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It appears that Oates always has to have the last word.... kinda like a little man complex.... maybe he can keep his players in line this year, off the court.
Quite the delusional post! Instead of a dog, do you have a pet unicorn?????
Didn't have a whole lot of success in high school with English, huh????
I've said it before... Auburn lost the 2004 chance to play for the Natty in the 2003 USC game, at home... Who knows if Auburn would have beaten USC, but they dang sure would've beaten Big Game Bob and Chokelahoma.
Nobody except bammer fans want to see a bammer/Texas rematch... Rematches Suck!!!!!
The FSU situation is like if the 2010 Auburn Tigers had to play Oregon without Cam Newton...it would have been a disaster for Auburn.
Be very wary of this guy... he's the one that hired Bryan Harsin at Auburn... YIKES!!!!!!!!!
Regarding the 4th and 31 play:"l didn't think Auburn did a good job". Captain Obvious
bammers will be bammers... that is who they are... that is what they do... the old saying was that he couldn't find tuscaloosa with a road map, but it's now "he couldn't find tuscaloosa with a GPS" (you know, the old kind with the car shown driving down the line to the destination)
Huge coaching error... the punt should have never been fielded, but allowed to roll, due to the obvious chance of a fumble... Game over if that muffed punt, by the wrong punt returner, never happens.
I don't think Gus drinks alcohol, and there was a rumor years ago about a coach's wife drunk driving, but it wasn't Terry's or Gus'... get your facts straight.
The 1972 Auburn team had only one loss that year... the 2002 Auburn team went 9-4... In my lifetime, there has never been a "bad" Auburn team to win the Iron Bowl... in comparison, there have been several "bad" Alabama teams to win (1984 and 2001 say hello)... statistic - Nick Saban has never beaten an Auburn team with at least 9 wins, at LSU and Alabama.. (BTW, I was at the 1972 Punt Bama Punt game ate age 16.)
Georgia should have scheduled New Mexico State...
And if you think "bad" Auburn teams win the Iron Bowl, you don't know the history either...
As per the timing of this call, there is NO real consequence... typical bammer favoritism.... I have not seen the call, but I suspect there wasn't much difference between it and the Dallas Turner non-call on LSU QB Daniels.
You have waaaaaaay too much time on your hands....
If Oregon and Alabama do not make the playoffs, wouldn't it be awesome to see Bo Nix and Oregon versus Alabama?????
No... Eli Drinkwitz... saban has the most talent in the SEC
He came and saw how the bammers have ruined his song with their profanity...bammers can ruin/steal most anything... they stole the Florida "Go Gators" cheer... they stole the Tiger Walk from Auburn...They stole the idea of a mascot on the sidelines from Auburn (YES, Aubie came first)
Title of article.... reply - "because Miss State defense sucks?????"
Cam would've gotten killed behind the Miss St line... Auburn's line had 4 very experienced seniors and JUCO transfer junior.
What's the big deal.... the tide ALREADY plays Auburn, Tennessee, and LSU... EVERY YEAR!!!!!
The White House has become an assisted living facility...