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Michigans is like a more talented Arkansas(because of better recruiting classes and NFL prospects on defense) . Very physical line, good run game, mediocre passing game and talented defense especially on the line.
Looks like Mario wants out now that Riley is at USC
If I was Cincy I would want to go against Georgia. I think if they go against Bama you’ll put up 30 points by half time. They will score on you guys but don’t have the defense to stop you. Granted they do have some NFL prospects on Defense so that could just be my bias talking
If you are going by what team is a better matchup or provides a more favorable matchup for Michigan it would be to go against Alabama. Michigan doesn’t have the best passing offense so they can’t exploit Georgias weakness on defense. They run the ball a lot and that is where Georgias strength is. From what I saw all season and even last night Georgia was running the ball somewhat comfortably against Alabama. Even on defense Michigan might have the better pass rushers than Georgia does because they have two projected first round draft picks on the ends. I think Michigan has the defense to stop Georgia but will have a hard time moving the ball in the run game.
Their a bad matchup against Georgia. They have the defense to stop Georgia because they have two defense ends projected to go in the first or second round. However they don’t have a good pass offense though and as we saw tonight that’s Georgia’s weak spot on defense. They would match up better against Alabama.
I’ve always wondered why they stuck with DJ throughout the season. Was the backup that much worse? Idk but it almost seemed like Dabo stuck with DJ based off his high school recruiting rankings. Either way I’m not losing sleep over it. It was more of a dig at Finebaum and his random dislike for Clemson than it is at SC.
For a program that is in shambles(according to Paul Finebaum) Clemson still probably would have finished second in the SEC East behind Georgia and is still Georgia’s best win of the season.
If anything what Saturdays game proved is the limits of the pass heavy spread offense in late November Big Ten weather. Their is a reason most Big Ten teams were still running pro-style offenses. Michigan’s offense is perfect for that. That said their offense would match up really bad against Georgia and it wouldn’t be close.
He's better off at a school that doesn't have as high expectations as a Miss. State or a Penn State.
Good points but unfortunately it took a quarter-century to get there for Alabama to consistently be elite. The question is with the transfer portal and NIL which, I think will ultimately hurt the elite programs, in the long run, you might never see another program win consistently like that again.
I can see Dan Mullen going to Penn State if Franklin leaves. With all the coaching vacancies he's bound to get a good job somewhere.
So what? My point is schedules don’t play football, players do.
I think if Cincinnati was in the PAC 12 or ACC they would win it this year
The first 4 weeks of the season have no bearing on where a team is at the end of the season. Remember Florida who have up 52 points to Samford almost beat Alabama? Remember when Colorado(one of the worst teams in the PAC 12) almost beat Texas A&M. I’ve seen it every year in college football at the beginning of the season. Teams change and improve through out the season. That’s just football
Sometimes it’s not who they played because I can ask the same for Georgia, now that we are at the end of the season? Who is the best team they have beat? UK or Auburn? Nobody really impressive kinda like OSU but the similarities are the NFL talent on both teams. That’s what makes Georgia’s defense so dangerous and similarly it makes OSU’s offense dangerous.
That has to be the worst game for gameday to select in the history of college game day. I mean the selection is bare for this weekends games but why not Auburn and Texas A & M?
Who judges a team by what the half-time score is? The last time I checked the final the score is the one that matters
Keep in mind Indiana lost their starter Pennix so that Indiana team that played Cincy is way better than the team OSU faced.
Penn State’s QB was probably too injured to play and it showed. That begs the question was the backup that bad he couldn't have pulled out a victory against the worst team(on paper) in the conference?
I meant this Saturday. 10/30 is going to be loaded with good matchups
I wonder where Gameday will go next weekend? Next week's slate of games makes this past Saturday look like week 1.
SEC play just began. Most likely they would have played their cupcake OOC games non-power 5 teams and cupcake mid-tier ACC opponent.
Maybe! But I'm sure as a UGA FAN you can recognize that teams improve throughout the season. If UGA PLAYED Clemson now they would blow them out not lose by a touchdown. I think if OSU played Oregon next week we would blow them out. UGa isn't the same was in week one and OSU isn't either. A smart football fans can recognize that.
If you have watched enough college football in your lifetime you never want too much stock in how teams look the first 4 weeks. Since then OSU changed who called their defensive plays and also are using our 5 star freshmen running back more and that seems to have changed our team. I’m not saying OSU has a chance to win the NGC but honestly they might have the only offense outside the SEC to compete against Alabama or Georgia. That’s about it though. They don’t have the defense like they did two years ago to win anything this year but someone has to be in the team number 3 and team number 4 and it’s my going to be another SEC team. Sure the hell isn’t going to be a PAC 12 team.
It’s an interesting theory. That said I think it would have been a different game if they have the QB who has won the last two games in. He seems to be the better QB than the guy who was starting against Arkansas
I agree actually! Granted I think the big ten east is harder than you think but they should schedule an elite OOC team. To our credit, it's usually a lot more difficult than Alabamas OOC schedule.
I guess you can nitpick it and say 2014-2016/2017 aka SEC least days.
I don't put as much into teams playing down to their competition. What separates Saban from everyone else is his teams never play down to the competition so you don't get these lackluster wins as some teams do. I would have to look at Oregon's schedule but I can't see them losing in a very weak PAC 12. I will admit if I'm wrong but Oregon’s conference is going to save them.
For starters, I think this is the deepest the SEC has been since 2008 which is a nice change from let's say 2014 to 2018 when outside of Alabama the SEC was pretty mediocre. Unfortunately when you play the this team would have 3 or 4 losses in the SEC its such a hypothetical that we can't prove unless we had a super conference that looks like the NFL.
That's what I love about the first four weeks of college football. Every week is an overreaction because we just don't know. For example, a couple of weeks ago Georgia's win over Clemson looked remarkable and season-defining. Now it just looks like they beat an above-average ACC team so that win doesn't look as good now. It is the same thing with Iowa’s first two wins. Both IU and ISU we're ranked now it looks like both are middle-of-the-pack teams.