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@bulldog he won’t be eligible until next year, he does fit the mold as a running back who would be selected in the first round in the modern NFL because he’s a good receiver. On paper I would agree about Alabama’a front 7 but how is their secondary? They seemed to struggle with offenses that have speed on the outside like UT and LSU.
You are correct they haven’t played a QB with the same speed as Duggan. I’m not seeing that comparisons of the 06 matchup against Florida though? Back then the SEC was a physical run-first conference so they saw a lot of physical teams before they played OSU. The most physical team in the Big 12 is Kansas State who TCU lost too yesterday.
Utah lost to a mediocre Florida team. The reason the PAC-12 looks good this year is because the 12-6 teams were worse than usual. Big Ten was no juggernaut and it was probably the worst in over 20 years. The top three teams were better than last season. Penn State is way better and if you go by common opponent they beat Auburn at around the same margin of score as Bama and Georgia did. I’m not saying they are as good of a team as those two but something to think about when you evaluate them. Overall that your comment is just a bad and over-emotional take
I hate the not ranked at the time debate. South Carolina ended ranked that’s all that counts. The only argument against Tenn is that their QB is out and with Milton that team is probably a 7 or 8 win team
That’s a tough call because their coaching and play-calling is better, overall talent the Buckeyes trump them. If Jaxon-Njigba plays their is probably 3 first round draft picks that are starting with Henderson at tailback. The only big edge I would give TCU is their QB is more mobile and therefore a more dangerous weapon then Stroud is. You shut him down in the passing game then his talent level drops quick
When we expand the playoff we should just get rid of the conference championships and replace that week with the first round of the playoff. There is no point to them anymore now that the playoffs are expanded and the bowls don’t have automatic qualifiers anymore
I’ve been watching Alabama and UGA all season. Osu would match up very well against Alabama but not Georgia. Alabama has had trouble with teams that have good recovering corps and one could make the case we have the best receiving corp in the nation especially with Jaxon Smith-Nijigba starting. Georgia on the other hand is like Michigan except with better wide receivers and QB.
ND’s defense is their strength! It’s their QB and coaches lack of experience that was their downfall this season. ND has some projected first round draft picks starting, if they would have had a decent QB they could have easily been 11-1
That’s the appeal of college football, teams change on a yearly basis! Now more than ever with the transfer portal.
This Michigan teams is not the same team as last year, they have a better and faster QB(which was michigans biggest issue last year) and their running backs have more speed. That said I can agree with everything else you said
I’ve been side-eyeing him ever since he lost us the game against Clemson in the playoffs back in 2019. He’s almost as overrated as Jim Tresell
It just proves what I’ve always said that the committee has recency bias by putting UT at number 10 over teams they beat in Alabama and LSu. Usc will probably jump lsu if they beat Notre dame this weekend. I’ve said this for years but I wouldn’t mind going back to a system like the BCS to decide the playoff teams which take the negative aspects of human decision making out which biases like recently bias
That was some “Big Ten Late November weather” that invaded Lexington. Granted it is pretty far north compared to the rest of the SEC so I can imagine you get your cold games. Does it usually get that windy there in November is what I’m wondering?
@thats an interesting depends on who's left! Say TCU loses two games and USC has two losses then I think you would have no choice but to take OSU alongside UT from the SEC as there 3rd and 4th team. With that kind of scenario happening I wish the Big Ten would follow the Pac-12s lead and do a top-two championship over divisions. It is better for the conference
I think it’s more so USC over Clemson if they win out. They win out they will have 3 wins over ranked teams and at the end of the season that means a lot to the committee because UCLA, ND and the PAC 12 runner up(who will most likely be Oregon) will all finish ranked. I think the committee will use any rationalization to keep two SEC teams out….mainly to avoid rematches. That said I can easily see USC losing next week because that’s what PAC 12 teams do so this might be all a moot point come next week
I’ll say this about that scenario I think outside of Ohio State, Michigan and Penn state who are better then last year the rest of the Big Ten is so down they don’t deserve two teams. Michigan played such a weak non-conference schedule they don’t deserve to get in with one-loss
The PAC 12 got rid of divisions(something the Big Ten needs to do) so right now as long as USC wins out they will be in. Oregon and Utah play next week so that will eliminate one from going to the championship
I think it’s a good possibility that two SEC teams get in however if you look at the years the SEC had two teams in the playoffs it was because the other conference champs had two losses. The committee hasn’t put a one loss non-sec champ in over a one loss non-SEC conference champ. Does that happen this year? Maybe but I wouldn’t be surprised if the committee puts in a one-loss USC or a one loss Clemson(especially if ND wins out) over Tennessee. I think what hurts Tennessee is their remaining games are against the SEC’s worst teams so recency bias might play a role.
Idk if that is factored in the rankings. It hasn’t happened yet but when the field expands to 12 you’ll have to have some rematches
I HATE HATE(a pet peeve) ranked at the time talking point. The only ranking that matters is at the end of the season. If that’s the case than Ohio State has a top 5 win over a ranked team because ND was 5th ranked when we beat them. They aren’t a 5th ranked team as we learned after the fact
@Dawgs2021 I'm not going to say OSu could beat Georgia without Jaxon Smith/Njigba. That said the whole Buckeyes haven't beaten anybody who doesn't hold water anymore after what Notre Dame did to Clemson. Penn State was a good and win if you go by the “similar opponent test”. They beat Auburn by pretty much the same score as UGA did. I am not suggesting they are as good as Georgia by any means! Just that beating Penn State is beating “somebody”
Here is one BIG thing people need to keep in mind about the rankings. The only time a one-loss non SEC champion got in to the playoffs was because the other conference champions had two losses.
Yeah, every team has one or two bad wins! Granted this post was more in defense of TN rather than OSU. I would argue their close win against a 3-6 Kent State team is worse than a close win against a NW team. It is what it is ??‍♂️
ND could easily be 8-1 right now. Keep in mind it's the same team.that manhandled UNC. That UNC team beat Pitt easily! The same Pitt team who lost to UT by a touchdown
That's the point! They are a slower team so the weather neutralizes speed
This is in defense of TN! I can't defend Ryan Days horrible playcalling in the first half and bad day all round for OSU
People in the south and west don't know how rainy and windy conditions for a football make teams with speed look slow. It's the ultimate equalizer
Big Ten November football weather! Weather like that is why most people look to move come November to February. That kind if the weather makes any team with speed look slow. Tennessee got a taste of that kinda weather Saturday. Having lived in both Ohio and Georgia that kinda weather doesn't happen often on a fall Saturday. Georgia has the better offense for wet and slippery fields. When you have weather conditions like that the more physical team will always win over the team that has more speed.