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Unpopular Auburn opinion here, but absolutely have to agree with Geaux Long. We will never be elite with Gus at the helm. He is in the same level as Mark Richt and Les Miles. Coaches who get you 7-10 wins a year, but never consistent or the big win.It is embarassing how we got out coached in our losses. My biggest fear as an Auburn fan is we keep gus and as punishment get moved to the SEC Least.
SEC "L"east teams always hoping the SEC WEST teams get in trouble. If uga would not buy garbage folding chairs maybe more players would stay.
Best comment here culmo80. Nix will be very good, but he needed this year to develop, whereas Gatewood put in the time and should have been the starter, in my opinion. Gus is killing us. Offense is stale and predictable, he ruined Stidham by forcing the RPO on a true pocket passer. Stidham will prosper at the Patriots, Gatewood will prove himself wherever he lands, Nix will stay the same at best unless we kick Gus out the door. He has wasted another potentially great season by not changing the offense up. As frustrating as it is for the fans, it has to be crazy frustrating for the team. We need to pull it together and finish this season strong.
That was Al Gore. Urban still takes credit fot the question mark.
Agreed bc as a pocket passer, he will no longer be forced into Gus' RPO scheme. He was never a fit in it, Purdue game proved any doubts.
Here's a thought for Michigan, focus more on winning games than crying and whining all the time, and you will get better players. Ever hear SEC coaches making excuses? It is all focused on their mistakes when they lose. I mean realistically, Michigan has to win maybe three moderately hard games a year to be big10 champs. Cry me a river, play 6-10 of the top 15 teams a year then come talk. Excuses are like a$$holes, everyone has one and they all stink.
How many people have been shot/stabbed/beat up arguing over this game? Didn't think so, nowhere close to the Iron Bowl.
Minor infractions? So thats not cheating? I guess in your world there's kind of pregnant too? Fooling yourself there pal.
We are alot better than Washington. Simple answer is no, they don't lose this one. Or the next.
Appleby was probably the better of the two bama quarterbacks for the first half. Not sure his numbers, but fairly certain he had more yards to bama receivers than Hurts. And come on man, 54-16. That's a thumping. Should of, could of, would of, if then, whatever the excuse is it's what we all have to deal with every year. Auburn definitely Sugar Bowl bound now, hopefully we can heal up first, but if not we push on, but we are SEC West.
Don't forget, Kiffin may want to put a serious exclamation point on his resume with this game. If they want to, they could blow this one out early and not take their foot off the gas.
I agree. I think everyone thought it was a risky hire bc of his off field issues. He has always been a great play caller. Of course, it also helps when you get the caliber of athletes, every year, that Saban brings in. When Sark came to Tuscaloosa, Kiffin knew he was done.
Sorry you're in the subpar east man. Bad calls happen to everyone. Refs don't decide games on a call in the first half.
You know this sidewalk alumni troll is 40+ years old, still living in mom's basement, so much internet porn, so little time. @Dixie Renegade...I wouldn't bother trying to straighten him out, there's idiots like him giving every school a bad name. Props to you for trying, solid posts on your part.
Although it does appear to me UF is avoiding this to a degree, absolutely wrong to even begin to criticize the players. It's not their call, the players have zero input. This is on the ADs and SEC Commissioner. Like others have said, push the season out a week longer, make it up at the end. Everyone still gets their games in.
@seatonda....Really man? Go back to bed.
@therarereasonabletgr...... Guice is a nasty little runner, his vision is solid, and his speed is just insane. I would add Tre Williams to the linebacker list. Kid is a beast, great speed, sure tackler. I think our Defense has shown promise like when I was there late 90s early 2000s. When Auburn and LSU dominated defensively...the 10-9, 7-3 type defensive games between the tigers. On a side note, really sucks about Mike the Tiger being put down. What a classic symbol man. Really sincerely hate it for the LSU family.
I get not wanting to play at an opponents home, LSU, or UF have rowdy fans. But if the options are limited to not playing at all, move to a neutral site inland. Surely that's not out of the realm of possibility? Find a halfway point. We are not solving cancer here, just negotiating egos it seems. The better team should win either way. Or like another on here said, push the season back a game. No one is gonna be completely happy, but I think NO ONE wants the game to be given up on. That will cause even more problems in the long run. Just my two cents, esp because this is a great rivalry and usually a pretty good game.
what a great name you have there. Again, teabag fans, cock jokes abound. I'm seeing a trend of closet homosexuality in T-town. Like the San Francisco of the south. Look out boys RamaJama Alabama is in town.