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I am sure it would rank right up there with Bigfoot, the lost continent of Atlantis, Loch Ness Monster, or any number of the most improbable things throughout history
Drink is excited about this game because the outcome of this game will make the Tennessee game look competitive
37.5 seems a bit light for the spread. I dont see the Mizzou Defense stopping Georgia on any possession. GA has the depth to run all over Mizzou with their second and third string offensive line. Mizzou has the 130th ranked run defense in the country (out of 130 teams) . They actually dropped from 129th to 130th after squeaking by Vandy.
If you are a receiver, Missouri is where you want to be. Our Defense sets the tone for the passing game. By the end of the first quarter we are usually down by 14 or more points and by half-time we are down my 21 or more. As a receiver, you want to be on a pass first offense and this team needs to pass just to keep the losses down to a reasonable margin
Drinkwitz breaks down how TA&M has been successful but hasnt figured out how to hold opposition ground games under 300 yards rushing. Coincidentally, Jimbo Fisher referred to the Mizzou game as a "TRAP GAME". When a coach in your conference refers to your team as a trap game, Vegas has you at even money against Vandy.
When you refer to the Game as a "Trap Game", you are saying your opponent should be beaten by 3 touchdowns. That speaks volumes as to the current state of Mizzou Football.
Mizzou should be talking to some available head coaches now. After the last game of the season, Drinkwitz and his staff should be given the message that 2022 will be a year that they can do anything they want because they wont have the responsibility of coaching at Mizzou
But we fired the offensive line coach. He was responsible for the entire defense......except he wasnt and he was the fall guy for Steve Wilks. The fact that This is what Drinkwitz does when he is under pressure speaks volumes to what we can expect until he is gone
This Mizzou defense is going to make some average SEC teams look like top 10 teams. All Power 5 teams pay a lot of money to out of conference teams to beat up on them and pump up their stats. Missouri is going to be a season long in-conference freebie for SEC teams to beat up on. SEC EAST Teams changing their homecoming games to the week Mizzou shows up.
Well the buck stops here if you are defensive assistant but apparently the buck by-passed the Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator. You can tell when your team doesnt have any leadership. They throw assistants under the bus instead of accepting responsibility as the head coach and defensive coordinators should have done.
Next week, the statement might be Mizzou isnt even good enough to beat an FCS team. I think the Eli Drinkwitz experiment needs to come to an end. There are coaches who can recruit and build teams. Eli isnt one of them
Any team that can put 62 points can pat themselves on the back. A bad team would have made this a close game. It wasnt close and the only thing stopping Tn from putting up more was Hueppel opting to not run up the score and playing 2nd and 3rd string players in the second half. TN earned that victory.
The Big10 would love to get Iowa St and Kansas for basketball. Iowa state has a bright future in basketball and college football and would probably improve at least on Big 10 footballs divisions strength of schedule. Kansas is money for basketball.
Hell no!. At the time, Mizzou was also being looked at by the big 10 and rejected. They said they were an AAU conference but then took Nebraska who was under NCAA watch for academic issues and their AAU cert was taken away. The Big 10 talked all the BS but it was about money to them. Now they have Maryland and Rutgers Why would Mizzou go to a place where they were not wanted
Some of the players reached out to Kellogs about a marketing deal involving Tony the Tiger. Unfortunately, Kellogs passed on the overture saying that Tony the Tigers tag line is "Theeeeey're GREAT!" not "Theeeeey're OKAY!"
First Because I have two daughters. I want them to grow up believing in equality and hard work. This was not equality nor was it equity. It was affirmative action. Secondly, sports while entertaining, they are a supposed to be a meritocracy where hard work, team work and skill are rewarded. Vandy had 2 other kickers on the roster and two punters on the roster who have put in the work and deserved the opportunity to be on the field because they were better than her. Lastly, this "Historical Moment" was a sham. Not my opinion, it is fact and as the internet looks into it, more details are coming out. This was not a great moment for equality for women, it was a condescending example of how a woman is not expected to compete unless she is elevated based on her gender and not her qualifications. The internet is a buzz about her poor performance and how she did not do what she "put her mind to", she was trotted out because of her gender. She failed on a massive stage and being called a pioneer and role model for not earning the right to be on the field. If you dont believe in meritocracy, that is okay for you but when you are passed over or someone takes something that you earned because of gender, race, sexual orientation, remember that you did not fight for equality, you fought for affirmative action.
What part was offensive. Teaching kids the value of hard work or was it the part about being an active parent.
Next week Vanderbilt will be lining up a paraplegic wide receiver who will not get open, which will be a first for any paraplegic to play in a Power 5 Conference football game. In the second half, a blind quarterback will be taking a snap in from the shotgun on 3rd and long. This will be another first for a blind player to debut in a power 5 football game. And I better not hear anyone pointing out these players are not qualified because they have never played a down of football in their life. If they suit up they are qualified. It's not a stunt.
If she can't kick a football, then her style doesnt matter. And her style is not a goalie style, it is soccer style but not executing the kick off is on her.
What's really crazy is a woman is given an opportunity without putting in the work, and fails miserably and the failure is celebrated as a seminal moment for womens equality. Sarah fuller is being lauded as a hero, a pioneer and role model for women. Please cite for me her accomplishments relative to this sham that women should be proud of.
I have two daughters and I tell them they "can do anything they want to, they just have to want to, bad enough." No where in that statement is you should be handed anything without working for it. I would never tell my daughter this blatant gender oriented affirmative action as anything a woman should be proud of. Feel free to tell your own daughters they should get eveything without putting in the work, but be prepared to console them when they find out the world doesnt work that way
Did he really rake in the money? How about the boosters who look at an 0-7 team (now 0-8 and embarrassed 41-0) who thought running a female onto the field was more important than playing a good game with the players they have. Will they lose any booster's money that realized Vanderbilt has given up on Football. Penny Wise...Pound Foolish
"Come on, man. I know your job is to stir the pot. But Vanderbilt hasn’t had a men’s soccer program since the mid-2000s." - Chris Wrong But Vandy does have 4 kickers on the roster and 2 punters, one punter actually being a kicker in highschool. Its not like they didnt have kickers, this was a PC/SJW/Virtue Signalling moment that Vanderbilt and the SEC should be ashamed of. An 0-7 team thought it was more important to run a female on the field than let athletes who spent the entire season toiling through practices and weight room session etc, be allowed to play.
This is a great move for the Browns. If CR is the head coach it takes away all the unrealistic expectations Browns fans have of a 6-10 season. If they get anywhere near 5 wins next year with CR it would automatically be viewed as exceeding expectations.
This game was actually closer than the score would indicate. While the questionable calls by the officiating crew hurt, the receiving corp and coaching hurt the team more. GA tried to strip the ball every play, receivers have to know that and be prepared. They were not Receivers were dropping balls like catching one was going to invite getting hit. It does, but this is football. They need to toughen up and commit to the catch first and then the run. The Offense again failed to make adjustments in game. Lock is a pocket passer but a few quick slants, and maybe some designed rollouts designed to extend the passing clock would have helped. Does anyone teach safeties and corners how to tackle anymore? This was a game that was winnable. Surprisingly our offense outscored their offense. Throw in a few tackles and some better coaching and this was a "W"
Last night was everyone's worst nightmare. During the first two weeks, the Tigers were feasting on cupcakes and many, myself included, were hoping the offense was holding something back and the defensive lapses were one off plays. Last night showed that the Defense, and specifically the play calling, were examples of coaches who cannot recognize what is taking place and make adjustments. Zone coverage and a four man rush with no blitzes was asking for to get lit up and they were. This coming saturday will be THE test for this team, but right now, the line should be GA -17 and I still wouldnt take Mizzou because I cannot see this defense keeping GA under 50.
Depending on how Missouri, Kentuck, LSU and Auburn do, Ga will have a nice resume if they can make it into the SECCG. If they make it there, win or lose, their SOS will be better than Clemson, tOSU, and possibly anyone from the Big12. As long as they dont get blown out, they are a top 4 team. In truth, I dont really see them losing this year. Auburn and LSU are two very good evenly matched teams but neither has the firepower of GA. As long as teams in the SEC East dont drop off significantly, GA can write a ticket to the playoffs before the SECCG
Dont disagree with you but the defensive scheme included 4 man rush the entire game (no Blitzing) and the Purdue ran screens to the backfield because the running backs were uncovered. There were actually third and long situations where even receivers ran 10+ yards downfield with no coverage. This was a defensive planning nightmare and the reality is Purdue is as one dimensional as Mizzou on the run/pass mix. This defense will get chewed up by teams that can run and pass which right now consists of GA, Bama, KY, SC, FL, Memphis