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The things Bentley did do in the last 6 games. Win all 4 games against teams that weren't in the final 4. Of those last 6, 3 teams were top 10 defenses, 2 (Vandy & Tenn) they ran the ball a lot more than they threw it and against Wofford he was great, they just didn't have the ball enough bc the Terriors controlled the clock. He also had 6 rushing TDs in those games. Hindsight is 20-20. He did miss a good amount of throws, especially over the middle to Hurst, and I'm not saying he's elite. He still has to prove that. But anyone can make up their own stats. He's only 20 years old. Hell, I made terrible decisions at 30 lol
Well A&M returns the top 2 TEs that combined for 2 catches and 21 yards last season. Sounds to me like they should have been ranked 14th
Well this ranking is based on depth chart...it says it right there in the title. Having 1 TE is why UK is 8th and not 14th. Conrad only caught 19 passes for 262 yards last year. That would rank him roughly 6th among returning SEC TE's. And throw in that he was the starting TE for UK last season and some guys on this list don't have big stat lines bc there were behind seniors last season on the depth chart. Conrad is probably top 10
Muschamp offering money is hilarious. They are offering him a grey shirt. The staff wants to use his scholarship elsewhere since they have 5 RBs with 3+ years of eligibility and a transfer from Wisconsin with 2 years left. Why in the world would they need to throw money at a 3 star to commit to a program littered with talent at his position?
Since South Carolina has a loaded roster of RBs and they stopped recruiting this kid several months ago, this comes as no surprise to anyone, except maybe the author