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No one know$ why he would choo$e Alabama over Kentucky????
1973 says "Hello"... Notre Dame beats Alabama in the Sugar Bowl... Alabama claims a NC for that year.
You can be certain that bammer is never missing a chance to pay their players!!!!!
The ONLY reason Bennett has a national championship is because the refs had the double-dribble no-call vs Auburn.
Auburn fans would NOT trade a football Iron Bowl win for a Final Four appearance...WOULD have been 2019 Tourney National Champs had the Virginia double-dribble been called... that's just a FACT.
Ya'll need some cheese to go with that jealousy whine...
The Bill Neville $$$ ain't going for a "buyout"... that would be raised from money men - the same ones that paid for Gus' buyout.
Don't know much about the history of AU/UA do you? Starting out, Auburn OWNED bammer... they named themselves the Tide, when they actually TIED Auburn early on... Auburn had a winning record over bammer until the bahr arrived.
The word is "led", and Bobby Lowder stepped away from the BOT (that means Board of Trustees) YEARS ago... have a clue much????
backwaterblue.... you obviously have no clue about the Chuck Person situation... he was NOT "thrown under the bus" by Auburn.... he was wire-tapped by the FBI for things he was doing ON HIS OWN... get a clue!!!!
saban must not want him anymore... if he HAD, then this would have been "taken care of privately"
saban says they never paid a player to come to alabammer... We may have been born at night, but we weren't born LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!
It's not when it was played, it's the old bama fatigue yet again.
Auburn will get MANY fouls called tonight, deserved and undeserved... tough to beat the bams and the refs in turdtown.
And they will get to visit the White House, but although he will be there, Joe Biden won't know it
Gimme a break with using bowl-cut's buzz word of "elite"... flush it!!
Perhaps Deion got a few pointers about how to buy players when he was filming those AFLAC commercials with saban.
Peak Saban - Your post just MIGHT be the most stupid of all time!!!
That's just CRAZY to think Young won the Heisman vs Auburn in the 4th quarter to beat a 6-5 Auburn team. But if you repeat it enough, the lie might become truth - ie, 18 Nashenul Champeenships
4 Best Pods Texas, Oklahaoma, TxA&M, Arkansas LSU, Ole Miss, Miss St, Alabama Florida, Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina Missouri, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky
Did the writer of the article learn the key buzzword from Kirby? "Elite" Bowl cut can't make a sentence without saying it.
This article is a joke, right? BY had NO Heisman winning moment in Auburn last night... just the opposite... if he was ahead, he LOST it last night.
Yep, that's all we need... another bammer player winning the Heisman Trophy by default (Devonta Smith is the ONLY deserving one from there)
She could if she was handing out the kind of money Kirby is each year.
Nope... if Auburn wins out, it's Harsin, and not even close.
There is also ZERO evidence to support 17 nashenul champeenships (or 18 or 137, or how many ever ya'll claim)