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You baws seen that tinder piece coach O shacked up with? My gawd if only i should be so lucky. Some curse... geaux tigers!
Its cute watching the east pretend to be good this year.
First and foremost I want to apologize to coach O and Mykes Brennan for ever doubting we would not defend our crown. Its obvious now that we are clicking we will another natty and Heisman. So ready for our annual rolling of the gators to get all eyes back on us. LSU 45 FLA 24
Far more talented? Hilarious. I wouldnt use the word talented to describe these kittens. It will be many many moons before LSU is good again. Bring back Les!
We let Dave walk for Bo? Someone please explain. And why didn't we throw some money at Joe Brady? We will go ahead and call a mulligan on this season. Chase and Shelvin knew what they were doing. There will be dark days ahead. Oh lawd tiger higher ups yall better get it figured out before manning arrives.
I want some of what he is smoking! This year is over for LSU... time to pull a chase and sit this one out LSU fans. Vandy 28 LSU 21
Vanderbilt is going to mop the floor with these scrubs. More than likely we will not win a game this year. Time to fire coach Oeaux
LSU has no business being on this list. We are terrible. Worst team we have had maybe ever. 2 and 8. Championship... contender... lsu... don't make me laugh.
LSU at 20? We have no business being ranked. We are hot garbage. That is all.
This is all by design so Stingley wins the Heisman. 9 and 1 Back 2 Back
Hey Zeus Christ let the kids play... he is a child for crying out loud
Every one of those players mentioned is being replaced by a player with more stars by their name in the recruiting services. Chase was a 4 star and is being replaced by the number 1 wr in his class Marshall. Justin J was a 2 star, and is being replaced by 5 star Boutte, Palmer, and Gilbert. Brennan graded higher than Burreaux out of high school. Curry has been given the 18 unlike CEH. Speaking of 18s, Damone wears it on D this year, in what is his final year as a tiger bc we all know he is going pro and will be one of the first inside lbs taken. He is one of those program changing type players Tim. Sure we lost some staff members, but everybody who is anybody knows we upgraded there as well. Geaux Tigahs
STOP IT! Usc can't beat LSU ten out of ten times. Beaux P and the D lights out. When do we get some love as the premiere program in the country? This preseason number 6 is laughable. Face it gumps Oeaux is king.
Da bear apu ika has the quickest first step I have seen since putt dorsey... pair him with Logan on the inside! Peeee you! LSU still has the best d line in the country even after losing Shelvin. BJ Ojulari is a human highlight reel on one end and Travez Moore was only a top 5 player in the country on the other side... that is if he can beat out Anthony, Ali Gayle, and a host of others... D Line is deepest its ever been at lsu.
Yes this hurts, but everybody who is anybody knows that games are won by the d line. LSU is absolutely loaded up front. Shelvin and Apu Ika... can we say championships? BJ Ojulari is NFL ready as we speak... household name after week 1. How many sacks is the question? As for wr? How about the highest rated 5 star wr in Chases class T Marshall? 5 star Palmer? 5 star Boutte? Arik is basically a 5 star wr at TE. Racy is Brennans favorite target. We will be fine tiger faithful... more than fine... champions.
LSU not only going to the playoffs... they winning it... best team in the country.
Tisk tisk just like last year not near enough tigers on this list. Tootles nerds
Our position that there is a gap between the 2 is correct. Numbers don't lie. National Championships this century? LSU 3 UGA 0
Look here Chicken Little your sky may be falling, but mine ain't scared of no china bug. We should all quit hiding and rub some dirt on it.
A guy from the portal is next years answer. No way we throw young garret walker or manning to the wolves.
Yeah if Brennan goes down we may be in trouble. And if he stays healthy we repeat waxing Clemson again. He will leave after winning the Heisman and probably go first. Thanks O
O told T Bob and em earlier this week that the offense will not skip a beat. Steve has even added a few new wrinkles to the playbook. He raved about the incoming freshmen. On offense he singled out Boutte and Moore to do big things. Don't know how they get snaps over McMath, Marshall, and Chase, but we will see! He also said the Harvard transfer will start at Center and is an absolute stud. That allows Hines to move over to RG where he STARTED at as a true freshman. Dec returns at RT. Ed Ingram, arguably our best lineman is at LG, and Dare at LT. On defense he said Beauxs aggressive mindset is taking hold quick,fast, and in a hurry. He said the freshman Roy is an NFL ready DT, and that the 337 pound Guillory is ready to play as well. Peeewww that defensive line is deep on the inside. Think about this you got Shelvin bearing down on, then in comes Apu Ika, need a break? Nope here comes Logan and Farrell. Definitely the best d line we have had in a long, long time. Maybe the deepest d line the SEC has seen in many moons. You want to talk about kickers!?! How about Avery Atkins that led the nation in touch back percentage as a true freshman? You don't ever get a chance to return it with this cat. Then there is Cade York and Von you know all the returning starters from lasts years championship squad. I don't even think its a bold prediction to say undefeated national Champs.