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I liked it but I did say the same thing about the AAF. One thing I did notice is the QB play is a lot better which makes the games more watchable. A couple of things I think the AAF did right that the XFL could pick up on was putting teams in non-NFL cities(which could happen with expansion) and those teams having the first-rights to players who played college football locally.
People criticize ND fans for being delusional about their program and living in the past but in my opinion, Nebraksa fans might be the most delusional. At least ND has come back to a certain point in the past 10 years but Nebraska hasn't been relevant since the early 2000s. I never understood how and why Nebraska become a blue-blood program with the lack of in-state talent so bare it makes Iowa look like Texas! Entitled fans that they get rid of coaches after 9 and 10 win seasons(Pelinni and Solich) but their fan base escapes criticism! Why? Because they are nice? I don't get it.
In FSU's defense, they always had a tough OOC schedule with Miami, Spurrier's Florida teams, and Lou Holtz's Notre Dame teams
Plus at one point the SEC EAST was the more dominant division back in the 90s and the early 2000s.
Bringing up past games in college football from 20 to 30 years ago is irrelevant when we are talking about the present. If we went by that logic than you would agree that we would win the SEC West b/c we are 2-0 against that division since 2010
I wouldn't put UT and most years the two Miss. schools in the same category as LSU, Auburn or even A & M. They will have some good years but most of the time they are just around a 500 team or worse.
Other words the 3rd best team in the Big Ten East barely lost to the second-best team in the SEC east in 2018
yeah in our version of the SEC east, the Big Ten west haha
Didn't Mizzou win it twice since they have been in the SEC?
generally, its easier on the better team when they have weeks to prepare versus one week that is why upsets and close games happen. Give a team 2 or 3 weeks to prepare the more talented team will usually always win out.
Expand the playoffs by 6 and you will get two SEC teams but lets be honest the SEC east has been so weak for the past decade that most years they didnt deserve two teams. This year was the strong the SEC has been since maybe 2012 so you are just a prisoner of the moment
You arent a logical football fan if you believe the ACC was stronger than the Big Ten considering Virginia would be a 7-5 team in the Big Ten and they were the second best team in the ACC lol. By the way I will be the firs to criticize OSU for its weak OOC schedule the past 3 years but if you just spend a minute researching before you wrote that comment you would see this year we are playing Oregon at Oregon. Not some neutral site BS but AT Eugene
"Do you guys even remember when datboi became coach and W. Virginia laid 70 points on you, in the Orange bowl ?" College football is a what have you done lately sport, no point in bringing up games from what? 8 years ago when most the Clemson players were in middle and elementary school haha. Why do SEC fans bring up old games from a decade ago like that has any bearing on 2020 or anything recent.
SOS is an overrated argument. When you have a top 5 recruiting classes every year and have first-round draft picks almost every year you can win anywhere. Look at the Miami teams and USC teams of the 2000s, they might have not had the toughest schedule but if you look at the rosters of those teams they would have won anywhere.
You wont get any argument with me about the poor reffing but I do put some blame on the coaching decisions by Day and Dobbins injury for that loss. That said, I wrote this before they released their schedule and they don't play any of those teams I mentioned(with exception to FSU). They do play Notre Dame in South Bend in November which for a southern teams isn't going to be easy. Usually southern teams go to South Bend in September or October at the latest.
The ACC was so down this year there is nowhere else to go but up but that conference is going to be vastly improved. Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida State, and NC pretty much return all their starters and Louisville is going to be very improved. Unfortunately, Clemson is going to be ridiculously talented with especially with who is returning so I don't see a loss but it will be harder to accuse them of not playing anyone.
Agree to disagree but you might feel a little different if it happens to a LSU player in a big game.
BC and V-Tech finished the season as both ranked teams and pretty talented if you look at their rosters so I don't know if that is a good argument. It's not like LSU didn't have some close games
I see what you said after rereading it but Boston College was still a good team that year. BC ended up beating a ranked UGA team in the Music City bowl that season and had 3 NFL lineman that started. They also played the game in Boston in November which can't be easy if you are from south Florida.
I think it was legit and should have been penalized I just don't think they should be DQed.
Every year is different in college football so I dont know about that. One thing that will be different with next years Clemson team is they will be a lot more battle-tested than last year because the ACC will be vastly improved and they play Notre Dame.
Bama with Tua you can probably make that case but, they weren't the second-best team without him. Without him they turned into maybe the SEC's 4th best team
I think they should reevaluate the targeting rule in college football as far as players getting DQed because it can be a game-changer. I am not going to cry for Clemson considering the irony of that situation but that middle LB getting DQed changed the game from a potential classic to a semi-blowout. Their D was never the same after that and it was obvious
You must be thinking of another season because they beat Boston College 18-7 in 2001 which was a pretty decent team that year
I have always thought it was because of Albert Means? That player that got Alabama on a 2 year bowl ban and sanction in the early 2000s
Every year at least one Big Ten team will beat an SEC team, this is something that is not out of the ordinary
Not saying you are technically wrong because on a talent level they couldn't compete every week but how hard would it be for an SEC team to have to play a night game in Utah in November?
KirbySmart is right but what I think the NCAA should mandate is that all conferences play 9 game schedules which in theory could have helped out Bama clinch a potential playoff spot because instead of playing Southern Miss they could have played against Florida or Georgia. Another thing I would have them mandate is that every power 5 conference team must play at minimum one power 5 conference team in its OOC schedule.
I'm sorry but you sound like you don't pay attention to college football outside of your team! They have beat two top twenty team's now I will give you that Cincinatti might only be a good team on paper but Wisconsin is a better team than you think. They may not look fast but they always have good lines on both sides of the football. That is why they always beat or will play an SEC team competitive when they match up in the regular season or bowl games.