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Brands over markets? Not buying that bubba. Look, take NYC for example. There are more eyes in just that one city than all of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky combined... and thats just one city. Sure they may not watch as much football per capita as the states mentioned above, but... nm I don't need to explain myself, either you get it or you dont.
Yall paid scam Newton to win yall a ship so you should be use to it
"The worst-case scenario at the end of this timeline is a single, breakaway super conference with the Worldwide Leader at the center of its orbit that functions more like a semi-pro league than anything resembling a traditional conference, relegating the rest of the country to permanent second-class status." "and you don’t have to squint too hard to see the SEC positioning itself as the imperial power that brings it into being." Look, I'm worried the SEC may be signing its own death warrant with this move. One doesn't have to "squint" too hard to see how the Big 10 becomes the hegemon. Its simple really, they merge with the pac 12 and its a wrap, they become the national conference and the little ol sec becomes just a regional brand. Really think about it for a second... the Big 10 already has New York and Chicago, plus countless other midwest super tv market areas... if they get LA... ballgame, the true national conference. Heck, they already made more $ than the SEC this year! Be careful mr sankey... be very careful.
The top tier teams are leaving right now for the CFL... see Texas and Oklahoma. Ohio state, Michigan, clemson and fsu to follow... SEC=CFL. Just ask Sankey
I'll bet you that hundred dollars and raise you to your max... Cat talking about Arkansas like they aren't a top 25 all time great program... If this is truly all about the money then Arkansas has nothing to fear... they've made more money than Clemson, southern cal, etc etc the past 10 years and by a considerable margin. I honestly wonder what makes you think they are in any trouble of getting voted out by anyone... sky must be falling? Kid must not have even been born during the run dmc years or the nuttin but fun era
I actually laughed out loud at this Bonghorns Gold Pure gold
When is the news going to break on Clemson and Ohio State joining?
@radgator Mizzou played for 2 SEC championships in the past 10 years... yall have played for 3... not exactly a huge difference wouldn't you say?
Impossible for people to grasp? The only thing that is impossible is to predict what is going to happen with conference realignment. The commissioners, the presidents, the lawyers, the judges... one cannot predict what they will do... but I will give you the outcome I think is most likely and show you why your grant of rights doesn't keep the acc safe. Oklahoma and Texas announced today that they will not renew their "grant of rights" with the big 12 after 2025... what do you think happens next? I will tell you, they are going to challenge that... They are going to want to play in the SEC ASAP. My gut says the Big 12 will settle out of court for pennies on the dollar, but if they don't and it comes down to a judges decision on whether or not the grant of rights deal is enforceable... the ACC better pray he or she says it is because if not, and the precedent gets set, all other grant of right deals become obsolete.
Spoiler alert... they will vote 14 for 14... maybe a 13 to 0 vote with tamu abstaining
Can someone please show me the memo where we were told the SEC is done expanding? Its obvious to me we are not done, and the future of college football is destined to be a two league/conference system much like the AFC and NFC... There are not enough quality programs to make 4 super conferences... im not even sure there is enough to make 2 super conferences... or at least another that could rival this conglomerate that is forming called the SEC... soon the SEC championship will outweigh the national title.
My sources closest to the situation say Texas to the west, Oklahoma to the east. Red river perma cross division rival.
Imperialmajesty jealousy of LSU is hilarious. That shoe still haunting your nightmares eh? I get it, LSU was down and that was yalls best chance to beat us anytime soon. LSU has won MORE national championships this century than Texas and Oklahoma combined! Excuse me, that was off topic. LSU HAS WON MORE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS THIS CENTURY THAN GEORGIA AND FLORIDA COMBINED! Numbers dont lie bub. LSU is a program above Georgia and Florida. We have more ships this century than Ohio state and clemson 2 while we are at it! Heck we are second only to Bama as the premier program in the land. And thats only because they landed the coach our program made.... we have a tendency to make national championship coaches on the bayou... see saban, coach o, les miles, jimbo fisher etc. And do really want to compare national championships in baseball? Yeah, any sane person would say LSU has a better baseball history, and program than Florida. How bad is Myles Brennan gonna wax that gator azz in death valley this year? Peeeewwwwwwww that game is gonna be fun! Geaux tigahs!
I'm sure bama is loving this 2... They get to go to the lEast and play real knock down drag outs vs vandy Tennessee usc etc Us they get to avoid playing LSU... yep they love it
I'm terrified of the thought of not getting to play bama and florida every year... heck even all barn for that matter. Now would the peanut gallery please tell me why I would want to trade ou and Texas for bama and florida?... Its all about the money they say! How much money we gotta give to keep scrub arss bama and the shoe tossers on the schedule? I'm not getting a dime of these tv contracts... yep I'm sure of it... keep my rivalries in tact
Me thinks this is all a ploy by bama and florida big wigs to avoid having to play coach Oeaux every year. Yall know we are going to whip that azz in recruiting and every time they see us! P iss on a pod system unless our pod has bama and Florida in it... Do the right thing Woodward and veto this mess
If Texas and ou want to come get kick slapped around by my bayou bengals by all means please do! What was it 60 something to 20?! Pssht the more mizzous the merrier I say
How he is handling this qb controversy is under my microscope. We all know its Myles Brennan, but if you can make UCLA think its Max all off-season... is he a genius? How many national championships do you think Oeaux will win at LSU? Geaux Tigahs!
Its a legit response... Why would you want to change when you get to play scrubs like Vandy, Mizzou, and Florida every year?
Why would you girls want divisions eliminated? I can understand why the west would want it, but the east?
So easily everyone forgets Coach Oeauxs words... “We gonna beat their as in recruiting!” “We’re gonna beat their as every time they see us! You understand that!? Roll Tide, what? F*** you!” Coach Oeaux is a man of his word. You are foolish if you think TAMU has a better shot at beating saban than the bayou bengals. We return both of our quarterbacks... one of whom will win the Heisman. Heck we return basically everybody. Several of them are already national champions. The real question is who is going to beat LSU?
HAVE NO FEAR, DADDY IS HERE! Your favorite cappers favorite capper is back to tell you how to bank on these Heisman odds and really its simple... you bet on the best player on the best team.. and its obvious this year that is Myles Brennan. I got him at +5000 earlier in the year, but that same book no longer has him listed as an option... that will change. Vegas aint got the football knowledge like the ffg. Look, Brennan was the 3rd favorite to win it in vegas this time last year, and he came out on and started the season with Heisman like numbers. If he wouldn't have been injured... you feel me? Plus LSU is going to win the west easy easy this year considering how down everyone is on our schedule. Look for the tigers to go undefeated and Brennan to won the Heisman... WRITE THAT DOWN! Better yet, bet on it.