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Gamecock receivers are a proven more talented squad, while UGA's have a way higher ceiling for their receivers, just arent really proven yet as a unit. By the end of the year UGA's receivers could be better, but as of now it goes to Carolina's. And I agree yalls oline is the key. If we cant pressure Fromm, theres no point discussing how good our receivers are.
Theres a word for someone who comments on boards with no football discussion or insight, and just tells people to shut up. That word is "troll"
Yea, you are right, but he just shows flashes of greatness like the 50 yard on the run throw perfectly placed for deebo vs NCstate. He also has an incredible football IQ that has his potential sky high. I think at the very least, he deserves to be mentioned in an article about SEC QB's right?
How do you write this article and literally have no mention of two of the best QB's in the SEC with Bentley and Fitzgerald. But somehow you mention Shurmur and Dormady.
Im not a kid. Don't be condescending. You can't use the entire history of a program to predict the current year. If you must use history, use something viable to pull from like the last decade or "since 2010." Since 2010 we are 4-3 against Tennessee. Also, I've seen about 3 or 4 of your comments, and you are either not a Carolina fan, or alot older that lived through the decades of us being terrible to average, and are used to heartbreak. We've leaped miles since then in facilities and recruiting to atleast give us the possibility of being competitive as opposed to anytime before Spurrier arrived.
lol "candy". Then what does that make the vols, who lost to 2 of the 3 teams you mentioned last year after being deemed SEC East favorites. But hey, at least you are a champion at life.
It blows my mind how arrogant Tennessee fans are about this, too. They havent won the East since ten years ago. Carolina has a more recent east win than them. They act like they are the gold standard every year for some dumb reason
You have not watched either of our games I'm assuming. Offensive looks really good and in control. Defense executes the game plan well. The article isn't saying we will win it all, just that we will definitely be competitive for it. A lot less question marks than the other three teams.
How do you have practice squad players on here, but miss Patrick Demarco who actually contributes to the Falcons success?
Glad I read this first. I was going to say the exact same thing. I'm starting to think the "experts" aren't really paying attention.
The difference is with LSU's talent level, they SHOULD run the table. Muschamp is making the most out what he has.
I'm finally a little optimistic with Bentley in there. We need this win, but we tend to drop games after big wins (i.e. losing to Kentucky after beating #1 Alabama). We will see, but good luck to Mizzou as well. Should be a close game.