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Yawn... Didnt LSU beat TAMU 70-7? Let's say LSU is only half as good this year... that's still 35-14.
Recently divorced... getting it right for the ladies.
A one hit wonder!?! LSU has won 3 national championships this century. Only 1 program has more, of which we could claim one of theirs (2011) as we did win the SEC and go undefeated that year... they would claim it in our shoes. Define one hit wonder
I love it when people from Alabama try and talk LSU football. First of all, there is no QB controversy, the Brennan era has begun. Continue to sleep on the kid and be prepared to eat crow. Yes Chase is the best wr in the nation, but LSU has the best wrs in the nation. We could lose Chase to an injury and be fine. Palmer, the former 5 star wr, is the fastest player on the field, runs track for LSU... and Stingley ran a 4.3. Racy McMath has been Brennans favorite target, and I expect him to have a breakout year with the chemistry he and Myles share. Terrace Marshall Jr broke Dwayne Bowes LSU single season touchdown record of 12 last year with 13 scores. Word on the street is the 5 star incoming freshman Boutte is going to be a superstar that is as fast as Palmer with great hands that may play in the slot. Coach O promised Stingley that he would get snaps on offense a la Charles Woodson at Michigan... peeewwwww! JaCoby Stevens will get the number 18... that alone should speak volumes, and get him in this top 5. Pelini will play him around the line of scrimmage as a hybrid lb/db. I expect him to go 1st round next year. I've read several preseason defensive previews from the national "experts", and haven't seen Todd Harris name mentioned yet. He was the starter at free safety last week 1 before he went down with an injury. I hear he is ready to go and should resume that roll. Yes Elias Rick's was the number 1 ranked corner coming out of high school like Stingley(the one and only DBU), but he will have to beat out Flott for the job as Cordale played significant snaps last season on his way to being crowned a national champion. The defensive line is being rebuilt? Logan, Farrell, Shelvin are all returning starters... hardly a rebuild. The switch to a 4-3 is great for this team as we are stacked up front. I remember when Pelini was our dc and we were defensive line u. Only 1 returning starter on o line eh? You mentioned Deculus at RT... Rosenthal at LT played the majority of snaps in 5 games last year, started in 3. Ed started 12 games as a true freshman at guard, and rotated every other series this year. Chasen Hines started at guard as a freshman, but will probably start at center next year so the dog Kardell Thomas can play the other guard. This unit didnt rebuild, it reloaded at worst.
A betting trend would be 70 percent of the money is on team A and 55 percent of the total bets for example. What you have listed above are trends to know for betting, not betting trends.
This cat is bringing up 03! Lol we love it. Coach Oeaux WAS Pete Carroll's assistant in 03 at USC. And I believe you are a bit confused about the difference between a passing game coordinator and offensive coordinator... here's a hint buddy Ensminger called the plays. Peeeeewwwww wee I'm some sort of excited to see that 4 3 or really 4 2 5 at dbu! Great hire... upgrade! Poor little bo nix gonna throw pix six and sttdb!
Brennan didn't even make the list... but Chase is number 1? Explain the logic on that one. Even if Brennan is only half as good as Burrow that's still over 30 tds. Dont be surprised when Myles wins SEC player of the year and all these gumps eat crow.
Here are some fun facts for you gator... 6 active coaches in the game have won national championships... 3 have won at LSU. Championships this millennium? 19 total, of which LSU has won 3 of them (4 unclaimed). We don't rebuild, we reload. Chance of rain in death valley? NEVER! STTDB!
Come on down and be a part of the best defensive line in football... win a championship. Peeeeewww how scared are you gumps? Remember remember the 7th of November!
I hate to break it to you girls, but Myles above the rest on this list. Brennan was in the same cycle as Fromm, Tua, and Mond yet it was Myles who won all the national awards! Kid broke all of Archie's career and single season passing records. He threw for 3,982 yards, 48 touchdowns and just three interceptions his senior year. He had 15,027 passing yards, 1,141 rushing yards and 188 total scores in his high school career. Now is where you nega Nancy's yap about how it was high school and what has he done in college? Let me tell you... he competed with the Joe Burrow for the starting job! And narrowly lost out I might add. In the day and age where the qb transfers it's a testament to this kids character that he didn't abandon ship for pt elsewhere. But he didnt and now he has been given the keys to the lambo... watch out world... we comin, and we ain't backin down.
Lost their best player Isiah Joe to a season ending injury... they only gave 6 guys any real minutes during that 12 and 1 stretch. Point is that team mizzou beat isn't the same team that went 12 and 1. Pigs have gotten worse... much worse since the LSU game.
Let's talk about real win streaks... LSU 16 Tennessee 6 Florida 4 #STTDB!
It is the year 2020. Bama still wears unis from 1920... and they are hideous. Hands down the worst in the conference.
By the numbers LSU signed a better class than the 2016 class... you know the class that won the national championship!?! How is this a loss again? Because we didnt sign Burch? Better believe that dust hasn't settled and those checks haven't cleared yet.
Shelvin and Ika on the field at the same time! They have enough athleticism to make the switch... how scary. Logan at one end, Burch or Farrell at the other... peeeeewwwww.
Word is Brooks is moving from an edge rusher back to a safety... freakish athlete. I assume Beaux P will run a 4 2 5 and Brooks becomes a rover. I expect our defense to be better this year. Love the dc hire... upgrade.
Peeeeewwwww look at that schedule! Tic tac toe 15 and 0eaux! LSU back2back ladies!
Does LSU have the best basketball team in the country as well?
SEC needs to bring in Oklahoma or Texas west of the Mississippi, and either UNC FSU VT UVA or Clemson east of the river. This Memphis jibber jabber is ludacris, and I'm not buying the horned frogs either. Here you geaux big shots... send the check to the TAF. West Texas Texas am Oklahoma Arkansas LSU Ole Miss Miss St Mizzou East Auburn Bama Florida UGA USC UK TENN Vandy
South Carolina is tied for 1st? Wrong. South Carolina not only has by far the toughest schedule in the east... they have by far the toughest schedule in the nation... at LSU at Clemson at Florida vs Georgia yeezus. The only schedule even remotely close to as hard as this one is Arkansas's. Change my mind.
LSU defense just upgraded. We are much better running a 4 2 5 than a 3 4. Pelini is a better DC than Aranda. Here comes the pressure... watch out SEC! Sack lunch... yum yum!! Jacoby will play up and wear jersey 18. Burch will commit on signing day and start on the end. I predict a top 5 D in all the major categories. How was the west won in 2020? When we signed Beaux! Geaux tigers! Back2Back!
LSU chasing number 5! Tootles ladies