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The problem with Florida State and making that claim is that they were never really battle-tested defensively throughout the season. Going against a front 7 like Michigan would have been a shock for them and Travis. The thing about Georgia is outside of Orange Bowl when they went up against their 3rd string they never really proved their dominance. They blew out Ole Miss after Dart was injured and they did blow out Tennesee but let's be honest, Tennesee would have been a better team if they started their back up instead of Joe Milton. A Joe Milton-led UT team doesn't beat Iowa by 30 plus. Whenever they faced an elite opponent they lost
That's a good question. I'll admit up until Ohio State and Penn State lost I was going to root for Alabama but the conference needed to save face so I rooted for Michigan. I think because of Ohio State losing you had Ohio State fans root for Michigan. I think the majority now will flip their support to Washington
This isn't a knock on Washington but it appears they are the first college football team to attribute their playoff success to the transfer portal. 4 or 5 years ago a school like this probably doesn't make the playoffs.
With the expanded playoffs you’ll get more and more of that. My criticism of the college football postseason has been that it gave the most talented team an advantage because they get over a month to prepare for one game. That's why historically speaking you saw fewer upsets in the bowl season than you do in the regular season. It's possible the days of the dynasties in college football as we know it are over
By the looks of this Texas and Washington game, I was probably right. Just like like last year TCU should have been 4th and Ohio State should have been 3rd. I think you have to look at the quality of wins and not just one game. Outside of Alabama, Texas’s only good wins are against Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Alabama had Ole Miss, UT, LSU, and Georgia.
Alabama was better than the 4th ranked team. I’ll say this and this might be a debate for another article but as much as the committee got it right with the top 4, they still can’t get the 1st through 4th correct. Texas should have been 4th and Alabama should have been 3rd. I get the head-to-head but Alabama had better regular-season wins. That should have accounted for something
Don't confuse a bunch of motivated players for talent. Unmotivated talented teams Will still beat opponents like New Mexico State
I've come on here on and off for 5 years and is the biggest Ohio State hater on here and it's not close. Not sure if he's still salty about LSU losing to Ohio State back in 87(technically it was a tie but it cost them a shot at the NC) and 88 but, you would think beating the overrated Jim Tresell-era Buckeyes in 07 would have made up for it lol
Just a disclaimer i made a comment on another article that basically made the argument that as someone who didn't really pay attention to college football back in 2004 looking back it makes no sense that OU got in over Auburn. Just semantic though…you say barely beat Virginia Tech? They beat them by 11. Did you mean thar Auburn barely beat them? Either way most of Bob Stoops teams were so overrated back then and it’s a shame Auburn got screwed. It seems like they have been screwed a few other times because of NCAA sanctions and AP voters.
If you think about it that resembles the USC team of that time which you are correct became the blueprint of Alabama and LSU teams from 06 to 12. They had an elite defense filled with multi year NFL starters and two NFL running backs Im still shocked to this day that none of those running backs from Auburn and USC lived up to the hype in the pros
So as someone who really wasn't paying attention to college football back in 2004…why did Oklahoma get in over Auburn? Looking at their schedule Auburn had one more win over a top 25-ranked team and granted I don't think the SEC back then wasnt what it was after 2006 but it appears they did beat some better teams.
Lol Losing McCord won't be the reason Ohio State loses if they do. If they do it's the recurring issue of the bowl season for teams with more NFL draft prospects opting out. Missouri will probably have fewer opt-outs since they don't have as much NFL talent. This game next year would be a playoff matchup so this won't be an issue going forward so it just is what it is. Doesn't do Missouri any favors because if they do win they are essentially going to be facing the second-string offense. If the lose then it looks even worst
Y’all ready for 2024 roster preview season aka bowl season?!
That's ironic you bring that up because Louisville's coach was Purdue's coach last season lol. Idk man beating a Louisville team by 10 isn't the same thing as beating them by over three touchdowns. I'm assuming you watched the game, it was tight until the end. Does Tate starting make a difference? That's the unfortunate part about it, we don't know thanks to undisciplined Florida players from the week before
I hate how FSU has a legitimate reason why they underperformed last night playing their 3rd string QB. If Tate Rodemakwr starts and they beat Louisville by 3 or more touchdowns I would say they deserve to be in but there is too much risk putting them in. I am sure Florida State is a program that is consistently going to be in the 12-team Playoff so maybe the committee just looks at it that way and replaces them with Texas or Alabama at the 4th spot
Washington has a red flag that's consistent with past teams who went into the playoffs and got blown out. That is they have a ton of close wins and they don't blow a lot of the lower-tier teams in their conference. That was the case with last year's TCU team and the 2021 Michigan team. They are in and deserve too but don't be surprised if they get blown out especially if they play Alabama.
Ironically Georgia & Oklahoma game that was supposed to happen might cost Georgia a spot in the final 4. They would have beat OU(most likely) and it would give them the edge over Texas
I remember people saying the same the thing before the 4 team playoff but looking back at it did break up the streak of consecutive years of the SEC dominance in the BCs era from 07 until 2013. From 2014 until 2018 you had 3 different conferences win it. The flaw in the college football postseason system is that it stacks the deck for the most talented teams which does favor the most elite teams. The bottom line the more games you have to play the harder it is for the same team to win especially when you only have a week to prepare. Giving a team a month to prepare for one game will always favor the more talented team. That's why historically speaking you'll see more upsets in the regular season.
Another thing to keep in mind is that Penn State had a really bad loss to Michigan where they were blown out 49 to 10! Ohio State was left out with a really bad blowout loss to Purdue in 2018 even though they had one loss and were better than say the 2018 Notre Dame team so outside of 2014 the committees have never let Ohio State in if they didn't deserve it.
Not with consistent top 5 to 10 recruiting classes! Expanding the Big Ten helps a program Like Ohio State because it will help them become more battle-tested and yeah long gone are the days of going 11-0 but going back to my original comment that won’t matter because of the expanded playoffs. That's a poor take that really makes no sense once you think about it logically but also could be what I call a trollish take
The big 10 worst top to bottom? I think you can say it's the ACC especially with their second-best team losing against a mid-Kentucky team. The problem with the Big Ten is that our second-tier programs have fallen off I think a big factor is the shift in demographics has finally caught up with the likes of Michigan St and Wisconsin so I'm ecstatic to get the 4 Pac-12 teams to make up for it. If you are looking for chaos next weekend Iowa might bring it to you. Football is all about matchups and they have a defense that matches up well against Michigan's offense. I know I will be rooting for them and I would rather see no Big Ten team in the final 4 rather than have Michigan there. I'm so glad we are switching to a 12-team playoff and it will make the final month a lot more interesting. The debate of who is the best team won't be as intense anymore since it won't matter as much since every Power 4 conference will have a team in the playoffs. I think that is going to be strange because that has been such a part of college football.
I think one's opinion on Gus Johnson is generational. I think if you are younger than 45 40 you really like him. I noticed the older generation isn't as into him. Outside of him, I always like when Tim Brando and Spencer Tillman are calling a game.
ESPN announcers have really fallen off over the years. I personally think Fox has better play-by-play and color commentators nowadays.
Hahahah! That's funny. I'm a college football fan but of course a Big Ten fan but I'm so glad we are getting the 4 Pac 12 programs. Idk if CBS would have wanted to carry the Big Ten games without USC and UCLA hopping on board first. I hate to say it because not too long ago our second-tier programs were still going strong. The shifting demographics have caught up to our better schools like Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Iowa and so they have fallen off.
Is there offense that bad or is it bad and conservative play-calling by the HC when he plays elite teams? I refuse to believe that Penn State's offense was that bad when they put up 55 against Maryland the previous week. Penn State reminds me of Ole Miss, they can beat the lesser competition but they can't beat the best teams in their conference. The only difference is I think Franklin is a fraud and Kiffin is legit. Franklin will be exposed next season because Penn State might have the hardest schedule in the nation next year. They play OSU, Michigan, USC, Washington, and UCLA.
So what does he believe will happen to Florida State? That they will lose to Florida or the ACC championship against Louisville?
There is NO WAY there will be two teams selected from one conference this year because I don't see Florida State or Oregon losing the rest of the season. Another thing I didn't really see is Michigan “manhandling” Penn State. I saw a one-score football game until 4 mins into the 4th quarter. It might be an overreaction to say they look like a different team without Stallions but they looked like a team that hasn't been battle-tested all season. The playoff teams will be 1. Georgia 2. Ohio State. 3. Oregon. 4. Florida State.
If it weren’t for the Big Tens obsession with tradition and playing in the Rose Bowl they might have won it in 1994. That Penn State team was stacked on offense.
Now we know what we know about the sign stealing, i am side-eyeing Michigan’s MOV over every opponent they have had this season haha. There is no way Michigan should have beat them like they did playing in a hostile and loud away game environment.
Penn State has done what UK hasn’t which is beat up lower competition. UK had two close games against Eastern KY and Akron. Penn State had one close game against Indiana but they are deceptively bad. 5 of their losses are against top 15 teams including Louisville who they only lost to by a touchdown.