were always top of my list to attend each year in the past.