Retired firefighter from east central Kentucky

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Riley will have a good chance of making the playoff at USC. Problem is, he will probably take some epic beatdowns from SEC teams once he gets there.
Yeah. Would bet Corso chooses Bama. Which is good for UGA. After all, he chose Loserville to take down UK.
I do agree, but pretty much any offense matches up badly with that Georgia defense.
I know I will miss his gravely voice during the interviews. He was actually a favorite of mine. Not sure any coach in the SEC loved their school more.
Corch, you guys need to take the crown. Don't guess I'll get to see your team take on the mighty tOSU this year. Apparently UGA-Michigan will be a better game. Still not sure they're gonna score much on you.
They absolutely smothered Cunningham. Nice to see the defense playing better!
Thanks UGAARMY! Bet there are a lot of ticked off betters who saw the ESPN FPI only giving UK a 38% chance of winning and Vegas choosing a 3 point win for Loserville. I'd be ticked off too!
Badie should be nicknamed Megatron Jr. Dude is a blast to watch and robotic in the way he plays!
One plus would be he could ride his bike all year. And Florida is loaded with hot women! Dude would be in paradise!
I actually miss Grizzard and his heavenly sense of humor. That guy could make me laugh!
LOL! Love it Joe! Those dirty birds receive everything they deserve. Now we just gotta shut down their one man show, although he is a good one.
I love all SEC teams and fans. Love the fierceness of fans hyping their teams. That is why I come here. Well, that and to see the UF and UGA fans degrade each other lol.
Lol. The bible is the biggest book ever written. But danged if Negan ain't pushing that limit pretty hard!