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Hard for me too, Corch. But I agree with you about Tebow.
I was there, too. That was a Bob Stoops coached defense.
Mike White is a good coach. However, he will never be a great coach like Billy Donovan.
The only thing UGA offered the kid is the same thing all potential recruits get offered - a new Ford from Kirby's dealership - Athens Ford.
Look like Mullen is trying eliminate any "3rd and Grantham" issues past 2020.
Never understood the hire when it was made. His only qualifications are that his daddy is the AD at Duke.
The kid wasn't going to qualify, that's why he is decommitting. You Dawg fans are tough on the Lizards!
During the 2 football coaching searches Foley led post Urban Meyer, he once was asked about the kind of coach he was looking for. He said that if he wanted to hire a "Win at all Costs" coach, he would have gone to Starkville to interview DM. Instead he hired Muschamp and McElwain. Guess he should have asked the fan base.....
I'm agreeing with you Mountain Dog. I think Clemson is the scariest team in the Playoffs. Everyone says they haven't played any competition, but they are still the defending National Champs.
No dog in this fight, but not the classiest move....
Addazio will bring solid defensive coaching and some organization skills. Offense on the other hand will be relegated to zone reads, only.
Jerry Jones is never going to hire a guy with a bigger personality or presence than his. Remember Bill Parcells.....
This guy has a history of making poor choices. Muschamp kicked him off the team for failing multiple drug tests. He was a really good DB so he transferred to a smaller school; played immediately; and the NFL found him at his new location. It's unfortunate that he hasn't learned much along the way.
No dawg in this fight, but unfair comments about Fromm getting chosen over Fields and Fields subsequently blowing up at The Ohio State University. OSU is a full fledged spread offense with the appropriate personnel to go with it (fast on the outside, quick on the OL, etc...)Fromm plays more like an NFL QB and that is what Kirby wants. Both guys have shown greatness in their respective schemes.
Interesting that Rich Rod was the #1 candidate for the Alabama head coaching job before hiring Saban. Now he is an ex-coordinator at Ole Miss?
McElwain was a terrible game day coach! Hands off and zero half time adjustments.....
It's amazing the way they were all recruited and that none of them ratted out Kirby....
Sloppy game, sloppy teams. Dawgs by 3....