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I know. And? Never said a 3rd string QB can’t win the whole thing. I said FSU’s can’t this year. Or their backup. Just what it looked like on the field.
Nope. Needed to watch them on the field to make that decision. Why not let 13-0 Liberty in if it’s all about record?
This man is going to tell his great grandkids about the time his 10-2 rebels beat LSU and Mizzou didn’t. One for the ages.
He was cocky even when he was going 6-7. Where have you been?
Because their 3rd string QB won the B10 championship game 59-0. FSU just doesn’t pass the eye test. Their defense is outstanding tho.
You’re right. But even with their backup, I maintain my position.
Agreed. But the fact of the matter is Bama has their starting QB, and is better than FSU because of him.
No, they didn’t. It’s greatly unfortunate. I feel terrible for them. But they would not be competitive in the CFP with their 3rd string QB. Same reasoning that undefeated Liberty didn’t get in. The gap is much smaller between this current FSU team and the other teams that got in, but there’s an apparent gap nonetheless.
What does the word "commit" even mean? Like why even say it? At first he just liked us, but now he like likes us.
Missouri is clearly OVER RATED and doesn’t deserves to be ranked top 10. As many have predicted, this will be their last win of the regular season and they’ll LOSE from here on out. MARK MY WORDS.
“Elite coaches aren’t losing that game.” So what you’re saying is…
No one remembers that and no one cares
Glad you’re celebrating losses. Mizzou has more ranked wins than OM. But go ahead and hang your hat on a win that was a bounce-of-ball game for both teams (no shot at LSU, who, if had a defense, would be a natty contender).
Look far from it for me to weigh in on another program… but at least Napier’s team isn’t quitting like Mullen’s. That much is obvious.
What??? 1 minute left with the ball? That’s an eternity with a kicker that can hit from 60+. You’re crazy.
Really good game. No quit in the Gators.
This ^ but he’s either too embarrassed or to s t u p i d to figure out how to put a logo next to his name.
I don’t think it will come down to two injured players. For the first time in a while I’m not concerned with our depth. Chad Bailey (other starting LB) has been out basically all year and thru out the season we’ve had Ennis (starting corner) and D-Rob (sack leader) miss games. Cook battled thru a knee injury that happened during the K-State game and is now back at full speed. Burden has been hobbled since the Georgia game and was limited vs them, TN, and UK. 2/3 were still won in convincing fashion utilizing other guys. Cook isn’t Daniels but he doesn’t have to be. Schrader doesn’t have to be the best back if he has a line blocking for him like that. You can put anyone back there. It’s a beautiful thing.
To my knowledge he hasn't been offered / accepted any sort of contract extension which is a bit surprising. So maybe.
Yeah! And we sleep on parties too! So take that!
Not sure what’s so hard to grasp. Both 2 loss teams. You got blown out. We didn’t. The only other comp game is LSU. Both of those games came down to the final drive. Pretty simple really.
Iowa State was ranked 12th and playing pretty good ball when we played them last year.