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More stars would be nice. But who knows, this kid may be the next Nick Bolton.
Schrader might be the one player I’m most looking forward to watching. Can’t wait for him to get to the second level and truck some people.
*receiver. Would’ve been a touchdown.
I like Macon’s raw talent better but he’s made some poor decisions. I just remember him missing a wide open reviver down the middle against Georgia.
Got a feeling he’s gonna surprise a lot of people.
We’ll sh!t. As I was typing this the starting job was announced. MIZ!
I’m hoping it’s between Cook and Macon. Contrary to what’s been reported, I don’t think Drink was unhappy with his QB options. He just didn’t want to enter the season with only two QBs. I think Sam Horn is the QB of the future, but I’m just not as worried about the QB position as others. Drink if you’re reading this… we fully expect an inexperienced QB to make mistakes, we just want them to be aggressive mistakes.
Hahahahahaha God I can’t wait for September.
Lol great comment. Best of luck to the Gators this year.
"cOaCH DoRkWiTz iS A clOWn!" LOL at everyone getting mad at this. News flash: these guys play a GAME for a living. Their job is to produce entertainment. Lighten up. That was the most harmless joke I've ever heard. He was even making fun of his losses to TN. We know we got smoked last year and no, we don't care nor are we desperately hoping that TN has to vacate wins. I actually appreciate what Drink is trying to do. Mizzou doesn't have any historic rivals in the SEC. The next best thing to that is to throw some jabs at other schools and get the fan bases riled up and at least excited for the upcoming game. He's admitted as much in interviews he's done. But I guess you'd actually have to look beyond the headlines and quotes to know that, and apparently to understand his sense of humor too.
Odom is a good guy and a good DC, but he wasn’t a great HC or recruiter. He definitely hurt the program more than he helped it.
I know right… I keep reading “it’s ok tho they self-reported” and I’m over here like “are you fuking kidding me”