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This kid is a stud from Haynesville... like the 17 time state champ Haynesville... way bigger loss than some realize... thankfully we are stacked on the D line and can absorb the hit. Go make millions somewhere else kid.
Pigs wanna run just like zaga. I do believe pigs have the better athletes for this type of game. The 9 points is stealing if you ask me in a game Arkansas could dominate. Remember bama beat this team for crying out loud. Look for Audiese and Jaylin to out athlete chet and timme... expect frustration. JD 30 points. Woo pig.
Wait until the dust settles... I wouldn't be surprised to see an SEC national champion.
"Fantasyidiot, there is no difference between what the people with Ruggs did, and someone that attempts to talk someone from a ledge that is going to jump. If you are successful, some people would say you took a chance because you were untrained in suicide and crisis intervention. If you are unsuccessful you are blamed for possibly pushing them over the edge because you were untrained in suicide and crisis intervention. So, what do you do, just stand there and watch someone jump? If you have moral courage and leadership, you step up and do what is necessary." Hey tidefan how do you know those close to ruggs didn't try to stop him? Heck the girl in the car with him may have even tried to switch seats with him after the fact... you or saban don't have any idea what they did and are wrong for assuming so... grow up child!
And you have resorted to name calling... thats how I know I've won the argument and you know you are in the wrong here. Can't believe senior citizens still act like grade schoolers
I'm the idiot? Your the one calling someone else an idiot on a message board bubba
How you come to the conclusion that LTNT or myself would let our friends play Russian roulette is baffling. That assumption maybe as wrong as nick sabans assumption that those close to ruggs that night acted cowardly.
Don't sleep on Brennan! It's never been his play thats in question its his durability. When he is on the field he is lights out. Even the Mizzou game we lost he still killed it... wasn't his fault we lost, but the ds. Brennan is a dual threat qb. He doesn't have very limited mobility. That statement is just wrong. The problem with Brennan is he tends to be too mobile at times and too physical when running with the ball. He needs to stay in the pocket more and when he does tuck it he needs to slide more. Watch any of his film and youll see what I mean. Kid is a warrior no doubt but come on man slide a little! Or even better stay in the pocket more and sling it, heck you have a better deep ball than Joe Burrow for crying out loud! Peeewww just thinking about this year 1 coach Kelly offense has me so excited. This wr core maybe the best we have ever had. Serious question tiger fans, is Boutte or Chase the better wr? Ok. Next question who was better as a freshman or sophomore? Plus, Malik Nabers would be several SEC teams go to star wr and he barely saw the field over BTJ, Bech, Jaray and several others. And this Lacy kid coming in already has draft grades... you can't cover them all! Think about that backfield for a second... 5 star Cain 5 star John Emory or last year's starter Mr Ohio c kiner? Peeewwwww we got options in the stable! Now the big question mark is the o line. Who will get the nod week 1? I'll make my guess below but I guarantee whoever we roll out will be significantly better than last year. Thank goodness all those starters are gone lol. I'd imagine the two all american transfer tackles are coming into the program expecting to start but I'm not so sure they will be starting at tackle. To me the 5 best lineman are dellinger, wire, bradford, shorts, frazier. I expect the number 1 transfer tackle in the country the freshman all American Miles Frazier to start at the all important left tackle spot. They will probably keep Shorts who played LT at ETSU on the left side but play him at LG bc his size is more of a guard in the league so it will probably boost his draft profile to get experience there. Center is the big question to me. Marlon Martinez was the back up last year and he's back, but he isn't one of the best 5 lineman if you ask me. He is the popular off-season pick to be the center but I see someone else maybe a Dellinger(our best lineman) sliding in there. The RG will probably be Bradford if he can hold off Emory Jones and the RT will probably be Cam Wire unless Will Campbell takes it from him. Trust me this unit got way better and way more talented this off-season. LT Frazier 6 6 321 LG Shorts 6 4 326 C Dellinger 6 5 303 RG Bradford 6 5 365 RT Wire 6 6 307 First man off the bench Will Campbell Heck are 6th man now is a 5 star for crying out loud! GEAUX TIGERS! Geaux Myles win the Heisman!
I've been telling yall for years Brennan is capable of winning the Heisman. This kid was in a qb competition with Joe Burrow. He had the better arm than Joe and the competition was a close one. Think about that for a second would ya... really think about it. He was on pace to break Burrows records the year after but an injury derailed that and then another off field injury ruined the next year. Is the 3rd time the charm? It very well could be. If the transfer o lineman play like the all Americans the were then look out!
Kudos to you sir for not being a sheeple and thinking for yourself. I commend you for not just agreeing with something or someone because they hold a position of power or won you a bunch of football games. You showed tremendous leadership qualities here today.
Tidefan, mountaindog, and others bad mouthing me here need to read this
""What I am saying is Nick Saban is a jack arse for using that tragedy as an example to drive his point home. If you dont see the problem with it, I feel bad for your inner circle.:""
"What I am saying is Nick Saban is a jack arse for using that tragedy as an example to drive his point home. If you dont see the problem with it, I feel bad for your inner circle."
What I am saying is Nick Saban is a jack arse for using that tragedy as an example to drive his point home. If you dont see the problem with it, I feel bad for your inner circle.
I'm not saying a good friend couldn't have stopped this tragedy people... or that society doesn't need a paradigm shift that creates more leaders. What I am saying is Nick Saban is a jack arse for using that tragedy as an example to drive his point home. If you dont see the problem with it, I feel bad for your inner circle.
The older saban gets the more entertaining his comments become... these last few years are gonna be gold... pure gold.
How silly of me to put the blame on the 155 mph reckless driver. I shouldn't be upset at all that Mr Saban would suggest the blame lies with those around him that night. I mean you know he was there that night and watched what those individuals did or didn't do? His statement was full of class, and I'm the problem with society. I apologize board.
Yes, the event could have been avoided if someone would have stood up and took his keys... now explain to me how this isn't a deflection from the fact he did it... however you cut this saban shouldn't have said it
And what is he right about? His point is that his former player made a bad choice because there are no leaders in the Raiders organization... or am I missing his point? because it comes off as that to me, and makes he think less of saban than I already did
You're an idiot* It was a tragedy yes. But to blame it on a lack of leadership is a cop out and weak one at that. He did it. His choice. Not his team captains. I cant believe I even have to explain it... to nick saban of all people. The supposed goat coach. Smdh
I for one will not be surprised when Burrow has a longer career with more rings... goat
We need to trade him now because he is a runningback in the NFL... if you know anything about that position is that they are a dime a dozen. I've been screaming trade him before this incident because he is overpriced and overvalued. We need to get max value draft capital from him... unfortunately now that is bo longer an option
Yall gonna lose bc pigs are just better than yall... heck mus bus may be the best coach in the SEC.
Just when saints fans think it can't get any worse... we shoulda traded him when we had the chance