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He is playing selfishly. His lack of running looks like a player trying not to get hurt….
The recruiting hasn’t fallen off so it can only be coaching. Bama defense is just not the same since Kirby left. Saban will never be able to replace Kirby, but he must find the next great DC.
247 Sports just published an article stating that the dominoes wold start to fall for the top QB's in this class (Carr, Lagway, Puglisi) once Sayin commits. Let the fun begin!
I attended Med School at OSU, but retired in Florida a few years ago. So far removed from college that I don't have the same fervor I used to have, but we have all observed over the years that the Alumni and other Boosters at Auburn seem to meddle more than most - from Tuberville's time to now. A lot of big name coaches would eliminate that from consideration in their next prospective position.
None of these guys are going to the "Little Disaster on the Plains"....
After 8 games you would think that BN could be more specific about his QB's development and shortcomings.
I think both teams are 2-3 years away from returning to some level of respectability.
Nebraska football is like UCLA basketball. It was what it was, but now it is what it is....
Nebraska football is somewhat like UCLA basketball. It was what it was, but it is what it is.....
No, but look for the Canes to pony up insane NIL money to get his commitment.
The statement about UF keeping FSU out of the SEC is not true. The Seminoles were invited to join the SEC back in the late 90's early 00's. Bowden turned the opportunity down to join the ACC. He knew he could dominate the "basketball" conference which he did for years.
That's right. Billy didn't have the advantage of some Iphone pics of Bama's recruiting board when he came to UF....
Eddie Rojas, CEO of the Gator Collective has said that NIL money will be used on current players, not recruits. Thoughts are that the current players will communicate their NIL monies to prospective players during the recruiting process. Seems reasonable, but that is not what everyone else is doing. Gators are going to get left behind.....
Don’t be surprised if Florida and it’s Gatorade royalties give Kirby the most competition.
I remember when this clown joined the SEC, he said that he was a better QB Coach and OC than Steve Spurrier.
Napier is making a lot of good moves. He seems to see what the rest of us see about the good and bad of the current roster.
Nice get for Coach Golden. He has upgraded the roster in short order. Good things coming for Gator BAsketball.
When Donovan left,Jeremy Foley had Jay Wright on the hook. Wright was willing to leave for Florida as he was feeling underappreciated at Villanova. Unfortunately for UF, people in the UAA didn't think a guy from Pennsylvania would be able to recruit in the South. Mike White was considered to be an up and comer at a southern school. All Jay Wright did was win 2 national titles over the next 7 years at Villanova. Villanova! Since that that time, Villanova has doubled Wright's salary and locked him up for life. He is 60 and going nowhere now....
Pat will never change. During all the years he wrote for the Gainesville Sun, he would never call out a Florida coach. Even if that coach was on the way out the door (Muschamp), he would never give an unbiased take on that coaches performance. Guess he was afraid they would never talk to him again. I don't know, but was so relieved when I heard of his retirement, but here he is back with another totally biased opinion.
That SEC distribution money is not going to pay for a fired coach. My cowboy friends would call that "buying a dead horse".
Terrible look for all involved. Someone in charge needs to fix this or AU will never be able to attract a decent coach in the future. Lived in Austin for awhile, sounds just like the "stuff" that goes on at UT......
White never should have gotten this job to begin with. At the time he was hired,his Dad was the Duke AD - a very powerful and influential position at the time. After the Donovan recruits had cycled off the roster, White and his teams have underachieved. He has had some talented teams, but doesn't quite know how to get the best out of them. Strickland didn't hire this guy so he doesn't have any loyalty to him. If this team misses the tournament,for sure White is gone....
Typical case of a kid getting opportunities before he has earned them. No humility and no class.
So far Gator Nation is pleased with the Billy Napier hire. So now Strickland needs to deal with the Mike White situation. Now that White's Dad is retired from being Duke's AD, no blow back to send this guy packing.