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Fisher oven roasted nuts taste terrible. When I bet with my friend the loser has to eat one of these disgusting things.
Fisher oven roasted nuts suck. Had them at a party and people got sick
Fisher oven roasted nuts taste disgusting. They make you want to throw up.
Fisher oven roasted nuts taste disgusting! Don't buy them
Fischer roasted nuts taste terrible. I can't look at them without wanting to throw up.
OK the Fisher nuts' pop-up is annoying me enough that I will never buy for Fisher Nuts.
If it's about the money. Cashing in sounds great but there are huge differences between the first and second round and between mid first round and top 5, as much as $20 Million. There are 4 QBs who could go ahead of him and push him to late first round or second round. So the question for him is does he take the sure $6-10M or try to improve his stock while risking injury or an abismal senior year. Improving his stock puts him in the $20 - $30 M range. A $10-20 M boost in pay is something to consider that's close to generational money. I don't think the OC will be an enormous factor unless Odom blows the hire. MIzzou will be an attractive OC job. Good pay and a HC who focuses on the defense and let's the OC run the offense. That situation landed a HC job for Heupel. I expect a homerun hire at OC for Odom. The real problem are the receivers returning. His main target graduates and that leaves 4 mediocre WRs with any experience. Those 4 WRs dropped a lot of balls over the past two years and their ability to get separation or win 50/50 throws is limited. His numbers could go down. On the other hand good Oline, great tight ends and good running backs could give the offense enough balance that his numbers go up. And oh and his parents are alumni, his Father and Grandfather played at MU. He grew up in Missouri loving Mizzou. Tough decision for him. BTW. I'll take Chase Daniels' career. Almost a decade in the NFL, Making $5 Million/yr last year and he comes out with his body in much better shape that somebody who was beaten up every Sunday for 15 years. I would love to see him get a year or two as a starter but if not he still had an almost perfect NFL career given that he was undrafted, his financial gains and overall health. He will have a chance to enjoy the money.
Somebody will take him in the first round. He just has too much potential to pass up. He will most likely be a 2nd or 3rd team QB but so what. Take the money. One more year in college is one less year of earning money. Even the money that comes with a top 5 pick wouldn't be worth the risk of another year in college. Injury or poor play could reduce his stock and The returning Mizzou receiver core isn't going to be all that great.
Right......Former FBI Director investigation turns up nothing on Schiano BUT Tennessee Lunatic Fringe does its own investigation and finds conclusive evidence. Additional investigation also shows that Fulmer was "Sanduskied" by Tennessee Lunatic Fringe a decade ago.
I agree. The won/loss Record was terrible but in addition it was how they were losing. They look completely disorganized and unmotivated. I am happy that they came back around and I am convinced that Odom knows how to coach defense. But does he know how to run an organization, coach the coaches, and land important recruits. He was hired as a legacy guy and he immediately replaced nearly the entire staff. So he isn't Pinkels guy he is his own guy and the jury is still out on if he can be successful in the long term. He did have the temerity to fire Cross and right the defensive ship. He also had enough confidence in himself to continue with his program even when things looked bleak. Now he is winning and hIs recruits have performed well. So he deserves an extension but I wouldn't give him a big raise or a lucrative buyout. There are tough days ahead. For the first time in almost 15 Missouri doesn't have a great QB waiting in the wings. When Lock moves on dark days are coming for Mizzou. When you look back at losing years over the last 15 Mizzou QB was either injured or dismissed. Mizzou's best years were with a talented, experienced QB. So I also hope that Odom isnt fired while Mizzou loses without a great QB as long as he shows he can identify and recruit one in this or the next class.
Wow. I didn't fully appreciate how obtuse and moronic Tennessee Fans could be. It's one thing to reject Schiano for his coaching but it's another thing to cling to baseless rumors that could ruin a man in order to reject him as coach. Only a masochist would want a job where the fan base was filled with degraded and immoral jerks. I hope that Tennessee fans get everything they deserve.
Why does the media continue to denigrate Schiano by alluding to his past. He was accused by a guy testifying in his lawsuit on behalf of himself who said he heard something from another guy that Schiano my have seen something. The other guy with nothing to lose or gain said it was a false statement, a lie. And now Schiano has clearly had his personal and professional reputation severely damaged. Moreover Tennessee fans repeat the lies. I hope Tennessee gets what they deserve.
Thank goodness somebody finally said it. All the pundits on TV speculating about who will be in the playoffs. It pointless and takes always from the discussion on lots of other interesting teams. In the end it just plays out. I do believe they should shut the committee down in season and just let them make the selection after the season concludes.
This discussion has been around forever. It isn't rocket science. Mizzou was a great addition because it added all of the televisions in St. Louis and Kansas City. In addition with the exception of last season Mizzou has ranked around 25th in attendance nation wide. Now North Carolina or NC State would have been great additions or perhaps Virginia Tech because they would bring in a whole new audience and fertile recruiting ground, but they weren't available. Note that the SEC added a team from Texas (huge TV audience) and a team from Missouri (darn good TV audience). I am a Missouri fan and I liked the Big 12 until Texas killed it with Oklahoma's help and I agree that Missouri is a better fit in the Big 10, but the Big 10 wasn't accepting Missouri. So Missouri left the Texas and Oklahoma show for a conference that is an actual partnership. In the end good the SEC (Some of that money in Alabama and LSU comes from Missouri TVs) and much better for Missouri.
In what way did he look good. He didn't look strong. He didn't look fit. His voice sounded harsh like someone who smoked or drank a lot. He was constantly scratching himself like some kind of meth attic. And when he said he was working out five or six days a week that sounded like an off-the-cuff BS response. He is an incredible talent; a very fun player to watch play football. But he has so many issues and it doesn't appear he's ever going to mature. His time is quickly passing and he will never play in the NFL. It is a real shame.
That play had all the signs of a guy who was being beaten like a drum all day long and took out his frustrations with cheap shot after they were well out of bounds. His coach shouldn't appreaciate building a habit that will get you 15 yds on Saturday. The only thing he destroyed was his credibility as a 5 star defender.
The players should determine who is in the playoffs and not a bunch of fat old men locked in a room. Ohio State and Michigan lost! They are not the conference champions. They may have the best brand, the best players, and best coaches, but they lost!! Now a bunch of fat old men are going to set world straight and exclude the winners on the field. If you can't win your own conference you shouldn't be in the playoffs while the conference champion sits at home. The players on the field should decide the championship that why you play the game. But now a bunch of fat old men locked in a room will vote for the best team on paper. Wisconsin and Penn State are going to get screwed.
The O-Line are turning into superstars. both Crockett and Witter had great nights behind that O-Line. However, between Lock's poor judgement and touch, Moore's many drops and the Rest of the MU WRs running poor routes tHe Tigers seem destine to lose. DT is also a problem and with another injury it just got worse.
Wow, you really thought through this issue. I like alot of it. The moves for the SEC are great, however, it looks like the ACC gets screwed. The attendance and TV rating of UCONN and East Carolina just wont match Vtech and NC State. Temple in the Big 10? Fresno State, SDS in the PAC? The Big 12 looks like a collection of leftovers. I don't think that league can be salvaged. A Power 4 is the next reality. No mention of New Mexico or New Mexico State, Nevada, or UNLV.
South Carolina would vote against Clemson.
Thank goodness those who make decisions for the SEC aren't as dumb as this guy, Adams. Missouri ranks higher in attendance than West Virginia, Missouri has two major cities with far more TVs than West Virginia, Missouri has higher TV ratings than West Virginia, Missouri has greater recruiting and recruiting potential than West Virginia and in the other revenue sport, Basketball, Missouri has a richer tradition than West Virginia. The Missouri athletic program may be down right now but in the long term this was a great choice by the SEC. The next best areas are North Carolina and Virginia for all the same reasons as Missouri. However I don't think any teams from those states are available. Great program at West Virginia but not great revenue and adding a team because it makes the map look better it a poor decision. It's clear that John Adams went to school for journalism not business.
This is a pretty disappointing article with more of the same unimaginative journalism. If Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee doesn't with the East then the league must be down.