Rebels name Lane Kiffin head coach

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I always thought Bentley was going to be great. I have been one of his biggest supporters from the beginning. I think some bad coaching held him back. Muschamp and his offensive staff have a history of holding back good QBs. I truly believe Bentley will find himself on a good team that knows how to develop him and he will do great things. Too bad it wasn’t here. Muschamp owes Bentley an apology.
No good OC is going to want to come be part of this dumpster fire knowing that Muschamp is going to probably be fired next year. Muslose is a terrible HC.
Step 1 fire Tanner for being an imbecile. Step 2 fire Muschamp who should never been hired to begin with. Yes the buyout sucks but why give this bum another year to further run our program into the ground? Just pay the man and be done with him. Worst coaching decision/ contract in school history.
Another year of mediocrity coming up 2020 due to Ray Tanners asinine decision to give Muschamp such a ridiculous buy out. Muschamp can’t coach. HC is beyond his capabilities. So we will suffer another disappointment next year before we finally fire him. Well at least that is something to look forward to. His departure.
Muschamp should have fired himself. He was a major contributor to a terrible season. Bmac should have been fired also. Muschamp will never learn.
Good luck and a God bless Jake. I still think if we ever had a descent OC/QB coach that Jake would have been the best qb we ever had.
Fire Maschamp and Tanner. They both suck at their respective jobs.
It is NEVER ok to wish or even joke about hurting a player. You crossed the line there. Your a loser just like Neverchamp.
Pray that he keeps his commit we are going to need guys like him to build something after Muschamp is gone.
We have zero chance of beating Clemsux. They have better talent on the field and on the sideline. I loathe Dabo but at least he is a winner. Something Neverchamp will never be. This game will be over by the end of the 1st quarter. Wonder is Bryan Edwards will even play? He may protect his future and sit it out because he knows they have no chance of winning with this staff and face it, besides Bryan, there is not a lot of talent on this team. No need for him to get hurt in a trump game like this and hurt his future in the NFL.
Nochamp is not a great evaluator nor developer of defensive talent. Tired of hearing that. Over the years he has had a few good defenses, but most have been not so good. See the stats. He has proven he is no HC. As stated above by someone else, he has had several offensive coordinators and none have panned out, so the problem must be him. What great OC is going to come here knowing his HC is on the hot seat and knowing the HC has had terrible luck with offensive coordinators? The only logical thing to do is to fire Neverchamp and his whole staff and start over. After you hire a new AD. Tanner started all of this by hiring a failure and then giving him a ridiculous contract. Eat the buyout and move on.
I'll take the Memphis HC. Make it happen Ray!
Wow, I feel even worse about Neverchamp after reading this. Sad but true. I loathe him and Tanner for putting us where we are now.
He has no clue. He is in over his head and he is spewing foolishness outta his mouth. I think a majority of the fan base has come to realize Muschamp is not the answer. Why in the world would Tanner choose to keep him on? If you fire him and move on, we have something to look forward to over the off season. If you choose to keep him, we will only look forward to doom and gloom for next year. He was a terrible hire. Realize it and move on.
He is a football genius. If you don’t believe me, ask him.
Idiot doesn’t realize how bad this team is. He is pointing out the frustration with the offense, but he promoted his OC. He had other options at the time and he was too stubborn to listen to everyone who said promoting B-Mac was a bad idea. Well, what does Neverchamp think now about that decision? And, the offense is not the only issue here. Our lame brained HC has not realized this yet.
Tanner needs to be fired for a terrible hire and an obscene contract he gave to Nochamp. Nochamp needs to be fired because he can’t coach and his recruits are not very talented. Piss poor evaluations.
We are getting 3 and 4 star but that designation does not make them home runs. The coaches have the responsibility of assessing talent, work ethic, intelligence ect. and they have done a piss poor job of that.
Well stated. Average talent may be ok with great coaching but we are recruiting average talent with average to sub par coaching. that is no a winning formula. Muschamp is a Neverchamp he and Tanner need to leave, NOW.