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But Cole, you can also say that Georgia probably had a thought of squeezing every drop of this hire to sell it to recruits. But because of the possible cancellation of football this year, by the time this is over, a lot will already be talked about Bama's new coaches and the Sport Science Center will be well-established already. And (granting Rhea and Ballou will make a lot of difference on UA's athletes) Cochran's departure ain't gonna be that significant of an impact in relation to the program.
Was he the guy who Alabama sees as an offensive lineman but wanted to play defense?
Whooops. Every recruiting analysts' crystal ball a little foggy I guess.
One thing I noticed during that game is the Clark is nowhere near Henry whenever he has the ball. And yet he's the one opening his mouth like he did all the work.
I hope these showings from the Big 12 are enough to make next year's committee second guess about including their teams into the playoffs.
You think Kirby's going too far in tring to annoy the hell out of Saban? But when the news came last week about this SEC school not named by Young's father I never thought it was GA I actually thought it was Auburn.
Well, if, say, Fromm is running OSU's offense and Fields is at Georgia, who do you think will flourish more this year?
Really cool thing to do for Dylan. Wish for these guys' speedy recovery.
These players doesn't have that stigma that fans have, maybe a few players will care that it's 0-8. But for sure all that's in their minds right now, specially the younger guys, is they're going into Tuscaloosa as the better team, so that psychological edge is for naught. Also, if Derrick Brown leads Bama's front 7, Burrow has no chance. But fact is he's not. Bama have elite players, but no matter how elite you are, if you have little or no experience on big games and no cohesion at that, LSU can poke holes on the defense and take advantage of them. You can't really predict the outcome of this year's game, that's why it's so fun. Can't wait for tomorrow.
What? No! You said he's the next best thing! Why are you replac... What? No!
So who did Clemson beat in his opinion to deserve #4? And one spot over Wisconsin?
OLine, OLine, Oline. Fix the Offensive Line. And release the "Juice."
Paul do you really think Saban was sitting on the film room on a Sunday evening, then suddenly got wide-eyed and giddy-upped his way to a television to see Jalen take the field, probably jumping up and down when Hurts completed his throw?? It seems that's something I'd do or even you would do. Why can't you just believe the guy's statement?
Still OU allowed 31 points. I'm very curious if Jalen actually called out his coaches during his interview when he said they've got to do better (like "we sucked at defense man").
He'll definitely put up a lot if numbers. Him and Fields may have great chance to win the Heisman this season because I'm into thinking Mac Jones will have a lot of reps and Tua may not play in some if not most of 4th quarters again.
Give them a month to prepare and they usually beat good teams, give them a month and they loose (see Clemson and close calls to Georgia). This better not be a trend. At the same time you can't help but raise flags. Sure Sarkisian's been there and Coach Golding's got high praises on D so far but so did the coaches last year the team didn't finish.
This is probably more of Clemson knowing Bama has an eye on Dabo if and when Saban retires. But does this also insinuates that Clemson knows Dabo has his eye on Bama job and will leave them when Bama's head coaching position gets open?
Getting hurt is out of the equation because they happen all the time (see Jaylon Smith for example). But if your coach and your school's talent evaluators tell you you'll have the potential to improve your stock if you come back why wouldn't you do that?
I do wonder if he looked at the Eddie Jackson situation on where he would've been drafted if he didn't get injured. He already got a 2nd to 3rd grade owing to his "character," we can only speculate where he'll be if he came back and got hurt.
Seems to me that watching his speech has way different tone than when it's read. I wonder if Harrison watched the video and realized Nick Saban actually cared about his future.
Really rooting for Richardson to succeed on this chance he got.
What if Urban joins Saban as an analyst? Hmmmn...