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I'll take Tennessee +14, Arkansas +18, A&M +7, South Carolina -12, Alabama -23, Mississippi State +3, and Missouri +18
I'm taking A&M next week because Jimbo is Florida's Daddy
The thing is that this is Leach's most talented roster ever and MSU has dropped 40+ on Arkansas in 4 of the last 5 matchups on run first teams
I'm thinking Leach will do that due to the fact that the roster is still constructed for a running offense. Kylin Hill is either the best or second best RB in the SEC
Washington played them every year and knew what to do, they also had MUCH superior athletes to Wazzu. MSU just beat the 3rd most talented team in the SEC in terms of recruiting rankings and only Alabama and UGA remain as the hardest opponents. A&M is overrated and IDK about Auburn
I love these uniforms especially at night. IMO 2nd best in the SEC behind Florida(Alabama is dead last)
State has dropped 40+ on Arkansas in 4 of the last 5 matchups. That was with Mullen and Moorehead. Good luck stopping Leach lmao
The other side of this is that Costello did this in his first game. No previous SEC experience and he shredded LSUs elite(though inexperienced) secondary in terms of talent. That's pretty impressive
Lmfao LSU has tons of 4-5 star players across the board they are still good even though they lack chemistry and experience
But MSU has the ability to become that because of their location and history of talented defenses
The only thing Smart has at UGA is some recruiting rankings and 1 SEC title
Kirby Smart has had top 5 recruiting classes for 5 years and doesnt even have a national title to show for it IT WAS JUST SOME RECRUITING RANKINGS!!!
UGA 24 Auburn 20 Alabama 37 Texas A&M 10 Florida 40 South Carolina 17 Tennessee 27 Missouri 17 Kentucky 30 Ole Miss 28 LSU 41 Vanderbilt 20 Mississippi State 45 Arkansas 24
Ok, realistic to me is up to 8 wins this year. Losses to Alabama and either UGA or Auburn. 9-1 is a possibility but extremely unlikely because I doubt they'll fool Kevin Steele and Kirby Smart but it could happen. Saban is too good of a game planner to let MSU throw all over them I say it's like the 2014 and 2017 games Alabama wins a close one 20-17
I think Arkansas has a better chance of beating UT than Missouri has of beating MSU
No one is crowing State as national champions
Nothing like Saturday Down South to take away our freedom of speech
Also how do Memphis, Washington, Kansas State, and BYU have better odds than Tennessee?
What the hell is this??? MSU has worse odds than 2 Pac 12 teams and Michigan?. That's laughable.
And A&M has ZERO SEC titles this century either so by that logic A&M shouldnt be on here
Doesnt matter we're talking this year.
If MSU is 4-0 going into the Alabama game beating 2 ranked teams should they then be considered a contender? Or is A&M bad too?