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Phatimus Philopotamus is the coach 12ersee deserves. I look forward to watching the Vol football program's death spiral become an out-and-out nosedive. Couldn't happen to a phriendlier phanbase or a phatter loser of a coach.
It certainly should be a great game! Dabo has consistently had Clemson ready to play in these CFP games, and with the exception of last year the Tigers have given Bama a battle at the LOS. I still think Tua and the receivers are the difference, and if Tua is clean and unhurt in the fourth it will be a tough night for Clemson.
It could happen, no doubt about it. I think Georgia’s margin of error is razor thin, though, and any mistakes by them will be hard to overcome. This Georgia team reminds me of Bama’s 2008 team— big, strong, talented, and well-coached. That said I still think Bama wins by 10+
Yup, this article would probably tick me off if I was a Jawja fan. Thank goodness I’m not.
I hope Gus retires at Auburn. In twenty years or so.
Sigh. I truly, truly hope UCF somehow miracles its way into the CFP playoffs. I think the results would speak for themselves, and unfortunately not in the way the UCF fans here think.