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We probably win this game because Florida is always poo vs us and O keeps his job... oh what a nightmare this season has been.
Look, its inevitable. Why are we procrastinating? Do the right thing Woodward and fire him after we lose to Florida. It should have happened after that bluegrass debacle. I want Joe. I'll take Dave.
Feel sorry for you bubba... you know he gone! Now that your beloved curse will be lifted what will you have to bring joy to your life?
Congratulations TAMU you get an extremely overrated bama team! Good job!
Welp, it was a good run coach white boots...
Georgia is overrated. They barely beat a pooh Clemson team. That +18 is free money in a game the pigs win outright. WPS!
Buddy, I've been betting since before you were a sparkle in your daddys eye... Money has been flowing on Arkansas moneyline as well as ats... if money talks, Arkansas walks
I'm going to assume you are new to the betting world... The line opened at 5.5. 74% of the money has gone towards Ark ATS. That explains the line movement from 5.5 to 5 and the moneyline dropping from plus 190 to plus 160. I expect it to keep dropping because of people of put their money where their mouths are
My thoughts, if you are writing about upset bets you should be taking the moneyline... if you are betting the handicap its no longer an upset pick.
Wow Arkansas has the toughest schedule every year, and next year may be its toughest one yet. I can easily see BYU and Cincy being ranked in the preseason top 10.
Since the renovation in Fayetteville the atmospheres in the rock and razorback stadium are not the same. 75000 vs 50000 is a big difference. That said I was at both miracles on markham... good atmosphere. They should renovate the rock and play more games there?
Arkansas has a tougher schedule, with fewer home games, every year compared with that weak east schedule... good try though puppy.
I'd like to apologize for having my doubts on whether or not coach o is the man for the job... LSU -3 is candy from a baby... we leads the nation in sacks... you aint throwing on us... We win this game by 3+ scores! Geaux tigahs!
The Razorbacks have their biggest matchup yet next week when No. 7 Texas A&M (3-0) comes to town. The southwest classic is in Dallas every year... how do yall not know that? Baffling
Money so easy!!! This bana team extremely overrated.
I would have to post multiple tickets bud... I've been limited on every book you can name.
Guess I'm going to have to switch from my offshore accounts to these guys... man I cant believe its finally legal. I've been a "criminal" for many moons. Such bs it was illegal in the first place.
Bookies everywhere are licking their lips for this game... I mean look at all these sheep calling for 45 to 14 blowouts... do yall realize what has to happen for that to occur? Literally every bounce would have to go bamas way. Vegas oddsmakers never cease to amaze me, they sure knew what they were doing opening that line at 14. Here's a tip from the ffg... take Florida and the points.
Off topic, I came here to talk about how the gators will beat saban because saban historically struggles vs qbs like Richardson
Dogs better be worried about hogs in a couple weeks...
How about Barry Odom as our next head coach? Or Chip Kelly? All this talk about going after jimbo... im not a fan of it... jimbo overrated.