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Anyone who has followed the Gamecocks over recent years can attest to Beamer's observation on the culture. It definitely is evident watching the sidelines and attitude of not quitting on the field this year. I like what I see from this aspect, so I'm willing to be patient, but not too patient...
Not saying we would have won, but this play got the blowout going. No clue what they were thinking.
I'm interested to see how many Clemson "fans" are around after this year. I live in Charlotte and the bandwagons came tearing through a few years back, I have a feeling they may leave as fast as they came in.
Lol, this is what your fan base is resorting to? Trolling a rebuilding Carolina team on an SEC site that you don't even play for another month and a half?
Right there with you. Last year was the first, and hopefully last, time I would turn games off.
No knock on UGA intended, just want our guys to get the recognition for what it's worth.
Call it garbage time if you want, but UGAs 1s were still in when Doty threw that TD.
Too many people forget these players are basically kids, and these players pour their hearts into the game, they dont want to lose either.
Someone deserves some credit here. Under Muschamp the injury list was always much, much longer.
100% agreed. Everyone I know is ready to be patient, it's the media and message board trolls stirring things up.
You guys on a word count or something? “Man, he’s a dynamic pass rusher,” Lindsey said. “Explosive, big-time player. (Will) play in the NFL for a long time. … Just a really disruptive player and plays extremely hard.” Lindsey said Enagbare will play in the NFL for a long time. Enagbare leads the Gamecocks with 2.5 sacks and a fumble recovery. “Just a really disruptive player and plays extremely hard,” Lindsey said.
This is a completely accurate take. I remember during our 5 win streak against them he was the worst. Just came off like a punk loser.
Idk who that is, but pretty bold to come poking around for smack talk after the showing from your team against GA State
Dont toot your horn too much, Harris has not got going against anyone this year.
You just contradicted yourself. Kentucky played better, even with more turnovers? You were trying to give us the game.
Couldn't agree more, coaching lost us that game, and anyone who says otherwise wasnt watching.
Really great to see Vann playing well, and it does appear he's really enjoying himself which is awesome. Hoping him and Doty get a good connection going, which seems to be trending in the right direction after 1 game Doty didnt practice much for.
Doty played almost the entire game against UGA, but rather than comment on that you throw out a nothingburger comment on Zeb....great journalism, SDS strikes again!
One of the best comments I've seen in awhile. Idk why so many trolls come on here a dump on other teams hoping their team rolls every week to an undefeated season. I want to see super competitive game every week, and true fans of college football should want that too.
First time HC, going to have some bumps but I'm ok with it as long as he learns. Also makes it easier to swallow that it happened in a game that wasnt decided by 5 points.
Yes, it's clear Farner has not actually watched us play.
It's small comments like this that make me feel comfortable with the direction of the program regardless of our final win total this year. Culture has definitely changed since last year, good to see.
It's a bush! It grows back! You guys going to get revenge for those divots in the grass too?
Bug off, UK fans are approaching my dislike level with vol fans. You guys haven't won anything yet...
Boxster, get over yourself. Vandalized is quite the exaggeration you snowflake.