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Kirby ain’t all that smart! We blew the doors of Georgia 2 weeks ago! Hang on tight to that trophy! Y’all lootin and lyin in the sh$t hole that is Georgia! Antifa Country.. ✊
The universe is already taking bets on the murder rate at the Bulldog Championship Parade! I put heavy coin on 7! Georgia is a sh&t hole run by a bunch of Illiterate Antifa Clowns! Y’all lootin +shootin -Take care of that trophy!
Stetsons future is this: He’ll implode.. he has no humility! He’ll end up a broadcast announcer like the rest of them!
As a Mother of a football player, I was disgusted to hear him claim “I’m the greatest quarterback” Easy dog.. you got your doors blown off 2 weeks ago! Show some class and please, for the love of God.. Stop Crying! I’m embarrassed for Stetson!