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Communism should never be the answer. You can’t keep up through no ones choices but your own so let’s redo the system so YOU can do better.
Clemson does not have a good offensive line. Just look to the mediocre year that Travis Eteinne had. They were able to break the game plan of Clemson through pressure. Ohio State will try to do the same against Alabama. I don't think it will work to the same degree. Ohio state is ranked 116 against the pass. They got this ranking while playing offenses that had an average pass ranking of 78 in FBS.
I like Mac but go back and watch some previous games. He is close but not super accurate. Lots of wide open receivers have to jump or stop to catch balls. He is on time.
The point of the article is a comparison of two Quarterbacks with very different styles. Jones has a very good team around him which makes him look better than he really is. His strength is know what he cannot do. He is a very smart person who thinks quickly and acts. He does not try to fit a ball into a window he cannot hit. Fields is a much more gifted athlete. His issue is that he tries too often to throw a ball into a window that he cannot hit. That is why he has more interceptions. Mac is not a franchise QB. I doubt that Fields is either.
Alabama is not guaranteed to win anything. Treat every game like it can be lost and you will always play your best. As soon as you think you have to show up and win is the day your lose on a last second field goal to an overmatched team.
The issue with accepting that he is not ready is the amount of time. Almost a year and he is still not ready. There is a bigger issue. Most players are ready after far less time. After almost a year from a follow up procedure. Something went horribly wrong with his surgery.
The injury was over a year ago and the follow up procedure was 10 months before the start of the season. Georgia never addressed why he was not cleared medically so long after the injury. Its not like the swelling needs to go down after so long. He is either healthy or not.
When Bennet took over HE was the answer. Now its Danials. I agree that he looked good against a really bad team. Made worse by Georgia's elite defense letting State keep it close.
The problem with going number one in the draft is you ALWAYS go to a bad team. If not the Jets this year then who next year? Detroit?
Ask Kirby Smart if he would rethink not starting Justin Fields over Jake Fromm. We all know how the game is played now. If he doesn't take over then he will transfer out. It is in Alabama's best interest to move him to the starting position as soon as he is ready.
It will be a wait and see game. Coach O had a great year but so did Gene Chizik and Jimbo Fisher. Losing an elite QB who improved a talented team is hard to replace.
If he was an early enrollee in 2019. He played in the spring game. He was gone by the beginning of fall camp. How can he be upset over playing time? Then he is homesick but transferred to a non competitive school twice the distance from home. He could be a politician with those kind of facts.
Much like FSU in the 90's being the only decent team in a conference makes getting to the end untouched pretty easy. FSU finished in the top 5 around 14 years running. But they ended with only two national titles. In 2020 Clemson plays Notre Dame. They will be the only team on their schedule with a chance of being ranked. In 2021 their toughest game will be South Carolina.
I understand that the talent around him has changed because of players leaving but he was a lot less crisp in his throws this year than in the previous years. If he came back and has a great year he might get up to the top of the first round. I have seen some projections that list a third round. His parents aren't poor so they don't need the money now so it's better to wait and get a higher draft position.
I am surprised as his first year was his best and seemed to be declining in each successive year. I thought for sure he would return.
How does an A&M team that ranks 98th in the nation in total defense think it can stop a top 15 total offense.