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I'm calling bs on you saying you knew ole miss was in trouble before first game vs UF. You said there was no way in hell ole miss was losing to UF.
Great game. We probably should have stopped the pass right before halftime. We played poorly in first half but credit LSU for that. Mac made some good adjustments at half. Should be able to win the east and maybe get you guys again later
So Baylor has a more impressive win than Florida. I think your rankings are close to spot on but Baylor hasn't beaten anyone. I could be wrong but I think LSU is a little overrated right now,I'd like to see how they respond if fournette is held in check. That may not happen but I gotta believe someone is gonna make LSU have to throw the ball
I totally agree with you,bmd581. We gotta take it one week at a time. This game scares the crap out of me.
No arguing huh, how bout that UF is leader in tackles for loss and 2nd in sacks in sec against better competition than mizzou
All I wanna know is where is armyguy lol