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Yeah, Missouri scares me but nobody scares me more than Georgia. You can't honestly say that Mizzou scares you more than UGA.
Meyer runs the spread, has all of his career. The spread does not work in the NFL. See chip kelly.
Clickbait article. It’s been well documented how much he loathed FSU while at Florida. Stories like he was so paranoid about FSU that he thought their fans were trying to poison him. He’s also been trying to get back into Gators fans good graces, doing Gator chomps after OSU games as well as things he’s said on air. There’s NO WAY he goes to FSU after all that. If anything it’s USC.
Well it doesn't matter who you quote on these boards since no matter the outcome they won't be back on these boards following a L.
I mean, I'm sorry it happened but if Franks doesn't come out, we lose the Kentucky game.
Uh yeah, after they hung 56 on Miss State, everyone was on Bo Nix's jock, hell even HBC was giving him game balls.
I would agree with UGA, we've struggled to run the ball regardless of the opponent. Hell, even Towson gave us issues running the ball. I would say, however that LSU is getting way more hype than fair seeing how as though, outside of Texas, they've played mostly FCS and terrible power 5 schools. If UF had that schedule it would be UF who'd be the hyped up offense.