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This is a great move for the Browns. If CR is the head coach it takes away all the unrealistic expectations Browns fans have of a 6-10 season. If they get anywhere near 5 wins next year with CR it would automatically be viewed as exceeding expectations.
This game was actually closer than the score would indicate. While the questionable calls by the officiating crew hurt, the receiving corp and coaching hurt the team more. GA tried to strip the ball every play, receivers have to know that and be prepared. They were not Receivers were dropping balls like catching one was going to invite getting hit. It does, but this is football. They need to toughen up and commit to the catch first and then the run. The Offense again failed to make adjustments in game. Lock is a pocket passer but a few quick slants, and maybe some designed rollouts designed to extend the passing clock would have helped. Does anyone teach safeties and corners how to tackle anymore? This was a game that was winnable. Surprisingly our offense outscored their offense. Throw in a few tackles and some better coaching and this was a "W"
Last night was everyone's worst nightmare. During the first two weeks, the Tigers were feasting on cupcakes and many, myself included, were hoping the offense was holding something back and the defensive lapses were one off plays. Last night showed that the Defense, and specifically the play calling, were examples of coaches who cannot recognize what is taking place and make adjustments. Zone coverage and a four man rush with no blitzes was asking for to get lit up and they were. This coming saturday will be THE test for this team, but right now, the line should be GA -17 and I still wouldnt take Mizzou because I cannot see this defense keeping GA under 50.
Depending on how Missouri, Kentuck, LSU and Auburn do, Ga will have a nice resume if they can make it into the SECCG. If they make it there, win or lose, their SOS will be better than Clemson, tOSU, and possibly anyone from the Big12. As long as they dont get blown out, they are a top 4 team. In truth, I dont really see them losing this year. Auburn and LSU are two very good evenly matched teams but neither has the firepower of GA. As long as teams in the SEC East dont drop off significantly, GA can write a ticket to the playoffs before the SECCG
Dont disagree with you but the defensive scheme included 4 man rush the entire game (no Blitzing) and the Purdue ran screens to the backfield because the running backs were uncovered. There were actually third and long situations where even receivers ran 10+ yards downfield with no coverage. This was a defensive planning nightmare and the reality is Purdue is as one dimensional as Mizzou on the run/pass mix. This defense will get chewed up by teams that can run and pass which right now consists of GA, Bama, KY, SC, FL, Memphis
I would like to see them open he passing game, 3 wide sets, a back in motion or a tight end and single back. Giving Lock multiple targets means the linebackers have to drop back in coverage which opens up the run game. I think Dooley has been very vanilla because the offense hasn't really needed to open things up. With some quality teams in the next few weeks, we need to give those defensive coordinators some things to think about and not let those opposing defenses think they can stack the box to stop the run and get to the QB.
Heisman is all about big yards, winning team and big plays or as ESPN likes to call them "Heisman Moments". That is essentially the formula. We can't say it is wrong because it is what it is. The heisman voters love the 'DUAL THREAT' players. Running and Throwing for QBs, Running and Receiving for offensive skill players. Locke is one dimensional in this regard. He may have pro-skills for his position but he is not going to get any love for being one dimensional unless Mizzou is able to win big and consistently Locke has not played for a winner. As the QB no matter how big the yards, that did not equate to wins. Big plays come as a result of quality opponents. No one calls 400 yard passing games against UT Martin heisman moments. Putting up 300+ against FLA, TxA&M, GA, SC, and finishing the season 9-3 will get you on the list but Locke is not going to get any love this early in the season
On the positive side, the passing game and the win was never in doubt which allowed the offense to focus on the run game. One the negative side, the running game still needs some work. Aside from not really breaking anything long, Dooley would run multiple plays to the same back 4-5-5 plays in a row. At least mix it up The kicking game will be problem moving forward. We have to have another kicker on the team that is ready to step up. The run defense and secondary were not impressive in the second half, specifically the third quarter. Probably as much about playing a mix of second string and starters but we need to be able to substitute without getting exposed. That is a depth issue We have an upcoming game against a Big10 team that is an upgrade over the opponents the first two weeks. Would expect to see more of the play book. We need a solid run/pass mix going into the GA game so this is a big game for Mizzou
All good points. Game 1 is not supposed to highlight the entire offensive package. Would I have liked to see a 4-4.5 yards per rush? Yeah but I dont think we open the playbook to get there. As you pointed out, UTM's defensive line and linebackers were the strength of that team so while the rushing game was underwhelming, it doesnt mean we wont be able to run moving forward. I thought it was a good run pass mix. I think the game was well in hand, we got a lot of young players some in game experience that may prove valuable as the season progresses. Next up is a tougher opponent so we will see if there is any improvement
Bama Time, Excellent Response. That is exactly what I was talking about. No one at Bama has the slightest bit of understanding of right and wrong. Thank God Saban's wife does and she has the backbone (also something missing from the Bama Administration) to tell him so. Mizzou does have some problems as well so no argument here.
The President of Alabama(?), Athletic Director(?).....Whomever at Alabama has the moral backbone and understanding of right and wrong. Be careful saying that no one at Alabama should have to tell Nick that he must apologize for treating reporters (Or anyone for that matter) with disrespect while doing their Job. It that doesn't register with anyone in the Alabama administration, then maybe the reporters should just ask insulting questions since maturity and respect arent requirements for Alabama employees. I dont see Saban having the maturity to do it on his own so I thought it was a fair question.
Does anyone think Saban decided to apologize or was told to apologize?
I understand why Georgia is unhappy Mizzou is in the SEC, Georgia has only made to the SEC Championship twice since Mizzou got here (Same number as Mizzou) but if Georgia played better they might have won more. Considering how bad Fla, Tennessee and SC have been, I would have thought a talented, but underachieving team like Ga would have won more.
He may very well do that. He can sit out a year and transfer to a school with an O-Line and a capable O-Coordinator. He has the size, the arm, and the poise. He has Pro-potential. He will forfeit that at Mizzou unless they get rid of Henson.
Absolutely. So the real question is who does Mizzou pursue to replace Henson. Two names I like are Dave Christiansen- (Former Mizzou OC and current TX AM running backs coach) His history with Mizzou were some of Pinkels best offensive years Marc Mangino - Recently let go by Iowa State for disagreements with Paul Rhoads. Was the OC at Oklahoma when they won their last national championship and turned around a Kansas program and got them to a BCS game. He is an offensive guru. I think he is capable of creating an offense for both a pocket passer and running QB
The offense is bad but Mauk made them worse. His decision making and passing were abysmal. When you have a 52% career completion rate, you are saying that when you drop back to pass it is 50/50 you will gain any yards. Lock is gaining experience and will be far better next year once Henson is gone.
Mauk is horrible. Inaccurate passing, bad decision making, slow through the progressions, and too many interceptions. He has already been stinking it up. I think it is pretty telling that a true freshman is getting playing time at QB One or two losses and we might see a change.
ESPN has been lobbying for teams for years which essentially alters opinions and impacts betting especially amongst non professional gamblers. So they doubled down and said "We are ESPN and we have been involved in odds fixing for years, we are no longer going to hide it" They created their FPI (Football Power Index) as a means of handi-capping (as if that is what they should be doing) games and they continue to provide updates based on where upsets are taking place based on FPI. Watch the pregame as they give point spreads based on their FPI They aren't going to stop, they simply are going to change how you are notified.
Both Kentucky and Fla are much improved over last year. UK can score but they seem a little soft on defense and susceptible to changes in game plans. The 2nd half has been tough for them this year. Fla was stacked with defensive talent when McIllvain got there and still had good talent offensively. You now have a head coach who can put it together. I like Fla in this one.
Defense is solid and should have little trouble with the UConn Offense. The offense must improve but I dont think that comes with Mauk under center. He has a 3/4 arm delivery, over throws short to intermediate routes and when flushed from the pocket he he just throws the ball up for grabs. O=Line needs to open some holes as well. Poor coordination on run blocking schemes. Lastly, Josh Henson has failed to improve the offense the past two years. When your QB is a liability and you cant run the ball, the OC needs to be looked at a little more closely. The first 3 games this season are supposed to be games to improve and expand the offense. We have done neither the first two weeks