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Our DL will be fine, easily our deepest position group. Biggest question is absolutely the development of Ryan Hilinksi and Bobo getting the offense more explosive. You could also argue the biggest question is the development of our RB group and Lloyd coming in and producing on day 1 after we lost 3 RBs.
Wow, I'm surprised I'm the first one posting here. Figured it would be AFan or one of the UGA guys jumping at the chance to bash Muschamp.
Why is everyone so surprised? All media makes outrageous hot takes to get viewers or clicks, wether it's Cowherd or a sports blog.
Is anyone 'ready' for the UT job? I wouldn't be, knowing the fans will throw a privelaged, woke hissy fit...
The young man is obviously still having trouble in his life, hoping he can get himself back on track for a life off the field.
Still blown away with the unearned swag you guys suddenly have. Hail Georgia State!
He managed the game and kept the ball out of Fromm's hands...well I guess Mukuamu kept it out of Fromm's hands too lol
I don't think it sucks for him, I think they let him make the decision. They allowed him to continue to play QB, and publicly supported that. I honestly believe that if he still wanted to play QB they would let him (not saying he would see the field much).
Wow, surprised to hear this but glad he's sharing his story. I wonder if Hilinksi's Hope had anything to do with him going public. As sad as these situations are it's great the Carolina family is speaking out, raising the possibility of preventing someone else from hurting themselves.
We have Luke Dotty in the pipeline, he's dual threat. Joyner needs to be on the field with the ball in his hands, this is the best way for him to do that now. I applaud Joyner, seems like a first class guy. Didn't complain and has done everything he can to help the team. Really pulling for him to have a big year.
Article hit on something with the NFL changing kickoffs to reflect what the XFL was doing. If the owners of the NFL were intelligent and not greedy, they would subsidize the XFL to make sure they can continue to test new rules and gauge fan reaction going down the road. They won't though. I watched half a game this weekend and enjoyed myself. The 1, 2, and 3 pt PATs were a great wrinkle.
Lol, that contract makes our's with Muschamp look great!
I'm very interested to see how this plays out for LSU. Alabama goes through this every year, losing talent to the NFL, but they manage to maintain continuity for winning. I'm curious to see how LSU does and if there is a drop off, or if they can continue where they left off. Before LSU fans jump on me, I rooted hard for you guys last year and will do the same again this year (minus our trip to the real Death Valley).
Lol, good call, was wondering what was up with my browser.
You got beat by the chick fil a team last year!
Love the hubris, cant hate on it, the smack talk is yours for the next year you guys won the natty. That being said it will be very interesting to see how it goes next season without the prodigal son Burrow.
Thanks for the reply, you'll note I emphasized they have BAD out of conference losses, not sure who you thought I meant. They may have a better overall record but their best quality win is at Indiana. SC has a better conference record, that should mean something, especially since Arkansas hasn't played Auburn yet (SC does still have to play LSU).
I get it, Carolina is not in the top tier here, but they have to be ahead of Arkansas. Sure, we have a couple BAD out of conference losses, but we beat Arkansas head to head and have a better conference record than them, and quality wins against UK and at UVA (even if they're on a down year from last year).
This is good reasoning, would be one thing if he flipped on his own, but he did say he was waiting to sign with his teammates.
I'd be interested to know the portion that goes to the SEC office/admin. I'm sure that figure doesn't get divided up between the 14 schools until that sum is taken out. Also that's revenue, what was the actual profit? That's what will be divided to the universities. Would be interesting to see the operating costs, marketing costs, etc that the SEC may do.
Glad to see we're being reasonable here. Stupid prank they should be punished for, but let's not ruin their lives. I would be curious to look back and see if it's the same UGA commenters that lost their minds when SC took home some bush branches after our win...
Bama has a streak of 12 against both Arkansas and Miss St, when you start looking at it, it makes you realize how impressive the UF/UK record is. Will be interesting to see if a team can do it again, my bet is yes, but obviously not in the next decade!
While his comment does seem misplaced here, there is a lot of clickbait on SDS.
Great question, you inspired me to do a little research. Believe it or not Carolina and Bama have the longest active streak against Vandy at 11, with LSU next at 8 followed by UF at 6. Credit to winsipedia for the data.
13 wins against Tennessee, plus another 14 equals 27....still not 31. Think you were looking for 19 to break the record, right? I know it's talking season, but let's give a little more effort.
Maybe I'm forever optimistic, but give Muschamp more credit on the recruiting trail (not game management). We have two 5 stars on the D line right now and three 4 star QBs on the roster, when is the last time that happened? Add in the highest rated RB since Lattimore. Now he still needs to develop the kids, but you cant knock his recruiting, especially pulling these kids in off a 4-8 season.