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I will only use three letters to describe updyke...POS
Yet you are a bama fan... I believe I would have just kept my mouth shut.
Oh, you mean the democrat party that supports killing babies?
Why are we not surprised that this crap started in California? California should be sawed off and shoved into the ocean.
And by the way, that's Democrat Doug Jones, not Democratic Doug Jones... nothing "Democratic" at all about today's Democrats.
That is right... we cannot be "silent"... we must defeat the leftist rioting, monument-destroying cowards financed by Soros in November.
The article states that he is a 3 star now... shortly after he commits to bammer, he will become a 5 star.... write it down, seal it in an envelope, and open it up when it happens.
In reality, Butch was hired as an "intern", and interns aren't supposed to legally be coaching "on the field", but you can clearly see ole Butch on the sidelines at every bama game, coaching away... but there again, there are NCAA rules for bama, and there are rules for "everyone else".
"SCam Newton played a single season in the SEC. And did so for $180K. No dice." Corch, and you KNOW this for a fact???? NCAA said no.... I'll go with them vs your infinite knowledge... 180K is what was discussed at MISS ST, not at Auburn... Cam went to Auburn because they DIDN'T discuss money - that, and they had a senior-laden offensive line coming back... believe it, the way bammer controls the SEC and the NCAA, if they had found ANYTHING out of place with Newton, they would have been crucified.
Gotta keep up the image.... throw the bammer gear OUT of the car!!
Probably a step down from what she was driving when he was enrolled in school...
What makes this a university of Alabama article?.. Rivers has absolutely nothing to do with them