Two sport college letterman, Monday morning QB.

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Most every fan that wants to drink easily smuggles liquor into the stadiums. The rich folk are allowed to purchase liquor by the drink and beer in the comfort of their million dollar suites but that's fine and dandy with the SEC. Allowing beer sales would not be anymore tragic than in MLB or the NBA and they make a ton of money on it. I say give it a trial period and see what happens. Beer before guns by all means..
That old buzzard needs to go on and retire and take his cheap shot, chop blocking, piece of crap team with him.
I hear this is an attempt to implement a high performance training program into the off season to help avoid so many injuries.
Mizzou will certainly be the cellar dweller in the east.. I think that Kentucky may be the team to watch out for. Tennessee looks good winning the east title.
Drake Jackson and Landon Thomas are both High School All Americans.
The Kentucky center name is Drake Jackson not Johnson. The top recruit is Army AA Kash Daniel the Kentucky Gatorade player of the year. Please get the facts right!
No QB issues in Lex. Barker is dinged up a may not play anyway. Unless Towles gets hurt don't expect a reopening at that position.