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Looks like the boosters will be the new management. *hums We Won't Get Fooled Again*
LSU always fields a talented team. I wouldn't be surprised or upset to see them do well next year.
Great points. I'd throw in that, per the law of unforeseen consequences, NIL could become a locker room cancer for any team. What happens when you have to bench a 5 star player who lacks the work ethic it takes to work hard to be the best? Will the boosters have the coach fired if their favorite player ends up sitting while a 3- or 4-star takes his position? What if one of you 5-stars doesn't get everything he wants and hits the transfer portal? Will the courts allow the boosters to shut off the money faucet for players leaving their school? Will there be a salary cap like the NFL? Will there be any fans left at that point to care?
NIL has probably already destroyed college football for many older fans. Whatever it mutates into will probably be marketed well enough to draw in a younger fanbase. I've pretty much resigned myself to the Saban era being the last bit of football I'll watch on a regular basis, and when he retires I doubt I'll care enough to keep watching.
Oh my, what shall we do now that the Sportsmedia Prophets of Doom have again wishcasted, err predicted the end of Nick Saban's dynasty? I suppose I should be glad that my job doesn't depend on a sport that is doing everything it can to drive away its fanbase. When Saban hangs it up I'll probably just spend Saturdays doing yard work. Until then it's going to be fun watching the Tide run roughshod over TAMoo and the rest of the college football world.
Dimbo is a whining little girl. I noticed he didn't deny anything Saban actually said. He called Saban a narcissist and accused him of attacking 17-year-olds, and followed it up with "we didn't do no cheating", but he never denied that TAMoo paid for their recruiting class. I wonder what his answer would be if anyone in the media actually got the courage up to ask if all of the players in TAMoo's signing class were offered NIL money?
Are you a An Alabama fan earl? Surely there must be a TAMoo avatar you could use here at SDS.
Because the big money boosters were no longer allowed to get their way once Saban arrived. Because Saban hired a staff able to recruit and develop players. Because his history with the NFL gave players confidence he would help them get to the next level. Because he out-planned, out-worked, and out-coached the rest of the college football world for an amazing 16-year period that has led to unprecedented success. Don't kid yourself--what Saban did with an even playing field was outperform everyone else.
Guilty dogs cry loudest when they get hit. Jimbo looked and sounded like a 13-year old girl throwing a tantrum yesterday. I'm looking forward to hearing more of his screeching after TAMoo gets skull-dragged In Tuscaloosa later this year.
I get the hype, but Tejas deserves zero credit for doing anything but adding $$ to the SEC. Right now they deserve less consideration than Vandy.
A "Natty" is a can of beer-flavored water. Or water-flavored beer. Whichever you prefer. A sportswriter who throws garbage against the wall to see what sticks is known as a "Mattie" A coach that has beaten your team 15 of the last 16 times they played can be referred to as your "Daddy". Good luck this year winning another natty. You're going to need it.
"Young will have to face live action pass rushers this fall, obviously, but the good news for him is that he will never face the prospect of having Anderson chasing after him." Not while they're playing at the college level, anyway.
Sportsnerd 101- make fantastic prediction before the season even starts; if Arkansas wins, you get to trumpet to the rooftops that you said it before the season even started, and if Alabama wins you quietly flush the prediction down the memory hole. SMH. Arkansas may be a tough out this year. It's hard not to like Pittman and the way he's been building this team.
Jimbo has been mailing it in for 4 seasons now. There is no reason to think anything is going to change in the near future.
Matt Hayes is a whiny little git, and his complaints are beyond boring.
I remember the years before the BCS when sportswriters wanted the national championship to be decided on the field rather than by polls. Good times.
Hope the Texas Tech fans have earplugs. Clanga gonna have a big, big day.
I don't think Bama players have complained about not receiving individual awards, especially those who will be rewarded in the NFL draft. OTOH, if I were responsible for blocking Will Anderson or covering Jameson Williams in the next game or two I might be worried.
Roll Tide! Georgia will get another shot, but tonight was glorious!
Don't quit yer day job, Hooker. Wasn't it only a week or so ago that you told SDS readers that Alabama's only chance was... Jameson Williams?
Sad. That's some low-quality trolling there, Hooker. Its bad when the trolls in the comment section make more sense than the "sportswriter ".
Hats off to Coach Pittman and the Hogs. They were a tough out, and their program is in the rise.
"Lastly, as fantastic as Bama quarterback Bryce Young has been, there’s always another quarterback on the roster that could post some highlights thanks to the players around them." I don't totally disagree but the quoted sentence above is just flat out wrong. Williams is a game-changing receiver and Alabama is lucky to have him, but if Bryce Young goes down Bama's season is over. If Williams were to go down they would still have a shot.