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I'm going to make an assumption that basketball recruiting took the same hit as football recruiting with covid. With many states canceling or shortening seasons, not much tape for anyone to look at and no in person meetings to get a feel for a kid. That's a big reason a lot of schools hit the transfer portals hard this year (known commodities at the collegiate level). I know football scholarships given to incoming HSers dropped significantly this year.
Wow, my biggest takeaway from this article is that Kirby is leaning on Muschamp to help out. Watch out UGA fans, Muschamp has another SEC East program in his sights!
Hard to say on scheme so far, but from interviews with some players there have been a handful of veiled comments about culture and accountability. I believe this is where Beamer is pushing to make a swift and powerful impact.
100 yards against UF and I the games you listed we got blown out so hard to get the ball to run, but keep cherry picking your stats like a CNN article. UGA plays a similar schedule in the East and yet Zamir White rushed for 779 yards averaging 5.4 yards a carry. Harris averaged 6.2 yards a carry and totaled 1138. Say what you want about the strength of schedule (still one of the toughest in the country), the kid has talent.
Off bad defenses? Are you forgetting we played a 10 game all SEC slate last year? Come on now, dont get all hyped up because a RB not at UGA is getting some love...
Welcome home, let's build the class up how Beamer wants it.
Slow down there fella. I'm always high on our teams and expect more out of mens BB. But please tell me, who could we get better, especially after we pay another $6MM in buyout? You pitching in on that?
We shouldnt in my opinion. We havent gotten the results we wanted on the court, but Martin is a class act and I dont think we find anyone better (unless it's Dawn Staley lol)
Richt is a class act, I wanted Carolina to sign him over Muschamp at the time.
You've obviously never been to a game in Columbia. Great atmosphere and welcoming fans, no matter the record that year. Makes me wonder if you've been to any SEC games as I think what I've said about Columbia is true of the other conference venues I've visited, always worth the admission.
Cocks are playing well offensively and defensively. Good to see us getting our swagger back on the diamond after we lost it initially under Kingston, hopefully this is our year where we begin to return to Super Regionals and Omaha on a regular basis like a decade ago.
Fun games to watch this weekend, the young men had some real intensity to them, good to see.
Frank Martin is popular in Columbia, good guy and took us to the Final Four. I'll admit I'm frustrated with the performance since then, but I have to wonder who we could get to replace him, we're not exactly a destination for basketball coaches (men's at least, Dawn Staley will get her statue next to Aja one day).
Agreed, really fun to watch. Good point on the yards he gained as well, Cocks were unbelievably bad at stretching the field. Hard to believe no one was really able to slow Harris down without having to worry about a deep threat.
I highly doubt that he would transfer. Most schools use 2 backs, so I'm looking forward to a 1-2 punch.
Agreed, unfortunately I dont know of any other competitors that bring SEC content. If you know of a site please share, because the clickbait is annoying. I get that it's a slow time, but come on.
I didn't get that at all from his comment, don't let yourself get triggered too easily now.
No one blaming it on the RB, just challenging the claim made above that Tank is the best in the nation. If you're going to make an assertion like that, I think it's fair to expect some disagreement.
Let me clarify my last statement, Tank is a very good player, and I wish he would've picked SC in the end as we were a finalist.
Why was there an opportunity for 3 INTs if Tank is such a hoss?
Lol, perfect description. I have good friends who are Bama fans, but what you described are what give the fanbase a bad wrap sometimes.
Kid is on fire, whole team is playing is playing well.
Get's trolled? Ok, by who? Might as well be the same people that post on this site...good headline though?
Carolina also has Zaquandre White, only 16 carries last year but battled injuries early in camp. Decent recruit coming out of junior college, will be interested to see how/if he factors in with Harris and Lloyd at the top of the depth chart.
Director of Football Relations, I believe he has some leeway into on site recruiting now due to it.
It's the details that are embarassing. Eagles win the super bowl with Foles, a statue of Foles is now in Philly. Let's acknowledge even if Foles was the starter following that season, quite premature to put up a statue. Drafting Hurts in the 2nd round when we needed weapons, similar to the Love in GB situation. Eating an NFL record amount of dead cap money next year because we gave Wentz a massive contract extension. Reports are that Wentz never requested a trade. Not saying he handled everything appropriately, but why fire Pederson just to trade Wentz? Now they've lost their HC, their potential franchise QB, and Deuce Staley because he got passed over again.
My family is from Philly, so am a devout Eagles fan. Hard to say, but I'm giving up on them for the time being, they're a complete dumpster fire and it's embarassing how they handled the Wentz situation. I think Jalen is an outstanding young man by all accounts and I wish him the best, unfortunately it appears the cards are stacked against him in Philly.