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Muschamp was a lazy and boring hire. No one here wanted him. I have not liked Tanner since the hire. When Will is shown the door after this season, Tanner should follow him out.
Spurrier proved that we can win a lot of games at S.C. but we have to get away from the Chump coaches and go out and get the best available guy at all costs. Chump was a terrible waste of time and $$$
Davis did not live up to his potential and he did tap out a lot. Wilds was a beast also at times but we have not had a lean on me type of back since Marcus and not too many before him with the exception of Big George. Hope to see one one of the backs this year become a stud. A lot will depend on the production from the O-line as well.
They said he was honest. They did not say he was a good coach. So, I guess they are also honest.
He is already getting his losing season excuses lined up. Everyone else will have the same hurdles to jump this season. The playing field is level. But he will have excuses. Let's just get the season over with so we can say goodbye to the loser. Hey Will, just go away!!
Dude is a baller and a good kid. Draft him Jerry!!
Some people are so thin skinned. Sick and tired of political correctness!
Don't care where he goes, as long as he just goes.
What this kid accomplished is amazing! maybe best ever? Love anyone who PUNISHES Dabo and Clempscum.
This team just dominated and destroyed almost every team they played. It was impressive to watch them play. OU is still licking their wounds. Poor Lincoln Riley is still having nightmares and will be in therapy for years to come. That was a beating. I like OU and I never would have believed they would be beat like that by any team.
F'in stupid. OBJ is a classless moron. Way to bring thuggery into what should have been a stoic and special moment for the players and coaches. Can't fix stupid.
Kinlaw is going to the NFL in spite of this coaching staff because he has the physical tools to do so. Not because of this coaching staff.
Recruiting classes mean nothing if you can’t coach. Neverchamp can’t coach. He is a descent at best coordinator. His former head coaches make him look better than he is. We have not had a good defense since he has been here. None have been better than average. Tired of hearing he is a GREAT defensive coach. The numbers do not support that.
In pictures above in Muschamp office is 1that says “drafted” with a pic of several NFL players and a caption of “Muschamp made”. How arrogant it that? Ah these guys were drafted in spite of Muschamp certainly not because of him. What an egotistical fool.
Congrats Luke!! Looking forward to seeing you in the garnet and black!
Nice pick. Kiffin May have something going there. Not a big fan of his but I would sure as hell welcome him at USC.
I thought We at USC had the worst AD/HC combination in the country. Vandy May be even worse. Why is this guy still a HC? High school teams have better coaches.
Muschamp is not a HC. He never will be. As stated above, he has no idea how to develop talent. I also think he is a poor evaluator of talent. We are loaded with 3 stars. They will never get us anywhere with this coaching staff because the coaches are clueless. Muschamp will fail again next year and hopefully we will finally move on from him.
I started watching Utah this year because they were playing so well. Glad Jake is going there. I am absolutely positive that he is going to be a star out there. Idiots here were too stupid to coach him up. Good luck Jake!
He will do better than Bmac, IF Muschamp does not screw things up and mind his own side of the ball.
Muschamp will continue to screw it up. It is what he does. We will be shed of him after next season.
I always thought Bentley was going to be great. I have been one of his biggest supporters from the beginning. I think some bad coaching held him back. Muschamp and his offensive staff have a history of holding back good QBs. I truly believe Bentley will find himself on a good team that knows how to develop him and he will do great things. Too bad it wasn’t here. Muschamp owes Bentley an apology.
No good OC is going to want to come be part of this dumpster fire knowing that Muschamp is going to probably be fired next year. Muslose is a terrible HC.
Step 1 fire Tanner for being an imbecile. Step 2 fire Muschamp who should never been hired to begin with. Yes the buyout sucks but why give this bum another year to further run our program into the ground? Just pay the man and be done with him. Worst coaching decision/ contract in school history.