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The Fans wife was probably banging Guarantano and mad that he was so upset with the QB.
Have you been in prison? CBS is terrible with the broadcast. They use two numbskulls as broadcasters who don't know the SEC.
I guess you are a little needy of a win since Georgia and LSU have beaten your Florida team.
Coach O is great for the SEC! first, but Coach O fan second. Go Tigahs! National champs!
Why do you make a moronic statement? UGA fans are not mad at USC hire.
USC is just an occasional upset team. They will never be an Alabama or Georgia. Never an elite program.
1. Finebaum is a Tennessee MORON 2. he hates Saban 3.Kirby is a good coach, but seems to be locked in 1980's football, where you run the football down the opponents throat. Andre Swift was the offense for Georgia. The offensive line was the best. Fromm had plenty of time to pass the ball, just could not connect with ends. He won't have as good of offense line next year.
Finebaum knew what he was doing. He is a suckup to ESPN, COACHES. He will say what ESPN tells him to say. He is a puppet. Updyke needs to pay his fine, who cares about his health. Pay up you dirt bag.
Since Florida is dropping it's football program for soccer,why not Dan Mullin for FSU coach?
Yes, but Florida can't get a chance to play Bama, until they can beat GEORGIA!
Urban Meyer is not going back to Florida. He wants to coach football. My anonymous sources say, Florida is dropping football for soccer!
The Ritter coaches must have been using the Democrat playbook. Lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes. Sad, this is where we are in this country.
Be real, don't be emotional. Auburn does not have the talent of a Georgia or Alabama. Keep Malzahn as your coach.
Just as I said last week. Alabama and Georgia will meet in Atlanta. LSU was not talented enough to beat Alabama. The LSU win over Georgia was a fluke.
Moron, are you talking about Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge? Home of the Mullet.
Yes, and you go into your games hoping to not get embarrassed. Humble yourself, or let Alabama humble you.
The Dawgs got beat, but LSU won't make it to SEC championship game. Alabama will play Georgia for the SEC Championship.
Leave it to a MORON Gator to make such a statement. How much enabling did Urban Meyer do at Florida for murdering nut case HERNANDEZ?
Not so sure Auburn would be considered an elite program! Now Alabama,Georgia,Florida, LSU,now these are elite schools. Auburn has been lucky this year,not deserving of playoff consideration because they have 2 losses.I think Malzahn leaves Auburn.
Daddy Bama's sloppy seconds beat you 41-0.That won't work.
Don't be bitter Rocky Top. If you don't sign a coach, there is always soccer. It is growing in the US. Your stadium would be perfect!
Question, who is the idiot that came up with the National Championship Trophy design? He should be fired along with the guy who hired him. Was the Crystal Football not affordable anymore? The new trophy looks like a traffic cone turned upside down,with the bottom in the shape of a football.
Bayou Tiger, You are so right. Take conference champions, and make it 6 team playoff. The committee thing is fixed. It is about money and crowd draw and ESPN influencing the outcome so that the BIG 10, I mean the BIG 3 or 4 can be a participant in the playoff every year. As for Finebaum, he is just an ESPN Lapdog, doing what he is told.
Auburn fans are the most out of control group. They have had nothing to cheer for in years and are not good losers. When they do win, they are drunken out of control obnoxious group. Be careful Auburn, watch how you behave yourself in Atlanta. The security there will use water hoses on you. aka Georgia/Auburn.
Rumors going around Florida is dropping football program. They are having trouble finding a coach interested in the job. Concern because of all the criminal activity surrounding program.Could Soccer become Florida's big program
Jalen Hurts should win Heisman! Great representative of what an athlete should be.