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The ACC was so down this year there is nowhere else to go but up but that conference is going to be vastly improved. Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida State, and NC pretty much return all their starters and Louisville is going to be very improved. Unfortunately, Clemson is going to be ridiculously talented with especially with who is returning so I don't see a loss but it will be harder to accuse them of not playing anyone.
Agree to disagree but you might feel a little different if it happens to a LSU player in a big game.
BC and V-Tech finished the season as both ranked teams and pretty talented if you look at their rosters so I don't know if that is a good argument. It's not like LSU didn't have some close games
I see what you said after rereading it but Boston College was still a good team that year. BC ended up beating a ranked UGA team in the Music City bowl that season and had 3 NFL lineman that started. They also played the game in Boston in November which can't be easy if you are from south Florida.
I think it was legit and should have been penalized I just don't think they should be DQed.
Every year is different in college football so I dont know about that. One thing that will be different with next years Clemson team is they will be a lot more battle-tested than last year because the ACC will be vastly improved and they play Notre Dame.
Bama with Tua you can probably make that case but, they weren't the second-best team without him. Without him they turned into maybe the SEC's 4th best team
I think they should reevaluate the targeting rule in college football as far as players getting DQed because it can be a game-changer. I am not going to cry for Clemson considering the irony of that situation but that middle LB getting DQed changed the game from a potential classic to a semi-blowout. Their D was never the same after that and it was obvious
You must be thinking of another season because they beat Boston College 18-7 in 2001 which was a pretty decent team that year
I have always thought it was because of Albert Means? That player that got Alabama on a 2 year bowl ban and sanction in the early 2000s
Every year at least one Big Ten team will beat an SEC team, this is something that is not out of the ordinary
Not saying you are technically wrong because on a talent level they couldn't compete every week but how hard would it be for an SEC team to have to play a night game in Utah in November?
KirbySmart is right but what I think the NCAA should mandate is that all conferences play 9 game schedules which in theory could have helped out Bama clinch a potential playoff spot because instead of playing Southern Miss they could have played against Florida or Georgia. Another thing I would have them mandate is that every power 5 conference team must play at minimum one power 5 conference team in its OOC schedule.
I'm sorry but you sound like you don't pay attention to college football outside of your team! They have beat two top twenty team's now I will give you that Cincinatti might only be a good team on paper but Wisconsin is a better team than you think. They may not look fast but they always have good lines on both sides of the football. That is why they always beat or will play an SEC team competitive when they match up in the regular season or bowl games.
Yeah I don't know if we should go back to a bcs-like formula to choose the top 4 but I don't know if I can trust a panel of people who have natural human bias and unscientific eye-tests to determine their top 4.
I think the committee is putting emphasis on SOS and good wins over losses so if Minnesota can win out and beat two top 25 teams in Iowa and Wisconsin they will surpass Alabama in the polls. I think they might punish Alabama for playing Duke this year it their OOC schedule and not drawing a hard cross divisional opponent.
I think the committee is putting a lot of emphasis on SOS and win good wins over a good loss so I think they might shock everyone and put Georgia at 4 and Alabama at 5.
Arkansas should think about going to the Big 12 along with Missouri. It be a better fit culturally speaking(remember they used to be part of the SWC) and would have a better chance at long term success. They are at a disadvantage recruiting wise in the SEC because they don't have the athletes in their state like the other SEC schools and they also lack a big metropolitan area to get recruits from.
Still had a harder OOC schedule then Bama LOL. Duke(4-4) New Mexico State (0-8) SC(3-5) Southern Miss(5-3) Ole Miss(3-5) Texas A & M(5-3) UT (3-5) ARk (2-6)
Thats not the point, but if you are going to hate on OSU for their schedule but don't apply the same standards to Alabama who isn't playing a legit top 25 team until November
Who has Bama played this season that is any good?
The only reason why they remained ranked after they should have lost to Ark. was for ratings! I don't understand his bias against the Big Ten. It's had it weak years but this year its stronger then the Pac 12, ACC and even Big 12. The Sec is also pretty weak this year.
If you are holding OSU to that standard then why not Bama because who the heck have they played? As far as OOC schedule, yes it was weak but I would argue that Cincinnati could probably beat Duke and the American has better teams then the ACC this year. Bama isn't even playing a top 25 team until LSU.