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Dwight Mcglothern is a beast... been knowing this since he had two interceptions in the army all american game in high school. He definitely looked the part of an NFL corner today. And he is behind eli and Stingley... man DBU is loaded.
Tiger Nation loves what they are seeing out of tuscalose. Just look at em would ya!?@
I used to duck hunt under the bridge in Clarendon... brushy lake... man I miss those days... If you are reading this and hunt there... let's be friends! I can bring all the hotdamm and cigarettes you can handle.
I wonder who the starter will be for our game Dec 4 in Atlanta!?
Way to go young man! Get yourself that Landrover courtesy of little nicky! I bet it drives nice! Nothing nicer than free amiright?
Trust me ole pawl has a lot to worry about... he needs to start winning or he gone! Maybe he needs to sit down with will wade and learn how to recruit?
I dont understand everyone's jealousy with Will Wade... Don't be mad yall can't afford 5 stars... Geaux tigahs!
Their* before you grammar nazis come out in full force
Can you blame the man? Who in there right mind would want to move to tuscalose?
I'd smash but dammm... you about to be making millions and an NFL qb, just think about dating with those stats...
Who dat and who dey! My two favorite NFL teams... geuax tigahs!
Sport betting and pot smoking will be legal everywhere in the USA in less than 10 years... change my mind!
After we win the playoffs this year all this gets sweeped under the rug... geaux tigahs!
Yeah I bet we see a lot of different qbs this year in tuscalose... gonna be a long year for the tide.
You know LSU is going to be hard to compete with after all those strong azz offers!
Yall do realize we are going to skullfugg yall in tuscalose, right?
Peeeewwwwww you want to talk about an elite defense next year look no further than that DSting-ELI corner combo, Bugg Strong, Mike Jones Jr, and Masson Smith anchored LSU Tiger Defense! PS Can't wait to see who we slaughter in the playoffs... GEAUX TIGAHS!
UCLA below Bama? Arkansas below Bama? This sheet wack.
Peetz gonna take little nickys lunch money and make him like it next year
The big Nasty, Scotty Thurman... Beck and Daniels. Those baws aint losing to anyone on this list... especially 95-96 Kentucky.
Pawl Bawl is trash. Get him out. We need a new coach quick, fast, and in a hurry. This program went from winning half the nattys in the 90s... the most dominant SEC dynasty ever... to what it is now.
Scotty Thurman had an older brother who was way better than him at basketball... damshame
Could you imagine taking mac Jones with the 3rd overall pick? We are laughing!
Kid ever gets an offer from LSU and he will commit on the spot.
Arkansas should've had a higher grade than bama... they had the better season... 8 is better than 16, simple math really.
UCLA coach should be fired for not fouling on the last play of regulation.
Congratulations on the season bama. No shame in being the 2nd best team in the SEC tournament. Now let's all get behind the pigs to beat the bears!
Bama has never been to a final four? Man, that is pathetic.