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When Treylon Burks is not even on the second team, that tells me this list is pure BS.
Pretty cool that 13 out of 14 teams made a bowl game. Doubt that has ever been done before.
Yeah Yankeepig, I can't see Georgia not being motivated for this game and a probable rematch with Bama. I too expect the Dawgs to be ready to prove something here. Be rooting for the Dawgs and Bama both---SEC baby!!!!!
Key word there was EXTREMELY beat up. A healthy Arkansas team handles Auburn at home with ease. And as per usual, the pitiful SEC officiating ALWAYS favors Auburn.
And justifiably so NashvilleGator. I always said Petrino should be an offensive coordinator in the NFL. No recruiting or interactions with fans. But able to do what he did best. The stories of his "behavior" at Arkansas were numerous and mostly substantiated. Let's just say he didn't make a lot of friends.
"Genius Jeff" Long was the biggest problem on the hill. I was much happier to see that narcissistic clown fired than any of the coaches. And one of his assistants helped further fuel the dumpster fire with "Left Lane Hammer Down" Morris. Petrino gave a heartfelt speech and apologized to the Arkansas fans at the LR Touchdown Club (and for FREE according to David Bazzel). I sincerely hope Bobby has turned his life around. He is a heck of a coach, but was a zero as a human being. Always figured he fit best as a OC in the NFL.
Pittman leaving was one of the main reasons for the Bielema implosion as Sam was one of the best recruiters on staff. Morris could recruit but couldn't coach his way out of a paper sack. Sam will do just fine as he is one hell of a recruiter and a coach, plus the kids LOVE the guy. Hogs are back.
I just want to beat Missouri now. SICK of losing to those guys.
Yes sir. The better team won today but our kids played their guts out. That's all you can ask for.
And you are BLIND. And qualified to be an SEC official.
I sure am glad the whole country is getting to see the total bullsh*t GARBAGE that is SEC officiating. Two blown pass interference calls, a totally wrong grounding call, and then had to overturn the SECOND touchdown that was CLEARLY in the end zone by a yard. Hey SEC---Bama doesn't NEED your zebras help.
If Arkansas had run the same two point play at the end of the Ole Miss game that it ran against Mississippi State, Lane would have one more loss.
To me, that would be the only reason for him to go to Miami. Him going to LSU is much more scary with his coaching and recruiting abilities.
Yeah I'm sure the conversation was interesting between Pittman and Briles on the two point play against MSU. Something like "Kendal, here's what we are running"