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They will have a hard time finding OM doing anything wrong as recruiting goes. I think we are walking a straight line on that for a while. With him fighting just shows he has a little grit. Was it a girl he was fighting with?I sure hope not,that would be terrible.
I think they should let everyone that wants to transfer go ahead and leave now. But would the NCAA let OM replace them with new recruits?We have enough trouble without young men that really don't want to be at OM playing football.
Yeah they have no class at all so would not see any reason why anybody would want them on their team.
Yeah,State may have really ask him to leave to keep NCAA off their butts when they get finished with OM
Ok good it would have really sucked if Dan would have took Nick with him.
Would have never been mumber one if OM had not beat Bama that year. And Om was one SEC win from SEC championship that State had nothing to do with. And I don't remember any State fans thanking OM for that but your welcome anyway.
Does anyone have some kind of good news for OM Football ?
Now they need to finish the investigation good or bad and get it out of the way. We need to start climbing towards the top again.
Bama just had a bad night. Still think Bama has the better team. Bad luck in the big one. My team had it all year and not looking like it's going to get better any time soon. Bama is the last team to have anything to be ashamed of. Good year.
I think Bama gets another one. No way would I bet against Bama.
The one at Holiday Inn is just cold but kinda tells our story for a couple years now. Mississippi teams may have not done very well this year but I have to agree with the one about the girls. Definitely got some pretty girls.
Nick handles situations like this better than anybody. Haters everywhere cry because Bama is the better team. I'm all OM and Bama took care of us this year and going to take care of anybody else until they get ANOTHER N. C. Let me be the first to congratulate Bama for one more.
Would like to see Kelly get in trouble one more time before he leaves OM for whooping this whips azz. Mr. Wrong is just pissed cause it looks like all he could have played is powder puff football. And suck at that.
I think he said that #20 parents agreed to him playing so that is all that matters anyway. We won.
If the SEC-NCAA are truly concerned for the players safety they should do something about the way #7 for a certain team lowers his head on people when he is running the ball. He is definitely one of the best running backs I have ever seen but he is going to eventually hurt someone really bad or even get hurt himself. I know its football and it is a rough game but I am surprised that some of the players he has layout could even get up. I have been hit like that before and you got to get up and act like it didn't hurt while at the same time you are trying to figure out where you are. Just would hate to see any players get a life changing injury.
I'm so disappointed with OM that I would probably have them lower than that. If anyone knows the number to NCAA please call them and tell them to hurry up with our punishment because this looks like it's going to be a good year to receive our Bowl banned.
Totally agree. He must have a thing for trash. To many pretty girls at OM to be going after a meat bucket like that.
I think he will play against OM all rested up.
Sorry about the loss of the LSU community just hold on to the memories. That had to be a awesome life for a tiger to live. Whoever wrote that little poem did a great job.
I watch most of the OM game with the mute button mashed. Get tired of hearing them talk pretty quick.