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Translation is” I donated a whole lot of money so you have to kiss my ass”.She is a legend in her own mind. Nothing to see here. What a B!
I'm really trying, but I just can't get excited about this staff. Maybe they will compliment each other well and do a great job but I'm just not feeling it.
Don’t think any name brand OC’s were interested in coming here under Beamer to run the offense. I get it, if you are a successful OC, why come to Carolina to work for a dude who has never been a HC before? Same with recruits. If I am a top recruit, I am not coming to USC. Too many unknowns right now.
Israel wishes he was half the player and half the man Swearinger is. Israel and his punk ass quitter buddy in the back end can Kiss It. You are no longer part of the Gamecock Nation.
Freeze will be a much needed improvement. Stop being childish.
What are you basing this opinion on that the offense has improved? Where? How? It is abysmal.
What pathetic and disgusting people these 2 players are. They are the stars of the defense and they quit on their team. Low moral character. I hope the NFL see them for what they are. Talented but unreliable.
Yeah great character their guys. Opt out? Pathetic. I hope it hurts your NFL stock.
USC has a lot going for it. Money, great facilities and a rabid fan base. We have always under performed, with the exception of the Spurrier years, but we have always said "we will be better next year". Same results different year. We have the tools to be successful. We just need the right leader. Spurrier proved that you can recruit great talent here and that you can dominate. Now we have to find the HC that can duplicate what Spurrier did.
Defensive mastermind my a**! Pathetic loser who was fortunate enough to coach a FEW descent defenses on teams where someone else was the HC and had final say on all decisions. He has not had any good defenses here. Why? He is supposed to be the defense guru. He is all smoke and mirrors. Scam artist extraordinaire.
Tanner,Is just as pathetic at AD as Chump is at HC. Fire them both and lets bring in some talent and start building something here.
I like the idea, just not the author. Jamie Harrison had over $100 million dumped into his campaign and he still lost. So realistically, he is a loser just like Muschump. But I will help fund the buyout. Happy to do so.
Muschump is psychotic. Seriously delusional. Dude needs some meds and a therapy monkey. He has no idea how bad he really is. In his mind, he is the man. He is just pathetic. So is Tanner for hiring this loser.
Hilinski was always the best QB. Hill only started because of his relationship with Bobo. Hill is a loser. No drive or fire in him. He is not a competitor. Hilinski is a baller if Bobo and Muschump have not ruined him. If you can bench a QB, you should be able to bench a HC. He is definitely part of the problem.
Yeah. What idiot believed that even for a second?
Tanner made this horrendous deal that has screwed the whole Gamecock nation let him figure out where to find the money to get rid of this imbecile of a coach. Then the school needs to fire Tanner and hire a real AD. Enough is enough. We should not have to suffer through another year of Muschump because Tanner is a freakin idiot.