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Me. My 1967 datsun 411 couldn't beat a good bicycle.
Objectively, having CU at 30 is a far bigger accomplishment than having AU at 20. Especially considering where Cu has been for the past few decades. Au should never be out of the top 10, ever.
303, I love you but a top 4 team is not capable of losing a game by 58. Period.
Well played VFL. That said, he is probably making several thousand dollars per hour working his shift.
If we are naming the top 4, I would include David Pollack. 3 time All-American game changer is hard to top.
Their biggest need, at least from the outside looking in, would be a coach.
Knowing his demeanor, I would tend to think # 2. My guess is the right hand up was for his team mates and fans, but that is purely speculation.
It's my understanding that the pimp position has been eliminated and Hugh is negotiating directly with the service providers. His history cost him a couple of million per year in the negotiations, so he had to cut costs and go direct.
Ok smart guy, did anyone else do more with less than Lea ? The answer is "no." If you took his top 22 I seriously doubt that any of them would start on any of the other 13 teams. Possibly 1 or 2 max.
He didn't say The osu and Michigan were similar, he said uga and Michigan are similar. I think he's alluding to the osu passing game and the fact that uga gave up 500 to lsu.
Coach of the year is very subjective. A case can be made for Huepel, Kelly, Beamer, Lea, and Smart.
Not sure why Judkins wasn't the first team rb.
If AR goes in the first round in this draft I will forgo my 4 years of eligibility that I didn't use a few decades ago and declare myself for 2024. I should be able to get at least 2nd round money.
Dominate ? A good leader always puts forth attainable goals. He won't live long enough to see the day. If he's Nick Saban 2.0, then there is a chance they can stay on the field with uga in a few years. Thanks for the bulletin board material d a, as if it's needed.
They can't. Now, is Alabama one of the top 4 teams in the country ? Without question, even though they are no where near what we are used to with Alabama. That said, if they promote Alabama over THE osu when neither one plays they will have lost all credibility. My $ 0.02.
I'm pulling for him, but if he leaves for anything other than a top tier job, ( whether he is qualified or not ), he loses all credibility with recruits. How can he tell Travis Hunter he needs to go to JSU and turn down every single powerhouse in the country only to turn around and leave for a secondary program ? Honestly, I think he loses credibility even if it's FSU. After all, he talked T H into abandoning FSU for JSU.
Stroud's 74 yard performance against Northwestern showed his vulnerability. I have a gut feeling Michigan shuts him down and upsets THE ohio state, takes him out of the Heisman discussion ( likely gets a trip though ) and removes THE ohio state from the playoffs unless TCU and USC loses.
If the vote comes down to the best player in college football, I would have to include Brock Bowers. Idk of anybody that strikes more fear in an opponent than him, Jalen Carter, and Harold Perkins. Hooker for sure is incredible, but against an elite defense he became more human. My guess at this point is that he wins it. And in fairness, his less than stellar showing against uga had a lot to do with his O L not providing enough protection. He may be the most deserving given all the facets considered.
I hate Tn. That said, of all the teams in contention a rematch with them at a neutral site would be the toughest. If both teams play a good game, uga wins, but as we know, sometimes it doesn't go that way. Very little margin of error for the dawgs in such a case. Next in line to fear, at least for me, is Alabama. They won't get in so that's a good thing. After that, anything could happen on any given day, but nobody else would be of much concern.
Based on their resume and how they have looked most of the year. Granted, uga pummeled them but in a rematch at a neutral location I think it would be a very tight game.
I hate Tenn. That said, they are clearly one of the best 4 teams in college football. Head to head, they would beat anybody else out there with the possible exception of Alabama should they manage to get their collective heads out of the dark places they currently reside.
And, for the record, my prayers are for his full recovery, regardless of the cause.
AU, not to start anything here, but methinks his point is that this is another young man with serious physical problems who has taken the un-approved, untested ( long term ) experimental gene therapy. There is a statistical increase ( substantial ) in the all cause mortality of recipients of said shot.