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For 7 years, 80% of semi-final games sucked. By all means, let's add quarter-final games to improve the playoffs.
the only thing you got wrong is the end. Guaranturnover won't throw the pick 6, but only because the Vandy player will trip over his own feet at the six yard line with two seconds to go. Vandy sends in Fuller for the winning field goal. Kick is extremely low, but UT gets a hand on it which sends it up and over the crossbar. Next day, entire team quits in shame.
Man, I bet you're fun at parties. Assuming you've ever been to one.
Fact: you got all pissy over a joke, like a Yankee douchebag.
Gifted UT? Surely you just. Or did you mean to type 'gifted USC'? 14 points on goal line phantom touchdowns.
Or at least a full game against Tennessee.
"with the Tennessee game ending in controversial fashion)." Why are you guys still trying to peddle this $#!t?
I think you just answered why he thinks like he does.
This makes me hope for Meeeeshigan to make the playoffs. Just to see this "matchup", and the blubbering excuse-fest that would come afterward.
Matt Hayes, check your research. Tennessee isn't on the verge of any history. UT lost to Florida last year. And Alabama. And LSU. And Kentucky. And Vandy. And...
Don't worry Florida fans. You're playing Tennessee next week. We'll do what we do best and Franks will be a Heisman front runner come Sunday morning.
Whatever the reason for being there, it'll certainly be easier to watch your opponent convert 3rd and 22 from the press box.
Great play, but can we talk about the person who apparently doesn't know how to hold their phone when videoing? Turn it sideways, people!
I'd rather see a somewhat deserving 10-2 team left out than a definitely undeserving 9-3 team get in any day of the week and twice on Sunday. the playoff is good at 4 teams.
Totally agree. MSU got royally jobbed on that no call. Those refs should never work again after that BS.
That's like saying part of me would love to see Johnny Majors come back to run the offense. Off tackle, left. Off tackle, right. Up the middle. Punt.
Hey, gatorsaredumbas$#it, his math is fine and your reading comprehension is terrible because that is exactly what he said. Even if we lose next 2, you guys have to win the rest to see Atlanta.
I think we earned a little karmic swingback with the Fooley years.
don't forget the three titles we had under Majors, as well. We have more titles than any other school not named Bama and 4 outright and one shared since Kensucky even had a piece of one. Their only outright title was 1950. Of course, what should one expect when dealing with someone who uses their IQ as their screen name.
Anyone else think Dave Ammenheuser was hanging out with Steve Sarkesian before he made his predictions?
Not me. I want my victories like I want my apartment... 100% legit.
Or alternate explanation: Kelly's off-balance because Jerkgia player won't give up and he has two places to put his foot - Amaechi's helmet or another Vol's calf. I think he made the right choice.
Thank you, Bob Stoops, for recognizing that managing to beat an SEC team is a better and more important win than the National Championship.
I saw the video the other day, but until now I just thought it was Georgia recruit highlight reel.