Colonel Reb is Cryin'

yaw yaw yaw yaw Futbah da lsu tigas a goin all da way wi coach o. Geaux Tigers! Beat Bama!

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Georgia and Auburn look pretty good but the rest of us still suck.
Ed and Butch are both idiots. LSU and Tennessee used to ply for SEC titles, not anymore.
Look, the sooner he gets out of LSU the better. I don't care if it takes a 3-9 season to do it.
Hate to say it but I think the House that Saban Built is crumbling and LSU could soon revert to the dark days of the 90s.
Yea, BamaTime, I had hope in coach o, but now I see the light. Likable guy for Louisianians, but maybe not the best coach.
Yeah we will whip cuse, but we will probably be a 7-5 mediocre team this year.
Yes stupid penalties! Those late hits on fitz were retarded. But that offensive pass interference was a bad call. This year is reminding me of 2014. To be honest I don't care what happens the rest of the year, as long as we beat Florida.
Still, what about that defense though. At least we won't have to put up with sanctions.
Time for me to hop on my backup team: the crimson and creme boomer sooner bandwagon. OU!
This is my first comment back after being gone for a while, but this team was absolutely pathetic. Most undisciplined team I've ever seen in my life. But hey buy cheap coaches, get bad games. I like coach o as a person but now I have realized the truth that he is a bad coach. 7-5 record is my guess. Just really disappointed.
ACC would have to either kick out someone or expand to 16 teams, which would then force our league to absorb two Big 12 teams into our ranks. I say add the OK schools to the SEC and create a new version of the southwest conference for all the Big 12 rejects.
What sucks is writers getting fired because of TV ratings. Hope they get rehired soon. I will miss the college football writers. By the way, here is a list of people geting fired. Ed Werder - NFL Trent Dilfer - NFL Johnette Howard - Columnist Jeremy Crabtree - College Football Recruiting Brett McMurphy - College Football David Ching - SEC Football Derek Tyson -- SEC Football Recruiting Max Olson -- Big 12 Football Ted Miller - Pac-12 Football Brian Bennett -- Big Ten Football Austin Ward - Big Ten Football Jesse Temple - Big Ten Football Paul Kuharsky - Titans Writer (will be leaving in July) Dana O'Neil - College Basketball Eamonn Brennan - College Basketball C.L. Brown - College Basketball Mark Saxon - Baseball Jayson Stark - MLB Jim Bowden - MLB analyst Scott Burnside - Hockey Pierre LeBrun - Hockey Joe McDonald- Hockey Mike Goodman - Soccer Brendan Fitzgerald - ESPNU Anchor
If I was an employee that got fired I would defect to Fox sports, which is going up while ESPN is going down.
Absolutely. If the rich people can have the spirits flowing, why not us commoners? If Arkansas wants guns in the stadium, why can't LSU want beer? Having guns in the stadium is a retarded idea.
If Sankey thinks SEC stadiums are alcohol-free he is extremely naive. If he doesn't want it in "the general seating", we can stick it in the "club" seats. (I don't exactly remember how but there is a way to do it.) If people buy their beer from the stadium instead of just carrying in their beer, we will make a FORTUNE. There is so much alcohol consumed at the games and tailgates if the school sold beer we could probably pay off the state debt in 10 years.
Play Bama or LSU, then we can see how the Yellow Jackets really stack up.
Yep, I think Myles Garret is overrated and he will have a very tough time with the Browns.
Give it up dude, you're outnumbered and outgunned. I mean I'm all for being a homer but come on man.
Yes, Les sucked. I think now that we have actual coaches, LSU can utilize the crazy talent we have, and maybe win some games.
Still a whole lot better than the $hit show you got going on at Mizzou.