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I agree... this was a coach issue. Great team and Tennessee fans deserve to celebrate some. Unfortunately, fire draws fire and if they're going to talk like that, then they'd better win. Isn't fair to VFL and thousands of other TN fans.
Thanks, Keith. You realize you never actually said he committed to Georgia, right? You say he was recruited by Georgia. You mention Alabama, Clemson, and Florida were in the mix. I guess it is easy enough to figure out by association. I appreciate all your hard work. Happy about the pickup for the Dawgs.
You might be right. I just recruiting for ND is a specialized thing that doesn't necessarily transfer to regular college recruiting. Then throw into that the hyper competitiveness of SEC schools recruiting against each other. He is going to have to prove his chops as a recruiter. Not saying he cant do it. Just saying it is unknown.
A&M may very well be a top 5. I was just contesting Ethan's reasoning that viewed current year recruiting classes as a leading indicator of a team's success that year. In particular, his comments about Georgia. Current recruiting classes have limited input into the success of any team.
Wait... he changed his number?!?! This changes everthing!
(no idea how that posted twice at the exact same time. apologies.)
LOL... don't come out of retirement just for this. This entire site is actually about 20 people posting with different names. Not much of a sales future there.
LOL... don't come out of retirement just for this. This entire site is actually about 20 people posting with different names. Not much of a sales future there.
gwhite... you're right. Georgia was not as good as Tennessee this year. But you might want to pull back on that throttle a bit. What you are seeing is the result of all the Vols talking and on-field antics. Fire draws fire. Your response is a little...ummmm... off the charts? BTW, I think you mean Generation X.
Vols had a great team. Disliked, but great. It's a slippery slope - if you're gonna talk, you'd better win.
This is exactly why Deion was hired as JSU. In the end it will be more sizzle than steak. BTW... once you have already played college downs, it is no longer about stars. It's about performance. The kid's stats are... meh.
Beamer pillaging in the sunshine state. I remember a lot of SC fans concerned when he was hired. I don't think he's even gotten started yet.
Geeze kirkm... would you please stop with that? I mean, seriously.
FCS or not... 6.7 yards per carry, 1150 total yards, and 13 touchdowns is impressive. Could be a great catch for your Cats.
Hmmmm... not sure I see any toe-stubbing in those games. It's always possible, but with that schedule in THAT order, it doesn't look like there is a trap game hiding there somewhere.
Doesn't everyone not named Vanderbilt sell out the Bama game?
Said in the same sentence... "I do think I am one of the top quarterbacks in the nation" and "Main thing I just want to be humble." I was impressed with KJ last year, but the kid is hanging a target on his back. I'll say this... he is very humble about his humility. 8-/
Always good to pick up a kid this size. He won't see the field much this year...if at all. He'll need time to put on muscle and build endurance. In the end, it will depend on how hard he works and how quick his feet are.
Thanks, Ethan. I just need to make a point here... and I admit that it is a sore spot with me.... Georgia's recruiting class for 2022 has NOTHING to do with its rankings this year. Few if any of those recruits will see playing time in meaningful situations. I don't understand why sports journalists don't get that point. Will they start to have an impact in 2023? Yeah. But no team DEPENDING on a substantial amount of true freshman talent will end up in the top 10.
Iowa will be solid, but shouldn't be on the list. I get it... Cubelic is trying to be inclusive. Maybe he is ranking them in relation to the conference they are in. I know... grasping for straws, but can't really see how he gets to that conclusion any other way.
It is going to be fun to watch. I think a lot of SEC fans are extraordinarily interested in whether Kelly can compete in the SEC. That is not a slight, and I wish Tiger fans the best. But Kelly's experience at LSU and the SEC is going to be very different than his experience at ND.