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Not a Mizzou fan, just required to select an SEC team. And started following since I moved to St. Louis.

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I never denied that Lane Kiffin was an offensive genius. I just said he was a bad HC. Trojans fans are still throwing shade at him.
With the amount of talent that you have at USC, you are nothing short of an embarrassment if you don't win at least 10 games and the South. Going 7-6 at USC and losing a 4th tier bowl game to Georgia Tech's stupid triple option (especially when you were preseason #1) is enough to make tough guys cry.
And he sucks in general. Wasn't just FSU. Sucked at Western Kentucky, South Florida, and Oregon. Overall has a losing record as an HC
Ask a Ducks fan, Willie Taggart is a snake.
I mean, Deshaun Watson had similar issues at Clemson with his risk taking, but it sure worked out for them in the end.
Oregon fans think Willie Taggart is a snake, and he is also a terrible coach overall.
Willie Taggart is a snake. Not as venomous as Jimbo Fisher, but a snake nonetheless. Hard to feel sympathy for FSU though, Jameis Winston IS shameful, and they get what they get coming to em.
Clemson had QB issues in those games. Kelly was knocked out of 2017, and he chose to transfer out right before 2018 (when by the way, TL got knocked out and Dabo turned to a redshirt freshman who threw a total of 8 passes in his college career). Syracuse did pile on the points last year prior to Notre Dame. I guess someone didn't tell the Orange that it was football not basketball.
I don't know what to call Gus other than the SEC equivalent of Brian Kelly when it comes to developing quarterbacks. Bo and Gatewood both had really good spring games though so that may change that narrative.
No more excuses for Michigan. If the Wolverines still can't beat the Buckeyes, fire Jim Harbaugh immediately!
I mean the ACC is a joke anyway, with the exception of Clemson and "Notre Dame" (unofficial, hence the quotes). Georgia Tech should be better though, not this year but in coming years now that Paul Johnson and that stupid triple option are finally out of there.
I call it, Cal and TCU basically flushed all their Cheez-It's down the toilet.
Nawwww Cal vs TCU redefined the meaning of Toilet Bowl. One of the worst games of football I have ever seen in my entire life. It wasn't even good defense, it was just absolutely awful offense from both teams. I don't think any game of football will EVER be that bad.
UCF logic: Notre Dame shouldn't be in the playoff because their quarterback sucked against Vandy and Ball State. Also UCF logic: Brandon Wimbush to UCF! Let's go baby! Come lead us to the promised land! Not UCF logic: Wimbush was the QB against Ball State and Vandy.
Yeah, I do too. Ohio State could be very fun to watch or they could have their season go down the crapper depending on who Fields really is. Honestly though I'm just tired of hearing about his time at Georgia since it's basically over, but again I'm sure Clemson and other ACC fans feel the same way about Kelly.
Wisconsin has an argument @Bama Time. Not saying the committee got it wrong, considering the Tide won that year, but I can see why Wisconsin fans would be salty. I was expecting the Badgers to jump you but you jumped them. Ohio State fans are just whiners though.
Wisconsin has a legitimate gripe about 2017. Ohio State doesn't though, chalk it up to JT Barrett's terrible play or Nick Bosa choosing to withdraw or some ####, but not the committee.
2017, an argument could be made for Wisconsin. I'm not trashing the committee here, because Bama won the whole thing, but Badgers fans definitely have a right to wonder why they were left out. Buckeyes fans, on the other hand, need to understand that JT Barrett, not the committee, screwed them last year and the defense screwed them this year, and I think most of them have realized that.
Here's what I have a problem with if you have the 5 conference winners. Washington won the Pac-12 at 9-3, yet Ohio State absolutely stomped a mudhole. Oklahoma, Clemson, Bama, Georgia, and probably Notre Dame would also have dominated the game. The Pac-12 is known to be softer than Charmin, so it's very possible that a Pac-12 champion is an 8-4 team. Where do you draw the line? That's the same thing with people talking about the highest ranked Group of 5 Champion. UCF has been really good the last two years, but suppose there's a G5 conference champion that's ranked #18 or so and has multiple losses. I would not want to watch that game vs a P5 or ND. I personally think the top eight teams getting bids is the way to go, irrespective of conference. You'd probably use four of the New Year's Six, but then the remaining two NY6 and the third tier bowl games will be even less important now. I still think the system will trend towards eight. P.S. Notre Dame has a lot more of an argument than Ohio State does about an 8 team expansion. They ain't makin the playoff as a one loss team because they have no conference championship, and so unless all the 11-1 teams lose on conference championship weekend, the Irish are out. Suppose they lose by 4 to Georgia, and beat everyone else on their schedule next year by at least 20 points each. They're still out, at least in the most likely scenario of Clemson at 13-0, Bama and UGA at either 13-0 or 12-1, Oklahoma at 12-1, and Ohio State or Michigan at 12-1. They may jump a 12-1 Oregon team whose only loss is to The Barn, but that's it, especially after losing 30-3.
If you're a Wisconsin fan I can understand why you would be frustrated with the committee. But if you're an Ohio State fan, you only have a right to be frustrated with JT Barrett (2017) and your defense (2018).
Wisconsin definitely has a right to be mad at the committee about it. But Ohio State and Michigan only have JT Barrett and Jim Harbaugh to be mad at.
Not news... Fields is Ohio State's problem now. Isn't Dwan Mathis supposed to be good?
I think Wisconsin fans have a legitimate gripe about 2017. But Ohio State and Michigan's complaints are their own fault.
Kelly wanted to run a pro-style offense and also wanted to be sure he'd win the starting job. Chad Morris at Arkansas runs the same spread that Dabo runs at Clemson (a lot of RPOs), and we all know Gus would have run Kelly into the ground. I think Mizzou's community also showed him more love than Auburn's did. As far as staying at Clemson, that's not going to help him. Lyn-J is probably going to eat into his carries, and probably all the targets are going to be divided between ETN, Justyn Ross, and Tee Higgins. There just won't be room for him. He wouldn't be getting "meaningful snaps" like some Clemson fans are saying. Last year ETN had 15 carries a game while Feaster had just 6. Even with Kelly gone, he still won't have many carries. If he went to Michigan, he'd be the featured back and he could inflate his stats against softer run defenses (although outside of Clemson and Florida State, I wasn't inspired by anyone's run D last year in the ACC).
I think he wanted weapons around him though... Stanford doesn't have an obvious successor to Bryce Love. He'd get some exposure, although I don't think Shaw is very big on players coming in late. He wants them there early. Michigan is another school I thought of that hasn't been listed. Michigan is losing Karan Higdon and right now the RB room is an absolute mystery due to 2 injuries and someone having academic issues. Plus the Wolverines could surround him with more talent than the Gamecocks. We all know about ESPN's blind love for Michigan, so that will give him a lot of exposure. Then again we all thought Kelly would transfer to Auburn because of the exposure, but he chose Mizzou. A lot of people on the Tigernet forum were talking about how he'd be dishonoring CJ Spiller and the #28 by transferring to SCAR. Plus the exposure is better at Michigan than at South Carolina, and since Michigan doesn't have a true successor to Higdon, Feaster could be that guy for a year. So why risk your Clemson legacy going to your most hated rival, when there are other schools with absolutely no beef with Clemson that have a better situation for you, both in terms of surrounding talent, national exposure, and a very prominent role?
Bama has some decent depth. They're not proven, but Taulia and Mac Jones looked pretty good in spring ball (although Taulia only threw the ball 9 times).
Whoops that wasn't for you that was in extension to my previous comment sorry.
Notre Dame fans are very excited about their defensive end talent and their wide receiver depth. But linebackers are young and inexperienced, so all Georgia has to do is run Swift up the middle or throw a quick slant, exploiting the linebackers and neutralizing the defensive ends. That's why I'm projecting the Dawgs to win by 2 scores.