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Roll Tide! Georgia will get another shot, but tonight was glorious!
Don't quit yer day job, Hooker. Wasn't it only a week or so ago that you told SDS readers that Alabama's only chance was... Jameson Williams?
Sad. That's some low-quality trolling there, Hooker. Its bad when the trolls in the comment section make more sense than the "sportswriter ".
Hats off to Coach Pittman and the Hogs. They were a tough out, and their program is in the rise.
"Lastly, as fantastic as Bama quarterback Bryce Young has been, there’s always another quarterback on the roster that could post some highlights thanks to the players around them." I don't totally disagree but the quoted sentence above is just flat out wrong. Williams is a game-changing receiver and Alabama is lucky to have him, but if Bryce Young goes down Bama's season is over. If Williams were to go down they would still have a shot.
Lol an article that is based on Twitter trolling. I wonder if Neegan has a Twitter account.
Deserved? No. They fought hard and did everything they could to win, and hats off to them. In the end it wasn't enough, and Alabama did just enough to seal the win. There is no "deserve" in football. Practice hard, play hard, and earn wins.
Tim Brandeaux is a moron. He's shot his own credibility in the foot so many times that he has to say more and more outlandish things to get attention. "CFP is da debbil!" "Bama is da debbil" "Cincinnati is da bestest!"
Going to enjoy the Bulldog meltdown when Bama steals their candy again.
Bama is built to beat teams like MSU. Wouldn't even be close. The CFP's job is to pick the best teams, and so far they have done a pretty good job.
Are your feet wet? Can you see pyramids? Corral is tough and definitely a competitor, but he's a far cry from the best we in college football.
I can go along with that. If the player is too important to lose for a series, make the team burn a timeout
There is always magic in the air at Jordan Hair/Wishuponastar Stadium. Pixie dust getting in the eyes of the refs and replay officials is only part of it. The ball has a way of bouncing into the hands of Auburn players at exactly the right time. If OM is going to win they'll have to score enough to keep magic and the refs from being a factor.
It's not a lack of talent. The last four years have shown a steady decline in Bama's defensive rankings in all categories. I think Golding is going to be either demoted to a position coach or strongly encouraged to accept a coaching position elsewhere at the end of this season.
Your history= 1980. 41 years of nada. Bupkis. I must say I'm looking forward to your epic meltdown if Bama is able to derail your Dawgs yet again.
Natty is a term for beer-flavored water (or water-flavored beer if you prefer). Please make a note of it.
Credit where it is due, Vols played lights out and took advantage of every opportunity. Heupel may end up righting the ship at last.
Lol, Boscar-- that's pretty funny. To the Vol fans who were embarrassed by the behavior of your fellow fans-- I can sympathize with some of what you're saying. Bad calls have plagued every SEC game I've watched this year and I have little hope the SEC will do anything about it. To the Vol fans who have justified throwing beer cans and golf balls onto the field-- your team cannot lose often enough or by enough points to satisfy me. I will never forget the Roy Adams/Johannigmeier/Kramer/Krispy Kreme attempts to destroy the Alabama football program. Your pitiful bleating about cheating falls on deaf ears. Enjoy losing to Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia again this year.
Rankings matter not at all when it will be decided in the field. Mr. O'gara is leaving out a crucial data point in his comparison: Smart vs. Saban. Football is not horseshoes, and almost good enough only gets you an L. So far on an even playing field talent-wise, Saban has won every matchup.
Auburn ate all its cupcakes before dinner--Akron, Alabama State, and Georgia State (well, maybe not Georgia State lol) really padded their offensive stats. If the Georgia game wasn't at WishUponAStar Stadium I don't think Auburn sniffs the endzone.
Lol that's why fans of every team that wins a big game get in front of a camera and chant "We Want Iowa!"
Maybe lightning can strike twice in the same spot. Could the Gus bus be headed for corn country?
TL/DR Shorter Knee-gun: Georgia is the most awesomely awesome team with the most awesomely awesome players, leave Georgia alone H8terz!!!!
YALL LEAVE GEORGIA ALONE!!!!1!!11elevent11! Knee-Gunn