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I know they do lots of good for many student athletes but I swear the NCAA has lost its grip on what they control. I've lost faith in their governance years ago. I've no issues with setting up a soccer style relegation structure with champions league to replace the NCAA. Just sayin'.
Time for a med check again big guy. You need a higher dose or a re-evaluation.
The NCAA will soon be a thing of the past. After college kids get paid, so will high school kids, and so will middle school kids, yada yada yada. As if 40k in scholarship money is not enough to start with.
We'll be reduced to numbers as our mascots and then the mathmeticians ars gonna complain. This will never end.
I love Aggieland. I've been in the student section once, lower level, and it was awesome. Classy folks there to. Gig 'em!
The NCAA hit Kansas hoops with violations based on findings from a FBI investgation, fyi. They have issues as well.
I feel for schools these days. I really do. But I have zero faith in the NCAA at all. Zero. I hope schools do not crumble from this mess we're in.
I am going to go to Georgia State to earn a MBA there. If they accept higher life forms such as yourself there, the program must be good! I actually know how you got in... you sent them a transcript of all your SDS comments. Genious!!!
The LSU buzzsaw will continue. Nobody is stopping them this year. Good luck Tigers.
These catch rules need to change. A guy can take three lateral steps with a football with the ball clearly in his hands, not make a "football move" and have that pass called incomplete. A guy can catch a ball, get spun around in the air, not make a "football move," land a hand in bounds, fall to the ground and it is a catch. Makes no sense. Stupid rules.
Stay safe Burreaux and co. One more game to play aftet this. (And thank you for outting a hurt on Boomer Sooner nation)
College hoops is wide open this year and I love it. No team is safe from a loss and the standings change constantly. It'll male for better conference tournaments and also a better March. I love where college hoops is right now.
I am 40 minutes south of Boca and hear crickets about FAU football and Kiffin.
Congrats Tigers. It has been a pleasure seeing you whoop up on everyone this season. I hope you take it all. Burreaux for president in 2020!!!!
I love the Jekyll Island comment. I stayed there last year for a weekend event. There was no property destroyed when I was there. Regardless, go Gators!
Cool graphics and is creepy for sure. I am not sure how I'd take if if I was a recruit and unaware of the tradition though.
Cowturd is a tool. Great game to watch right now.
What do you expect bringing in Snoop Dogg, hymns and prayers? If you dob't want controversy, bring in Barry Manilow.
I honestly believe Game Day would be better off without him. I never really saw a fit for him there in the first place. Ponder, on the other hand, should have been kept on!
Leave the SC kid alone... can't you tell he feels smart after taking Tailgating 101 in Cola???
As a Nutmegger (CT native) and a Husky fan, as bad as this graphic is, I have to think we take the cake ripping off NC State's logo for a student section logo created by an undergrad. Just saying. The truth is real.
After the torching you guys just gave him I doubt he'll ever tweet again. Man!
So sad to see this happen, even if it was unintentional, to a foundation founded for a great cause. They should drop a 5k donation in for good measure. I wish nothing but the best for the Hillinski family and the cause this supports. Shape up The State, plain and simple.
Anything to put this horrible video ad in the bottom right corner of my screen. Agree. Go Gators!