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The 'rankings' articles on this site are a joke. There have already been similar articles on RBs multiple times this year, they're trying to fill space. The defense argument is dumb, does the author not recall how atrocious our defense was last year when Harris broke 1k yards? Get it together.
Also, what is the benefit of having 16 teams? We barely get to play some teams as it is. What excitement would a Texas v Vandy matchup every 10 years bring....
I have to question, is the author an SEC alum or even have any ties to the SEC besides this site? Because it sure doesn't seem like it. Complete no brainers that the majority of fans dont want this, geographically it doesnt make sense and no one wants Texas. If another conference wants them, let them have them. You really think that would make them competitive against the SEC? The Pac12 is no threat, especially with their kickoff times, and the ACC is weak at the bottom, this just might even them out. Big10 is the only possible conference to pick them up and gain on the SEC, but fat chance Ohio State let's it happen.
Good article on these two, but what's up with Harsin? New territory/region for him?
Interesting article, I'd be interested to see it open up to all sports. From my understanding, SEC track and equestrian teams are quite dominant. Would be cool to see the whole picture of the SEC and each respective school.
Mullen trending up and Kirby trending down is one of the dumber takes I've seen on this site, and that's saying something.
At what point will the NCAA realize they cant control everything though. Do they do this for the flu? If people want the vaccine they can get it, let's stop canceling sports for the people who dont want it, that's their risk to take.
Exactly, what ever happened to the argument "my body my choice"? Seems that's only the case when it fits your argument.
While you picked the right game for Carolina, how do you not mention the Bobo storyline? Not only coached last year, but bailed after a new contract.
I'll just take super regional trips at this point. Disappointing end to a mediocre season. Offense was so streaky it was hard to watch sometimes.
Lol, my first thought as well. UGA gets to play GA Tech every year too....we play Clemson
vandy is only worth it because of Nashville. I'm trying to make it to College Station this year, Athens is a blast.
What do you mean again? I've been traveling and eating out this whole time. You're welcome for doing my part to help people keep their jobs.
That's the point, they're trying to upgrade their facilities to be on par with other conference schools. If you've ever been to a game there it's an awful experience, I can only imagine what the locker rooms looked like.
Oh, and just because you think UT is better than SC right now (debatable in my opinion as both are down and out), doesnt mean UT is top tier. I'll say you're better than Vandy but that doesnt make you mid tier either (recent results favor you, dont forget you're .500 against them the last decade)
Yeah I dont think this will propel Vandy to the top, but happy to see them spending the money. Their facilities even as a visiting fan are sub par. Hopefully more additions come like this and vandy can be more competitive both in and out of conference going forward.
These tiers are wack, no way UT is mid tier lol. And besides beating SC every year, what has A&M done since Manziel to be considered upper tier?
Agreed, the biggest screw up was saying California over Carolina. The story he told isnt a big deal in my opinion, that speech is well known and from my understanding Caslen didnt "claim" it as his own, rather he didnt credit the originator. Bottom line in my opinion is what a few have eluded to on here. He was a devisive hire from the start, but mostly for political reasons and a power struggle most likely involving Darla Moore. To say students were protesting his hire is a bit of a stretch, it was less than 100 soft kids concerned about his support of "imperialism" from his time in the military and they took a common sense comment he made out of context, about correlating binge drinking with sexual assault. Someone has been gunning for him from the start, whether you think he was a good hire or not I dont think thats disputable.
Lol, I find it telling that the UGA fans are all over the message board on this one...
Agreed, but happy to have this young man!
Lol, this is the time of the year where these writers are grasping at straws. I'll hold my vote until after the first week or two of the season.
Call me crazy, but I'm actually less concerned about our defense this year. Granted our DBs are not tested or highly recruited, but I trust this coaching staff to figure it out more than I did the last one. My biggest concern is receivers. Harris isnt going to surprise anyone this year, and we have been dying for explosive plays. Putting points on the board takes a lot of pressure off the defense too...