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I don't know about SDS, but I've mainly seen the hype from ESPN and everyone that's on the go to HBCUs train
The only thing I know about this situation are the allegations of racism. The question I have is whether those claims have been proven true. If they haven't, last time I checked, we have always operated under innocent until proven guilty and not guilty until proven innocent. If they have, then Urban Meyer will have to tread lightly for a while and maybe even get results earlier.
If I remember correctly, he also wanted FSU to upgrade the facilities to better attract players in head to head battles against rivals.
To be fair, better than graduating with like tens of thousands of dollars in debt like the rest.
I say go to 6 teams to determine the 3rd and 4th spot. Have the #3 team go against the #6 and the #4 team against the #5. Of the winners, the higher seeded team goes against the #2 team and the lower seeded team goes against the #1 team. Even then, I somewhat have an issue with the fact that the #1 and #2 team will basically play 1 less game.
Kinda good to see 2 different type of wins. Last week the offense wasn't good, so defense stepped up. Today, defense wasn't sharp, so the offense stepped up.
And maybe the defense has improved enough to be able to at least contain Alabama in a 2nd game to keep it competitive and maybe even continues to improve in the last few games.
Length of the stroke has nothing to do with soccer player vs kicker. It depends on the power you want behind your kick and/or the distance. And the fact that a lot of kickers have been soccer players. For example, our very own Josh Lambo.
I mean, context matters. The offense's rust from not playing for a few weeks and the fact that it was raining also had a factor in the offenses performance.
Quick google search shows that Vanderbilt does have a men's soccer team. It's just a club team and not an NCAA team.
Also, they use the fact that Florida has gotten better since the A&M game as a big reason they should be ranked ahead of A&M, but they don't even mention that A&M has also been getting better or they mention it for a sentence and forget it or dismiss it.
I think being ahead of a 9-2 Florida is possible since they may look at A&M's win over Florida, but I think it's a 50-50 shot being ahead of a 9-2 Georgia. I think it will depend on Alabama's ranking, wether the committee wants a third Bama-Georgia game, or if they decide that 2 losses to the same team is enough to bring them below a team that has only played once to that team and also lost.
"This wouldn’t get overturned on review in the NFL." This isn't really saying much. Just look at the D Hop PI in the Ravens vs Texans game.
The only thing with Mond is that he was inconsistent throughout the season, and looked like he played to the opponent's level at times. But if he plays the way he did against Clemson and LSU or somewhere close for the whole season, A&M's offense could be deadly.