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Not a Texas fan whatsoever. Half my family went to A&M. But this won't be a repeat of the Big 12 so long as the membership doesn't let Texas big-foot their way to what they want at the expense of others. Equal TV revenue, no LHN equivalent, etc. Can't see "Texas being Texas" happening in the SEC. Aggies have a legitimate gripe in that they lose a recruiting edge being the only Texas school in the SEC. Anyone that thinks they didn't benefit from that hasn't been watching. It will be interesting to see if the Texas alumni will have the patience to let Sark re-build the program. He will benefit from a few more years playing in the Big 12 while he tries to get his recruits in.
Recruiting advantage. A lot of Texas kids want to play in the SEC and Texas can’t offer that…..unless they join the SEC. I acknowledge there is more to it, but that is one big reason
Ask Nebraska, Colorado, A&M, Missouri, and Arkansas why they left the Big 12 (or in Arkansas' case, the SWC. Texas will expect to run the show and think they did the SEC a favor by joining. They'll probably expect the SEC to let them keep the Longhorn Network through its expiration. Bring in OU and OK State if expansion is in the cards. Not Texas. Their track record precedes them.
Exactly. Better yet, ask those who left. Nebraska, Colorado, A&M, Missouri, and, if you want to go way back, Arkansas (SWC). Texas will want outsized influence. Check that, Texas will expect outsized influence and think they did the SEC a favor.
Great season for the Aggies. Do they deserve the nod over OSU? Hard to say. Conventional wisdom says that OSU has better talent, but I can't get past the fact that their sample size is three less games than A&M. Less chance for injuries. Less chance of an off day. OSU had their moments this season where they weren't looking so strong.
Agreed, but I'd love to see the reaction of the UT alumni base if Urban did take a UCLA job over Texas. I live in Texas would find it hilarious. As an aside, if a University is really looking for a new coach, they should cut bait on the current one, for a number of reasons. If Texas was really pursuing Urban, they could not have put themselves in a worse position (i.e. demonstrated non-confidence in the head coach which translates into doubts among current players, and a hit to recruiting). If it is just alumni inspired rumor-mongering, the school should shut it down. It looks to me like, in the case of Texas, it was more than just alumni. I'm not a Texas fan, so I'm watching rather amused.