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KJ Jefferson is unquestionably the quarterback and after last season, rightfully so. Malik Hornsby is a very talented kid, and as an understudy - like Jefferson with Franks - should improve over time. His day will come.
Nice read, but I am fairly certain the Razorbacks have only one open date, before Auburn. We catch BYU, in Provo, directly after the MSU game, in Starkville.
Hopefully, Chad has evolved. Otherwise, more pedal down, left lane nonsense.
Morris was an absolute disaster, but Jeff Long started the downward spiral. Bielema was an interesting hire, but to extend his contract and throw tons of money at the guy after a mediocre season was insane. I love Mike Anderson, another Long hire, but in hindsight, Mike was there too Long for too little. From where we were to where are, kudos to Hunter Yurachek.
Love the kids. No quit. The Muss bus rolls on. Woo Pig.
Sad, but touching and very well written story. Mark Richt is a class act.
Proud of the Razorbacks, as this team does not quit. Happy the Muss bus remains in Fayetteville, and hopefully, will stay there a long time. Hats off to Auburn. They will be a tough out.
Very pleased to see Malik Hornsby back with the team. As a quarterback, it's tough not getting first team reps and being thrown into a game, unexpectedly. The kid has enormous potential. His day will come.
Go Cats! Nice win for our SEC brothers and sisters.
Excited about the future. With first team reps, Malik Hornsby will also be a stud someday, in my opinion. GO HOGS!
Sam had this team ready to play and the Razorbacks are a tough out. Next year's schedule is daunting, but what else is new? Proud of the guys. Happy NY to all of our SEC brothers and sisters.
Many congrats to both teams. Great season x 2. SEC, SEC! Let's win this thing.
That's a very "healthy" perspective, TideFan, and directly on point. Thank you for sharing. We all love the game, but it is only a game - and, my hope is always for the young men on each team to compete without injuries. As to this game, I truly like and respect both teams, as well as the respective fan base[s]. I have no idea what the final outcome will be, but given the Tide's historical advantage and their "never quit" mindset as witnessed last week, a tight score would not be a surprise. Go Hogs.
Agree, but regardless, I'm glad we have Sam.
Many congrats to LSU and Coach O. Go Tigers.
I think Sam fits into that category, but otherwise, mostly agree. Tough game on the Plains, but AU played one hell of a game, today.
I would agree. Badie is an incredible running back. Big time athlete and player.
I would agree with your son. During my lifetime, and I am getting to be a long tusked Hog, Morris was unequivocally the worst head coach and Long the worst athletic director. I understood the Petrino situation, but thereafter promoting John L. Smith was a disaster. In addition, he gave Bielema a huge jack in pay, extension and buyout, after an average season. He then would not get rid of the guy, after it became obviously apparent that he [Bielema] was not a good fit for the program. In all fairness, the Razorbacks have only had three ADs in my lifetime. Broyles was a living legend and Yurachek will be a very good one, in my opinion. Otherwise, good luck to the Tide, today. Tough game, so far. Go Hogs.
Sam the man. Lucky to have him and a top shelf staff. Hunter Yurachek is also one hell of an AD.
Proud of the Razorbacks. KJ is the real deal and Burks will likely be missed. Hats off to Missouri for staying competitive. Badie is a beast. Woo Pig.
My hope is that everyone, on both teams, can stay healthy. Love the game, but hate seeing kids go down with injuries.
Much respect to Missouri, as the Razorbacks have had obvious problems winning this game in the past. "Thankfully", the problems started with Bielema and worsened with Morris. Sam is a different kind of cat. Arkansas: 45, Mizzou: 31.
Love Sam and Saban is clearly top shelf and elite. Congrats to Alabama. Hard fought, fun game. Beat Mizzou.