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Ranger Spur I love your enthusiasm but Will is not our guy. Can’t exactly say why but he has a long history as a HC now and it is all sub par. Time to move on. Yes we have had some bad turns but it then comes down to next man up. Other coaches have done more with less.
We do not want Muschamp here. Even if he does win a few games because he is not a good HC it is not in his cards to be so. Anyone can have a good year. That alone should not save his job. Then he gets an extension because ppl think he has learned something. The next 5 years he goes back to crap again. There are many up and coming great coaches. We need to find ours. History is against Muschamp ever being an elite coach.
There should be no buy out at all for poor performance. The idea of it is insane. If my buyout was as much as his, I would tell them to fire me and I would go buy an island and live happily ever after.
I do not want him here at all. He is a descent DC at best. He had some good defenses and some not so good. That comes out to average. Look at his stats. There are too many rising stars out there to invest in him.
Yeah, that is what I am concerned about.No one here wants him. Just suck it up and fire the bum.
Hopefully our next coach will have the ability to coach them up. It is great to have talent but I have seen coaches with the ability to find diamonds in the rough. Hopefully our next coach will have that ability.
I agree wholeheartedly. Muschamp was a terrible hire. No one in the Gamecock nation wanted him. We all knew he was a loser. Why he was given the contract he was for what little bit he had accomplished was an act of insanity on the behalf of Tanner. Both Tanner and Muschump should be fired.
I am willing to bet that Jake Bently is going to be a star at Utah. He should have been at USC but he had a terrible OC, HC and a average at best O-line. Jake has all of the talent in the world and I assure you he will go full beast mode this year.
Muschamp was a lazy and boring hire. No one here wanted him. I have not liked Tanner since the hire. When Will is shown the door after this season, Tanner should follow him out.
Spurrier proved that we can win a lot of games at S.C. but we have to get away from the Chump coaches and go out and get the best available guy at all costs. Chump was a terrible waste of time and $$$
Davis did not live up to his potential and he did tap out a lot. Wilds was a beast also at times but we have not had a lean on me type of back since Marcus and not too many before him with the exception of Big George. Hope to see one one of the backs this year become a stud. A lot will depend on the production from the O-line as well.
They said he was honest. They did not say he was a good coach. So, I guess they are also honest.
He is already getting his losing season excuses lined up. Everyone else will have the same hurdles to jump this season. The playing field is level. But he will have excuses. Let's just get the season over with so we can say goodbye to the loser. Hey Will, just go away!!
Dude is a baller and a good kid. Draft him Jerry!!
Some people are so thin skinned. Sick and tired of political correctness!
Don't care where he goes, as long as he just goes.
What this kid accomplished is amazing! maybe best ever? Love anyone who PUNISHES Dabo and Clempscum.
This team just dominated and destroyed almost every team they played. It was impressive to watch them play. OU is still licking their wounds. Poor Lincoln Riley is still having nightmares and will be in therapy for years to come. That was a beating. I like OU and I never would have believed they would be beat like that by any team.
F'in stupid. OBJ is a classless moron. Way to bring thuggery into what should have been a stoic and special moment for the players and coaches. Can't fix stupid.
Kinlaw is going to the NFL in spite of this coaching staff because he has the physical tools to do so. Not because of this coaching staff.
Recruiting classes mean nothing if you can’t coach. Neverchamp can’t coach. He is a descent at best coordinator. His former head coaches make him look better than he is. We have not had a good defense since he has been here. None have been better than average. Tired of hearing he is a GREAT defensive coach. The numbers do not support that.
In pictures above in Muschamp office is 1that says “drafted” with a pic of several NFL players and a caption of “Muschamp made”. How arrogant it that? Ah these guys were drafted in spite of Muschamp certainly not because of him. What an egotistical fool.